Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Let the After Christmas Sale Begin! (Updated Friday evening...)

Happy pre-New Years Greetings to all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday...I know I did! Santa brought me lots of goodies and I've spent the week here in-between Christmas and New Years just doing "for me" stuff here at home! Two of my New Years resolutions that I have started early healthier and be more productive. So....this past week, I pulled out my big blue antique basket rug that I had been really working on before mom died and I'm going to get that thing finished! I should be done with all the inside work by all I'll have left is the background to do. My goal is to have it hanging in the shop by the end of January! (That's #3 on my new years resolution list!)
Here's an updated picture...only one big leaf and a flower left to go and then it's all background....yea!

Now for the important information!
Our "After Christmas/Happy New Years End of the Bolt and Christmas Stuff" Sale begins Saturday and runs all weekend...

Here's the deal...

20% off all Christmas and End of the bolt fabric
WOW Members get a 25% discount!
AND...if your ticket goes over $100....get an extra 5% off!

Hours....we'll be there until at least 4:00 on Saturday and all day Sunday!

(Friday evening...)

Just a couple of last quickie notes...we got in the February issue of Early American Life magazine...some really great articles in this! $5.99 for the issue...

We also received 4 more of the newest Marcus Brothers Primo-Plaids..these are double napped flannel...and would make great backings for a quilt! (And come this next week...those flannels are going to feel pretty dang good when the temperatures around here drop!)

But for this weekend..the skies will be sunny and temps will be in the 60's both come on out and see us! This will be a great time to buy backings for your quilt projects and christmas treats for next year!

I'm off to go finish my last leaf! Until later...Lisa

Monday, December 19, 2011

A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL......(updated Friday 23rd)

Happy Holidays to all!

I thought I better post our Saturday hours...

Yes! We will be open on the 24th until at least 3:00pm!!

Tell those men in your life that we have gift certificates that will certainly help fill a stocking!

For the girls during the La-d-da Mystery Sampler...part three came in today! Woohoo! Come on by and pick it up...or just email me if we need to send it to you!

(Thursday afternoon)
We had a few new things come in for the weekend...

I bought a handful of "Charm" Quilt books...including Country Threads new "Back to Charm Shcool" book. All of these books are based on using those 5" charm packs...pretty dang cute if I say so myself!

$24.99 (WOW price $22.50)

$24.99 (WOW price $22.50)

$24.99 (WOW price $22.50)

The new Jan-Feb issue of Rug Hooking Magazine arrived...$9.95 for the issue ($8.95 for the WOW members...)A very good article with lots of recipes for spot dyes and a cute prim sheep n' owl design as the free pull-out pattern. Only 4 copies available...

We got back in that great piece of black with the orange leaves from Jo Morton's Carolina group along with the blue floral from Blueberry Crumb Cake by Moda (which is flying out the door!)I know I've got a few quilters waiting for I thought I better tell you now!

And...we got these in today...two of the Elizabethtown prints in green (great civil war "adds") and the red bird floral from Jo Morton's "Variety" line...

We got our THIRD shipment of "Weekend" books by Blackbird they are back in least for right now!

Coming mid January...Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine! The picture of the new cover is over on the right hand side bar...can't wait for that!

Be looking for information on our New Years Sale next weekend...I'll post the "scoop" on that next week!

But for now, we'd like to wish each and every one of our customers and friends a very happy holiday season! Your support of our shop means the world to me!

Here's to a happy and very creative 2012!


Monday, December 5, 2011


It was time to do our happy dance today when the UPS man arrived...bringing us the new "Blueberry Crumb Cake" fabrics by Blackbird Designs! I'm sure that poor driver didn't quite "get" my excitement...but that's ok...I was excited enough for the both of us!


Here are the pics of the new Blueberry Crumb Cake fabrics from Blackbird Designs...Moda's regular retail is $10.99 per yard. Our price is $9.95 per yard (WOW member price is $8.95 per yard)











The quilt kit that we've put together using this fabric is "Star Spangled" by Planted Seed Designs....pattern price...$10.00 (WOW price $9.00)

Quilt size is 74" x 74".
Kit price: $121.95 (fabric and pattern, backing not included)
WOW Member price: $100 (fabric with pattern included free, backing not included)
(It takes 4 3/4 yards of fabric for the backing)

These fabrics will be over on our selling site shortly for ordering (if you're long distance)under the "Fabrics" heading...

Three new patterns coming in this week...

"Hannah Keating's Heart" punchneedle pattern...$10.00 (WOW price $9.00)

"Autumn on Marigold Lane" Cross Stitch pattern...$10.00 (WOW price $9.00)

"Christmastide" Cross Stitch pattern...$10.00 (WOW price $9.00)
The 30 ct. Confederate Gray linen by Weeks Dye Works will be perfect for this!

There are 4 "quarterly" kits. Each kit makes either a portion of the large quilt or an individual smaller quilt.
Size of the Large Quilt is 84" x 102"

First Quarter Quilt
Size 44" x 53" - $58.95 (fabric and patterns, backing not included)
WOW price $52.00

Second Quarter Quilt
Size 44" x 53" - $67.25 (fabric and patterns, backing not included)(The price is a bit higher because of the yardage requirements)
WOW price $60.00

Third Quarter Quilt
Size 51 x 60 - $77.30 (fabric and patterns, backing not included)
WOW price $69.50

Fourth Quarter Quilt
Size 44" x 44" - $55.64 (fabric and patterns, backing not included)
WOW price $50.00

Price $232.59
WOW price $208.00

Coming back in for this weekend! Our pitch 4" flicker hanging tapers...$5.50 each...we sold out of these at our open house so many of our customers didn't get to see them. A great look on your prim christmas tree! (Saturday update...sold out for now! Hopefully more next weekend...)

A new holiday Christmas booklet from Blackbird Designs featuring 3 cross stitched projects. Holiday Sampler - 15" x 18 1/8", Bag - 6 x 5 3/4" and Gift Box - 2 5/8" x 2 7/8". $16.00 (WOW price $14.40)

The new January Word Play pattern will be here! $8.95 for the pattern (WOW price $8.05). We also will have back in a few of the October, November and December word play patterns as well, in case you are wanting to catch up!

Coming back in stock...Blackbird Design's new book, "Weekend", featuring their new line of fabric! We ran out last weekend, but were able to get a couple back in quick!
(Unlike the fabric line, Blueberry Crumb Cake, which we tried to add to the day it arrived and Moda was already SOLD OUT! So what we got may be all we get!)

New colors of Weeks Dye Works linen will be in this weekend...all in 30 count!(Putty, Straw and Beige!) You'll have to come see those along with ALL THE NEW COLORS of hand-dyed ribbon we will have on Saturday! There is a great overdyed red coming...perfect for Christmas and Valetines projects! I'll try and post pictures if I get later today!

(Friday update!)

Unless my UPS man is running really late, the new Jan. Word Play and Christmas cross stitch pattern from Country Stitces will not be here for this weekend. If they show up, I'll post a new update later!

Have a great weekend! Lisa

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This is how I felt on Monday after our Christmas Open House this past weekend! I'd like to thank all of my customers that came out and made our open house a huge success! The turn out was just great and hopefully everyone found something they could'nt live without!

We pulled 4 names for our door prizes...each winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to our shop! Congratulations to the following winners:

Lisa Kuras
Allison Murray
Jeannette Sites
Jeannie Augustin

(Friday afternoon...)

We had a couple of treats come in this week!

First, Judy Condon's newest book arrived yesterday..."A Touch of Country". $24.95 for the of the houses was filled with sewing make-dos and hooked rugs (two of my favorite things!).

Part two of La-d-da's Mystery Sampler arrived! $7.95 for the pattern. And we do still have part one and the floss and cocoa linen (30 ct) in stock!

Back in stock...the windowsill charm lights! $18.95 each...20% off if you buy 4 or more!

Blueberry Crumb Cake, the new fabric line by Blackbird Designs, shipped Wednesday and will be here on Monday for next weekend!! Can't wait for that!

That's all the news for right now...I'm still decorating for Christmas and cutting kits! Never a dull moment....
Beautiful weather this weekend...come see us! Lots of great Christmas goodies to see in the shop (with a few new surprises coming in with me tomorrow!)....until then...

Friday, November 25, 2011

We've been working hard all day....

Time for our Christmas Open House!

Saturday and Sunday, November 26th & 27th
9am - 6pm both days

Register to win one of 4 gift certificates to be given away
Free treat with every purchase
WOW members receive 15% purchases over $100

Hope to see you there!

(Friday night...)

Sorry pictures of the shop before Open House...we have to go in tomorrow early to finish everything up! Lots of wonderful new patterns, kits, fabric, hand-crafted Christmas treasures and treats!

NC State has a home game tomorrow and the big Christmas craft show is going on in the Jim Graham building...BUT the weather will be beautiful and you'll get the chance to walk off a little of that turkey dinner if you can't find a parking spot right at the door...

Remember that tomorrow is "Shop Small Business Saturday" come and see us!

Happy holidays...Lisa/Shawn/Susan

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The happiest of Thanksgiving blessings!

Monday, November 14, 2011

SUNNY MONDAY MORNING....(updated Friday evening)

Greetings to all...I'm up and running like a mad woman already this Monday morning! Can't slow down now...Christmas is just around the corner!

We got some news from the Management office on Sunday...they have decided NOT to open for Black Friday, right after Thanksgiving. So we WILL BE CLOSED on Black Friday! Which, of course, throws a small kink into our Christmas Open House dates...but nothing major...we will just bump our Christmas Open House to Saturday and Sunday of that weekend!

And don't forget...for those of you who like to go to the "Christmas Carousel" Craft show, it will be held that weekend in the Exposition Center!

(Tuesday evening...)

Our copies of Mary Jane's Farm magazine arrived today! $5.99 per issue (WOW price $5.39). Lots of great articles in this holiday issue...including one on "The Buggy Barn" Quilt Shop!


Although you can't see me...I'm doing my "happy new fabric dance" right now! "Elizabethtown" from Jo Morton arrived least most of it..I'm only missing a couple of pieces (they should be here by Open House weekend!) Here are pics of what came in...Regular retail is $10.50....our price is $9.50 (WOW price is $8.55!)

Spectacular Civil War blues, browns and deep golds!

(Friday evening....)

Just a last quickie note....the new punchneedle patterns from Country Stitches came in yesterday...if you scroll down a bit, you'll see the pictures...VERY CUTE!

Also, we got the Week's linen back in Confederate Gray and Cocoa...both in 30 count...both SPECTACULAR colors! AND...we got samples of their more neutral if you need to see what we can get...just let me know when you're at the shop and I can show them to you!

New textured wools are in...

And we got the most AWESOME early Antique quilt...very close to mint and white Ohio Star Pattern in smaller 6" blocks...summer weight (very thin)...all hand done with nice quilting. Even the back is a great little red/white early almost shirting type print! I'll try and post a picture once I have it hanging in the shop...$475.00

We also bought some really beautiful antique feather edge platters and plate...the earliest piece is the largest platter...dates around 1780-1800 and measures 18" x
14". The smaller platter dates around 1790-1810 and measures 13" x 10 1/2". The serving plate (round) is from 1800-1820 and is 11" in diameter. British made for the American technically it is considered "American". Very hard to find in really good condition, all of the pieces we found are near mint. A great "add" to a feather-edge collection. We'll have it in the shop for this me for pricing.

Two big shows going on this weekend...
The Raleigh Women's Antique Show over the Scott Building (lots of silver, crystal and jewelry) and the Dixie Gun and Knife Show over at the Jim Graham building. Ladies, drop those guys off at the gun show and come hang out with us for a bit!!

It may be chilly outside, but the vendors are packed out there in the antique section again this weekend! Can't wait for that!

Have a great weekend! Lisa