Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Well it's about time!!....(updated Friday evening)

(Friday evening...)

Finally! After two weeks of pacing...then brooding when the UPS man didn't deliver anything FUN...he delivered today! This picture only shows about 1/2 the boxes we got...the other 1/2 were already being loaded into the car!!
The really fun part was that we had to leave shortly after and get all that stuff to the shop so we could get it in by tomorrow...and we did!

First, we got the entire fabric line of Jo Morton's "Sweet Emily"...absolutely beautiful! There are 31 bolts in the collection...I'll put pictures up next week after I get a chance to cut it! ($9.50 per yard...our price. Reg. retail is $10.95)(WOW price is $8.55 per yard)

Then we received fabric from Windham...the pink quilt fabric from the American Spirit line came back in....so if you're wanting to do the "Rocky Road" quilt...we've got the main fabric now! Plus some great civil war "fillers" from several of the lines...and the golden brown velveteen from American Spirit too!

I got the PVA glue back in stock...great for making the fabric covered boxes! If you are needing one of the jars...let me know...there are only 6. $11.95 per jar...

AND....drum roll please....Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine arrived! YEA!!!
If you emailed me to hold you an issue...there is one now with your name on it at the shop!

There's a mouse in my house...

Thank heavens he is of the "stuffed" variety! Made by one of the local artists who puts things in our shop, I have 6 of these little handmade cuties for sale...$19.95 each! (2 SOLD...so now there are 4)

Also in this week...wonderful scrap rag balls...perfect for your favorite old bowl! Pick reds or blues...$6.95 each....( I have to be careful where I put them...Lucy thinks they are for her!)

Judy Condon's new book arrived.."The Joy of Country"!! $24.95 each...there are only a few left!


We are listed in the Primitive Quilts and Projects book as the shop to contact for Calico Rabbit's Star Pumpkin Pillow and mat!! If anyone wants a kit on either project, please let me know as we are already starting to get internet orders and I'm not sure how many will be made for the shop! Kits are $19.95 each or both projects for $38 (WOW girls get their discounts as well!)

Coming in this weekend...we found a great nice piece of older heavier enamelware...cute little pot with its' original lid and no major wear to the enamel! Overall size is about 5" high by 8" in diameter...$40 (SOLD)

Poor Molly....do you think she needs a bigger bed??

(Thursday afternoon....)

The new hand-dyed Newcastle linen (40 ct.) arrived...we will be selling it in fat quarter size pieces...approx. 18" x 27"...$19.95 each (Regular retail is $22.50).WOW girls get their discount as well!! Beautiful aged look...great for any project!

Whew! I'm pooped! That's it for the new stuff!!! Have a great weekend and come see us!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ain't that the Truth!!!

One of my good customers sent this to me in an email...sadly, it fits our situation around here perfectly!!! I honestly don't see how it could get any hotter around here...my poor air conditioner hasn't shut off since about 10a this morning! UGH!

And.....I've been standing on my head every day WAITING for the UPS man to show up with boxes...lots of boxes! What is he waiting on???? I thought for sure we would have had at least one of the new magazines come in by now! Oh well...as Scarlet would say...tomorrow is another day!

We did get a few extra copies of Judy Condon's last book back in..."Spirit of Country". I had a few customers that missed out on the first batch...so here's your chance to grab one...$24.95 (WOW discount applies!)

**I have had several people ask about the rug on the front cover of that book...here's the scoop....that design is by Polly Minick, which she only did in kit form. However...she has a new book coming out in February 2012 and that design will be in it! Several of my customers and myself included are dying to do that rug...so in February will will start a rug group just for those of us who want to make this rug! More details on all of that when the time gets closer!!

We've got some new punchneedle patterns coming in...just waiting for them to arrive!
All are $12.95 each...fun fall projects!

Pumpkin Hill

Wool Farm

Tending the Pumpkins

It's great that Shawn's family lives up in PA...close to lots of good antique auctions...sometimes we get lucky....other times, not. This time we were very fortunate to get some really nice antique baskets at very fair prices...these will be in the shop this weekend...

The first basket is a beautiful ash splint basket...$150.00
The rest of the baskets are all oak...2nd basket, $95 (SOLD)....third basket, $100.00....fourth basket, $85.00 (SOLD) and the last basket (a beautiful basket!), $125.00 (SOLD)

Had to put this in at the last tonight...we were just commenting on that fact that we haven't seen many bunnies in the yard this year...it was right at near dark tonight when I walked out to finish a little watering and there he was...munching in the grass...you could have put him in a teacup, he was that small!

**The Bead Mercantile Show is this weekend in the Scott Building...located behind the antique outdoor vendor section. Sat. 10a-5p and Sun. 10a - 4p. Admission is $3.00**

Yall have a great weekend...come see us if you get the chance!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Trying to get a jump start on the week....(UPDATED FRIDAY EVENING)

I'm trying to do better this week by starting my update a little earlier! I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend....here in the NC, the temperature tomorrow is suppose to be 101 with a humidity index of about a million! UGH! There are things I need to do outside...ok, well....forget that! Then there is a bunch of wool dying I need to do...hmmm...maybe if I get an early start in the morning! I can't seem to get motivated up in my studio because it is SUCH A MESS!! I truly believe I was ADD as a child and it has just carried into my adult life! (Though when I was in grade school...my teachers just told my mother I was "Social"!!)
Anywhooo.....on with the update....

We found an incredible deal on some great primitive painted frames...there are two sizes...5 x 7 and 8 x 10...and there are two colors...mustard over black or red over black. They are fantastic for cross-stitch, embroidery, or punchneedle projects...and they are CHEAP! The 5 x 7's are $3.95 each and the 8 x 10's are $5.95 each!! All the frames comes with glass as well....(that red on the frame is more "barn" red than "cherry"...guess I need to dink a little more with those camera settings!)

We're bringing in lots of fall/halloween punchneedle patternn this coming weekend...plus a new pattern pattern by Country Stitches..."Berries and Blooms"...a wonderful little pattern with 4 sewing projects...$13.95 (WOW price $12.50)

The linen that was used in this project is 40ct. overdyed called "Days Gone By". Regular retail on this linen is $11.50 per 1/8 yard piece (approx. 9" x 27"). Our price will be $10.00 per fat 1/8th size (WOW member price $9.00).

And when we were in PA. last month, we found a fabulous source for vintage ribbon ...and it all arrived today! We thought we'd try a few colors to start with, so we picked "Fresh Eggs", "Slate", "Moss", "Figgy Pudding", "Twig", "Pumpkin", and "Blush". These will be wonderful additions to your vintage pincushions, pillows, etc. as trim and edgings...each package is 5 yards for $3.50 (WOW price $3.00 each)

We have some great new primitive cards in the shop...all blank...so you can write in your own special message...or frame them!! $1.95 each

We have a few customers that are needing some of the back issues of Judy Condon's books...
We have extra copies of her last book, "Spirit of Country" coming back in for those of you who would like to get one.
However....the book that was primarily on gardens..."Simply Country Gardens"...is no longer available for shops to purchase. That book is almost sold out and if you are wanting one, you'll need to purchase it directly from Judy before she runs out.

Finally...."Midnight Run" punchneedle patterns will be ready for this weekend....and we also received the Sampler Threads floss used for the background! So for you girls patiently waiting for that pattern...it will be in the shop on Saturday!!

Also...don't forget there are 20 fall/halloween and Christmas punchneedle patterns coming in as well! Early birds will get the best selection!!

Weather this weekend in Raleigh...mid to upper 80's both days....can you believe it!!! It's not going to last....but I'll gladly take it for as long as it wants to stick around!

Have a great weekend and come see us if you get the chance!!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Oh yikes....it's Friday already!

I'm not sure where this whole week has gone....but here it is Friday night and it's time for an update! This one will be brief this week!

For those of you in the area, the Antiques Extravaganza is going on all this weekend out at the Jim Graham building.....It started today and will run tomorrow from 9am - 6pm and on Sunday from 10am - 5pm. Lots of vendors...several good american primitive booths as well. Parking is free and we have $.50 cent off coupons in our shop, if you come out!

We went by there today and bought this great piece of early 19th century needlework!(Most likely 1830's - 1850's) I think I see a shop project emerging from this little beauty! It's got those most wonderful old reds, gray-blues, faded sage greens and of course, black all in the piece...hmmm....maybe a new block of the month....

For you girls doing the "Down the Maiden's Path" Block of the Month...the last two kits are done and are ready to be picked up! This is it...can you believe it!!??

We have a handful of new goodies in the shop this week...come by and check it all out if you can! And we've started cutting fat eighth pieces from all the fabrics in the shop...we're calling them "Candy Rolls" and they are $1.25 each! Great way to add to your fabric stash without breaking the bank!

WOW girls...June's wool is still at the shop if you haven't picked up your piece!

Be sure and check out the new book coming soon..."Simpler Times". Information is over in the right hand side bar. I've got limited copies coming...let me know if you need to be on the list!

Have a great weekend...


Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 4th of July to all!!

Happy 4th everyone!! We hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend with lots of lemonade, watermelon and fireworks!!

I'll try and keep this weeks' update short and sweet...

First off...we will be open all weekend, so please come by and see us if you get the chance! Here are just a couple of pics I took in the shop today of some of the new things we brought in...

This is a replica George Washington box made for us by Primitiques. Fantastic blue paint called "Ella Blue"...this is actually fairly large...21 1/2" to the top of the cherry tree, 11 1/2" wide and 7 1/2" deep. It can be hung on the wall or it makes a great catch box on a hutch or in the kitchen! This might be one of those "one weekend only deals...I've found way tooo many places I could put this in the house! $155.00. We also received a FAB 10" bowl that they did as well in the same "Ella Blue"...it's on the table in the picture below...$38.00 (WOW discounts do apply!)

I took a picture of our bee skeps and primitive dolls...the skeps are going fast...we've probably sold more than half of what we were able to bring back from PA. I just received some of our great dolls we ordered..."Nellie" is up top...she is actually a make-do doll on a large bobbin. Her dress is an old flour mill sack from Albermarle, NC...now how cool is that! Nellie is $44.00 We also brought in one of our black cats...great painted and sanded with rusty bells around his neck..."Tuck" is a PA transplant looking for a new home..he's $28.00 (SOLD)

Here's an up close picture of Nellie...(Nellie is sold and has gone to a good home!)

For you girls doing the "Down the Maiden's Path" BOM kits...Abigale is ready to be picked up or shipped...she was the November girl we didn't get to last fall. Betsy, the July Maiden, is your last kit and I should have her ready by Sunday...I'm taking all the parts to work on her at the shop tomorrow! So yall are almost done! Woohoo!!

(If anyone is interested in making one of these girls, I should have extra kits available. They come complete with pattern and everything you need for $28.00. ($25 if you are a WOW member.)

Well I think that's all I had to talk about tonight! The June and July wools for the WOW members are ready to go and tobacco stick trees are restocked! I've put a quick note about the fireworks out at the fairgrounds below...in case you're still looking for someplace to go on Monday!

Have a safe 4th!


**The City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation along with the NC State Fair will have their annual fireworks display at 9:45pm on Monday the 4th!
Gates open at 5pm...free admission and parking...and there will be tons of activities to keep everyone busy until the fireworks show at 9:45pm...food vendors will be out as well!