Thursday, August 26, 2010

You know it's time to go to the eye doctor when.... take the can of Hot Shot bug spray and mistake it for the can of Magic Sizing and iron it all over your clothes 10 minutes before you have to leave the house! HOWEVER...I will say in my defense...both of those cans use EXACTLY the same shade of blue and in bad lighting, you can't really tell them apart! The smell, of course, should have been a dead giveaway...but I thought maybe they were using some new didn't smell all THAT bad! Anyway...Good night nurse...what a mess! And it turned the bottom of my iron black to boot! So....I guess it's time to go get a new prescription!

On a more pleasant note...we did get the new Fall/Winter copies of Early Homes Magazine in today! WooHoo!!

We'll probably only get these in once...and I'm throwing a handful of copies over on the website for anyone who needs to order. $4.99 for the magazine (WOW discount applies!) Some great articles in this one...

Also several new Halloween patterns will be here for next week...

Fun stuff to make out of wool! I'll dye wools to match next week and either offer them in packs or as kits...I'll let you know the details when I get it all figured out!

In case you didn't catch the info over on the side bar, we got in another batch of "A Primitive Place" magazines and they are going fast! If you are needing one and you're not sure if you have one being held already...let me know! I doubt if we reorder these again.

Our wire trees (in 3 sizes) finally showed up! Prices are $9.95 for the 18" size, $12.95 for the 24" size and $18.95 for the 36" size. They are great to leave out all year and decorate from season to season!

More halloween has made it in as well...along with a great Halloween book by Kindred Spirits!

I filled my orders for kits on the "Alphabet Song" pattern and I made a couple of extras...they came out great! I put these on the Black Heavy homespun by Moda which gave it a different look and helped a bit with the price. And I put enough in there so that if you would rather make it into a runner or pillow...there is plenty of backing. Anyway...kits are going to the shop...$30 for the pattern/kit/floss!

Before I forget...this is a quick note to the Settler Pride girls doing the BOM...bear with me just a bit...the next kit is almost ready! My son is here from Texas and we're trying to work in some fun stuff here and there so it's put me just a little behind. But the kits will be ready in the next few days! Sorry for the delay!

Everyone have a great weekend...get out and do something fun!!
Until later...Lisa

Our blog give-away has two new winners!!

AND THE WINNERS ARE.....drum roll please....

Peggy Moulthrop has won the hand stitched sampler and Linda Krute, from our WOW group, has won the bundle of new fall wools!

Congratulations to both of our winning girls!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Falloween" is at the shop!! (updated Friday 8-19)

Well I spent most of the day trying to figure how to fit everything in...but fall and halloween have officially made it into the shop! Of course...I was putting the final touches on what I took in as they were locking the camera comes out in the morning and maybe I can snap a few pics!

Ken Hardy has brought us lots of his halloween gourds...though I will say, it is not as many as we have gotten in the past (he's working way tooo much these days!) and I'm not sure if there are many more to come...Soooooo...if you like collecting his pumpkins, get in fast!! There are great ornaments for $10 and the pumpkin gourds range anywhere from $15 to $45.

Several of my other vendors have been working hard as well...great box sets, great primitive acorn make do's...some wool pillows for the season...lots to see!

And new fall scents have arrived...some new melting tarts came in (pumpkin seeds smells good enough to eat!) along with some new room sprays and the brown sugar crow melters are back in too!

Shawn is in Pennsylvania until after labor day on a buying trip for the shop and to visit family in the area...he's been doing some pretty awesome digging so's a picture/description of some of the goodies....(sorry for the picture quality...I didn't let him take the good camera!)

1)Salmon red bench..8 1/2" tall x 15" long x 9 1/2" wide. Great old salmon paint over the original gray. Made with early screws dating to mid/late 1800's. $45.00
2)Blue Bench...Excellent original first surface of vibrant blue paint worn just the way we like it! Round nails..probably 1880-1900. 12" tall x 21 1/4" long x 11 1/2" wide..$95.00
3)Very cool early spice grater (attached to salmon bench) in original blue this one! $25.00
4) Early 1800 mortar/pestle set...excellent mid-1800's black paint with different colored bands on the turnings. Awesome bulbous shape with no cracks or damage! The pestle is not original to the mortar, but looks great with it...right now it's $150.00
5) 3 OLD herb racks from Lancaster County...each one is 48" long all with hand made nails...late 1800's...guess I can't keep them all..$40 each
6) Awesome peg board (on top of sign) in original first surface red stain/wash with turned & carved pegs which are brought through the board and keyed (think like windsor chair legs coming through the seat). Mid to late 1800's...59" long...$125.00
7)2 nice old type trays...better than average...built heavier and older than most you see...16 3/4" x 32"...$20 each
8)Love this cool old sign! 24" x 36"...dates early 1900's to around 1930's...2 board construction with bread board ends (nice touch!)...great old paint...$125.00

It's always fun to get something in the mail that you didn't expect was coming...

Today we received the new fall issue of A Simple Life Magazine! As always...GREAT!!
I'll post some more info on it later...but it's here and will be on our website later today if you need to order and have one shipped! $8.95 per copy (WOW discounts apply!!)If you need me to hold one for you for pick-up, just let me know!

Also...COMFORT ZONE by Maggie Bonanomi is here!! And...oh my it fabulous!!
For those of you who have pre-ordered...I'll be either sending out or contacting you later today. If you need one...let me know as they are going fast!! $26.95 for the book (WOW price $24.95). I'll be putting pictures up from the book later today!

Until then....Lisa

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm ready for fall! (updated Friday evening....)

I'm not a cold weather person by any stretch of the imagination....but I do think I'm ready for a bit of fall weather!
Maybe this new pattern will get everyone in the mood! "Linda" is an additional Maiden from the "Down the Maiden's Path" Block of the Month designed by Liberty Rose.
The pattern is available now ($6.95) with a limited number of kits to be made. (If you are wanting a kit, let me know and I'll get you on the list!)Kit price (with the pattern included) is $28 ($25 for WOW members)...that includes the floss and everything you need to make your Maiden!

Don't forget to sign up for the free give-a-ways if you haven't already! Details are over on the side bar!

(Friday evening...)

Well...after unloading several BIG boxes of goodies that came in for the shop this week, alot of what I was needing for our fall & halloween displays won't be here until Monday or weekend we will officially kick off the "falloween" season! But I still have lots of new things for the shop this weekend! Starting with these two new fabrics from Moda's line called Wiscasset. I really like paisley prints and thought this would make a great christmas covered fabric box...
And the small star flower print is perfect with all the civil war blues and tans. Regular price per yard is $9.00...our price is $7.95 (WOW discounts apply!)

Also in is a new quilted sandcastle fabric (the kind that looks like an old quilt once it is washed...)in the most awesome shade of gold! Perfect for the background to a wool fall runner or pillow...or I was thinking a perfect background to a black cat or flying witch sillohette halloween pillow! $13.99 per yard...(WOW price is $11.95 per yard.)(This is before it is washed...that's why it's looking a bit flat!)

I took this quick picture in the shop today...two great enamelware pieces are still available! Plus we added a really nice early 19th century mortar/pestal set...excellent turnings...we've added the blue milk paint...$125.00. Also, the little blue basket (with the bunnies in it)...a nice old NC one...probably around late 1800's to 1900 in really nice shape...$65.00. Also new in this weekend...a great old buttermold that we painted in blue milk paint as well...great kitchen piece...$35.00. Of course...everything else in the picture is for sale as well!!

One thing I didn't get a picture of today that we just took in...if anyone is looking for a really nice red/white/blue EARLY coverlet...we have one and it's only $45!! Now here's the deal...there are no holes...but it is a bit worn here and has the seam down the center...not huge, but definitely not small. This would make a fantastic coverlet to fold and put into a cabinet along with other antique could cut this and make some great runners, mats, pillows, etc! If I had more time, I'd be keeping it to do just that...but if you saw my plate right now, it would be next year before I got to it! If anyone wants to see a picture of it...I'll be glad to snap one tomorrow at the shop once I get it displayed and email it to you!

"Comfort Zone" by Maggie Bonnanomi was shipped but we didn't get them in for this books should be here Monday. If you pre-ordered one, I'll be either shipping it out to you or it will be at the shop next weekend so you can grab it (if you live in the area, that is!) There are a couple of copies left as well for sale...can't wait to see all the wonderful wool projects! Book price...$26.95 (WOW discounts apply!!)

And finally...our wool garden is beginning to bloom with lots of beautiful wool pieces..$1.50 each (WOW girls pay $1.35 ea.). A great way to add to or start a wool stash of your own! Come dig around and see what you pull out!

Oops...almost forgot...the new Early American Life magazine is here! $4.95 for the issue...they are over on the website if you need to order and have one shipped...

Have a great weekend...not nearly as hot tomorrow and Sunday so come see us and also check out all the antique vendors outside!! (I saw some good stuff out there today while those guys were setting up!)


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where does the time go??? (Updated Friday, August 6th)

That's the question of....well, the last two weeks at least! I've got a big ol' pile of newly dyed wool that can explain what I've mostly been doing (for the "Maiden" BOM, Settler's Pride, and some new kits!)....but I swear the hours in a day are just not as long as they used to be!

I'll try and post all the new stuff for the shop here in a bit...a big Valdani floss order came if you are needing any 3 strand balls...there's a good bet I've got them in!

Also, I got back in the 28" x 55" Americana bunting...$22 each. These have a great tea-dyed look and are perfect for your front porch or barn! I was able to only get 6 right now!

We hit the honey hole a couple of times this week and found some really great stuff for the shop...

You know how we love boxes...I wish I had a place to put this! Very early 19th century (1820-1840)wood box..constructed of mill sawn and hand-planed wide white pine boards. It's got great early square nails and tongue & groove joints...This would make a great firewood box by someone's fireplace or out on a covered screen porch! 28" long x 16" wide x 27" tall. $65.00

I love old enamelware and came across two really nice and early pieces! The little berry bucket is just 5" round x 5" tall...heavy enameling and its original lid (which is great!). The condition is beyond exceptional and would make a great addition to a special collection! $125.00
And the other piece is this rare and LARGE coffeepot. Very desirable dark blue & white swirl. Fantastic condition and like I'll hold a gallon at least! $145.00

Finally...a really nice market's got some age on it and it is in really great breaks or was dry (age thing, don't you know) so I put my special formula on it...really brought out the patina and the warmth! $36.00

Three bolts of this great green/red/cream civil war fabric from Marcus came back in...I started out with 40 yards...and there is now 7 yards left. (How the heck did that happen??). It'll be in the shop this weekend but I'm not sure how long it's going to last! $7.95 per yard (WOW price $7.15 per yard)

For those girls that have taken my covered box class and are now covering everything in sight...I have "tons" of paper mache boxes in stock at the shop more coming! Priced from $1-$3 each or graduated sets starting at $6.00. I'll put all the sizes up on our selling blog next week so you can see what I stock and order from there if you need to. I also have a couple of jars of PVA glue from Papersource (the kind I use in the class) in stock right now. $11 per jar (it goes a long way)...shout if you need some.

I've had a lot of girls come in wanting "stash" wool...good colors that will work for lots of things...not huge pieces...and with a great price...
I think I found the answer...nice size pieces for hooking or applique (approx. 6" x 14")and $1.50 each. You pick and choose the colors!
So now it's time for a contest! Name that wool!! I need a name for these cute little me your suggestion of a name, and if I use get 10 of these new little rolls for free!
(Update on the wool name...thank you to all the girls who sent in suggestions on what to name these new wool rolls...we have a winning suggestion! For everyone that participated in the all get two free rolls for sending me your suggestions!)

Now for our first blog give-a-way!!

There are actually two give-a-ways pictured. The first give-a-way is for the hand stitched sampler (plus a special added treat that I'm making for a surprise!)

To enter:
Simply post a comment to the blog (and remember to leave your name)!
If you would like to put in a 2nd entry...become a follower of our blog!

The second give-a-way is open to only the WOW Club Members! It is for a pack of the wools shown in the picture...some of the new plaids and textures we just received at the shop! (And, oh my gosh, are they luscious!)

To enter:
Simply post me a comment and let me know you read the blog!

Entries need to be posted by August 22nd...I'll announce the winners on Monday, August 23rd!

Good Luck!!

Time to go pack my car for an upcoming class tomorrow! Have a great weekend and come see us if you get the chance!!