Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! (Updated Friday 5/28)

Welcome to a new week! I feel like I've been sitting at this computer ALL DAY...placing orders, responding to emails, yada yada yada...not getting anything really done that I need to do up in my studio! Oh well...I never go to bed before I guess there is still plenty of time left!

I've got some great new patterns coming in...this book should be here today!
New from Not Forgotten Farms..."American Folk"...10 great designs to hook, punch, stitch or applique...she is producing a limited number of these...if you think you are needing one...just let me know! $20 per book...(if you are a WOW member, you get a discount!)(As of Friday, these books are not here...yet! The first batch got shipped to the wrong zip I'm hoping they are in tomorrows mail! I'll let you know if they show!)

And speaking of our "WOW" club...if you haven't seen the information on the club, it is in the posting right under this one...I've had a really great response to the club with lots of ladies joining in on the fun! If you'd like to be a part of the group...just email me!

Also coming in....

Wool Garden Crazy...great pattern...makes a very "do-able" wall hanging, pillow or framed piece that is 16" x 18". Pattern - $12.00 (WOW price $10.80) I will be kitting this soon as I figure the price, I'll let you know!

Garden Sampler...this has great potential if you don't want to do a wallhanging! Wouldn't these be great on journal covers, or put 3 together for a garden runner? I can think of about a dozen more things! Again, a nice size that can be done quickly. A great beginner project...$8.00 for the pattern (WOW price $7.20)

A Humble Farm wall hanging...finished size is 24" x 24". When I first saw this I thought it would look great on some heavily dyed sandcastle...think I might have to try that and see what happens! With a couple of small changes, this would look great hooked! $8.00 for the pattern (WOW price...$7.20)

We've got a new magazine coming in soon! "A Primitive Place" Magazine will make its' debut in August...and it looks like it will be a wonderful addition to our primitive magazines that we sell now at the shop! It's a quarterly issue and the cost will be $8.95. If you'd like to be put on the list for one of the copies, just let me know. (We have ordered a limited number and I'm not quite sure how the reorders will work.)

(Friday) Got a couple of quickie updates to tell yall about...

Now, you know I LOVE American early antiques...especially pieces that were just used in everyday working life...and I LOVE, this is one piece coming in this weekend that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! What a great "bottom of the stack" firkin! And it's blue on top of that! Now, I will say, the blue is not original to the piece (wish I could say that it was)...but if it was, the price would probably be three times as much...considering the size that this's 16" or so across...a big ol' girl!
Price is $295.00. (SOLD) I'll keep it in the shop til my birthday (which is in about a month)...if it hasn't sold by then....then, Happy Birthday to me!!

Also coming in tomorrow...are these GREAT 2011 Engagement Calendars that Blackbird Designs has done...

I really wasn't planning on getting these in quite so early, but lots of places have been selling them now for a while and I'm afraid there is going to be "only so many" I got them in! And I NEED ONE!! Every page you turn has a full color photo of the most wonderful vintage, antique sewing things...these would make wonderful gifts to anyone who is a quilter, stitcher or antique lover....$23.00 each (WOW price $20.50).

And as a last note...I've been playing all week with this little's the treat the girls are getting for signing up for our WOW club!(And before someone emails me the obvious...yes, I just realized I forgot his eyes...ahhh!) Just a little more "tweeking" (or is that "tweeting") and he'll be done!

That's it for this week...we hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's time to Start WOW!!

Well the time has finally come to start our new club...WOW (Women of Wool)!!
Here are the details of the club...

It's a yearly membership...cost is $20...and here is what you'll receive:

* 10% discount on all store purchases (excluding Johnston Benchworks furniture)
* Special discount for your birthday
* Discount pricing on kits and projects
* Special projects available only to club members by some of our favorite designers
* Free hand dyed piece of wool each month to add to your stash
* A handcrafted treat when you join the club!

You can join anytime...your yearly membership starts when you join. If you're interested in becoming a member, just email me or come by the shop!

Monday, May 17, 2010

This is going to be a busy week! (Updated Friday 5/21)

Well it's almost the weekend!!

We had a great (and rare) find this week...for those of you looking for authentic american 18th century furniture...this is the real deal! Beautiful side chair dating from around 1770...more than likely from New Hampshire....beautiful turnings on the stretcher and up-rights...all pegged like you would expect. It has been refinished and the seat re-done over the years...not a surprise there. It will only be in the shop for a few weekends...$295.00.

The next block for our Settler's Pride quilt is ready! For the girls who pick it up from me at the shop, come on in! The rest are on their way in the mail, so be looking for it if that's the way you get it...

I just got in another bolt of civil war reproduction fabric...this is from Marcus Brother's Bonnie Blue Basics line...a fantastic tone on tone golden brown...a great color right off the bolt...but I did just throw some into a dye batch and it's turning out so nice! This will be one of those pieces that you can do anything with! I'm fixing to turn some of this dyed piece into a sewing bird for one of my covered later! (Which, by the way...there is a pattern by Jennifer Schneeman for one in the new Simple Life Magazine,shown below...)
Anyway...$7.95 per's over on the website as well if anyone needs some mailed to them!

Also...the summer edition of A Simple Life Magazine is here! FANTASTIC(as we thought it would be)!! It's also over on the website for ordering...$8.95 for the issue. I put a photo up of the contents...just a little temptation!!

Here's a sneak peak at a fun new wool BOM project that will be starting up in September...designed by Sharon Stewart of Liberty Rose, it's a 9 block project...which can be all put into a great wall hanging or individually made into pillows, framed pictures, etc. Each block is of this lovely Maiden all decked out in seasonal attire. I'm doing the wool kits for this project to go along with Sharon's pattern. We're beginning to put the list together of those who would like to get in on the fun AND get the wool kit that matches the original model. The first 15 to sign up will be able to get it as it appears....after that, the wools may change a bit but the "feel" of the project will remain the same. The project each month will cost $28...pattern, wool and floss! ($25 if you are a WOW club member!) Sharon has done a great job with these girls and it will be a quick and easy project to do!
To sign up, you can either contact me ( or contact Sharon ( Don't miss out on the fun!!

More later so check back!! Lisa

Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Friday night....(updated Saturday May 15)

...and another warm weekend is just around the corner! Lots of vendors were setting up this afternoon while we were working at the shop...
Of course, I took my camera and then remembered that the card for it was stuck in the computer! Have you ever had that happen?? I seem to do that alot!

We brought in a few goodies...3 really nice and OLD hog scraper candlesticks...$60 each (or if you buy more than 1, we'll work you a better deal!) and a couple of really neat old tin spice says "Allspice" on top and the other one says "Cloves"...I thought they would make really cute and unique pincushion containers...$15 each.

I've restocked some of the most popular punchneedle patterns, brought in a few fabric covered boxes and some new dyed pieces of wool. Also coming in... this great new bolt of fabric...from Blue Hill's line called Gettysburg would make an awesome backing to a civil war quilt or you should see how the large covered box looks in this fabric...very cool!$7.95 per yard.

Shawn has been buying a lot of Sterling silver lately...we're bringing in a bunch of the jewelry (rings, bracelets, and necklaces)...most will be priced between $5 and $10 each...moving it through at a really cheap price! Come take a look! (Sat. update: sold a bunch, but there is still plenty!)

I think that's it for tonight!
Have a great weekend...come see us if you get out and about!

Saturday update: Forgot to mention...if anyone collects pewter...we have 4 really nice, early German pewter rimmed bowls...9" in diameter...$20 each. There are four matching bowls, if you take them all, the price will be $68 for all four!


Friday, May 7, 2010

Is it Friday Already???

Heading off to the shop this afternoon to put in a few new things! Fun stuff...great for summer decorating! (A childs old red wheelbarrow with great blue painted handles and a very cool red prim lineman's box, to name a couple of things...) I'm taking my camera with me...hopefully I can at least get a couple of shots taken so I can post them up later!
In the meantime, here is one picture of some new covered boxes coming in for the weekend...I love boxes! Mine are all filled with STUFF...course, half the time I can't remember which box has which stuff in it! Oh well....more pictures coming later tonight when I send out the update!