Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy 4th to All! (updated Friday)


Tuesday evening...the front door is open and we are enjoying a wonderful rain shower!
Yes...I said RAIN! And tomorrow the temperature is suppose to be 82! I'd like to order that temperature for the next two months, please!

Quick update this evening...the Fall issue of Mercantile Gatherings fell upon our shop today! Great stuff! Inside this issue:
* Kentucky Ramblins from Freedom Valley Farm
* Listing of 2010 Primitive Shows
* Haunting Stories from the Past
* Antique Weather Vanes
* Featured Designer - Primitive Beginnings
* Featured Shop - Spice Ridge Primitives
* Featured Home - The Greene Home
* Five free patterns (including a great punchneedle crow & pumpkin, a simple stitchery and three prim dolls)
* How to Primitize your cupboards and fridge
* Plus lots of great advertising and supplier information!

If you want me to hold you me and let me know! They'll be on the website for purchase and shipping tomorrow...$8.00 per issue. (WOW price $7.20)

I got lucky this past week and found a short yardage bolt of older Carol Endres's not coming into the shop except in the form of fat quarters...if anyone is needing some of this for their stash, just let me know. (Remember, I'm talking short yardage...there's not much left already!) $6.50 per yard (WOW discount of course...) It's a medium size print...GREAT shade of blue...fits right in with those favorite old indygo blues...

Plus...another bolt of the civil war blue made it back in this we are restocked on that!

And two new patterns came in today...just looking at them makes me want to go put least a sweater! Both are $8 each ($7.20 for WOW girls) and I will kit these over the next couple of weeks!
The one with Santa at both ends...actually I think would make a great pillow...what do yall think?

For the girls doing Settler's Pride...the bird block has been mailed! However...I forgot to put in the it is coming in another envelope! Sorry bout brain just shut down for a moment! Here is a picture of the block in case you want to see how it is suppose to lay out...I'm sending you a photo to add to your kit via mail as well!

Off to the movies later this afternoon and then out for a birthday dinner! Have a wonderful holiday weekend...Lisa

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