Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Love this cooler weather! (updated Thurs. eve)

What a change from just this past weekend to today! This past Saturday we had a record high of 99...and today it's just 68 degrees outside and rainy! Sure makes you feel like fall might really just be right around the corner, doesn't it?!

Although the shop is closed for the month of October in our regular location, we'll be posting up lots of new things here and on the website until we reopen the first weekend of November...

Starting with...the Holiday issue of Mercantile Gatherings Magazine! We went on a bit of an antiquing adventure yesterday and I got a chance to really look this issue over while riding around in the won't disappoint, that's for sure!
There's a really good article on early lighting, the featured shop is Black Cat Primitives and the featured designer is The Wooden Nail. The Alfred's Farmhouse is the featured home in this issue and there are several great crafting projects...including how to make your own grubby silicone light strings!(Which actually sounds really pretty easy!!) Lots of great primitive pictures to inspire you
for the upcoming holidays...$8.00 per issue. (WOW discount applies!)
We'll be sending these out for those of yall who need one. You can email me directly or purchase off the website.

(Thursday evening...)

If anyone is looking for an antique linen press or oak press back rocker...I just put up a post on our selling blog (get to it over on the right hand side...)of a couple of pieces I'm needing to find a new home for! If anyone is interested...just contact me! These are pieces I've had for a long time...but it's time for them to go where they can be loved and appreciated! (Both are gone!)

More coming later so check back often!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One more weekend left....(updated Friday night)

Just one more weekend left before we have to close for the month of October! I'll update during the week as new things are ready or come in for the shop! I totally lost a day yesterday with a killer headache...didn't get a darn thing done, now I feel even more behind!

We did get in the new issue of Wool Street Journal...this one is really pretty good with lots of content and some good projects! $8.95 (WOW discount applies) for the issue and we'll have it over on the website for purchase as well...

Attention Girls doing the "Down the Maiden's Path" Block of the Month...

Wendy is ready to be picked up or mailed. For those wishing to pick up the kit, we will have them at our shop this weekend! If you are needing it mailed, just let me know. (You out of town girls don't have to contact me...)

Also...for yall that got the "Becky" Maiden kit...if you haven't done it yet, take a quick look at the kit and see if there is enough of the sunflower wool to do both sunflowers. There was a mistake done on the pattern and the amount of wool listed will only be enough for one sunflower. Some of the kits I caught, some I fixed and some (I think) went without enough wool! If you need more wool...please email me and let me know! I'll get it out to you asap!

"Hootie" the Owl kits are ready this weekend! $17.95 for the complete wool/floss kit. WOW members get the discount!

(Friday night)
A few new things are coming in for our last weekend....

After getting up at 4a.m. this morning (yes, you read that right!) to get to Liberty for the big antique festival by 6:30a.m....we finally drove back in the driveway at almost 6p.m. this evening with (unfortuneatly) a somewhat light "haul". We managed to snag a few deals for the shop....a cute little VA. 1 quart canning crock ($75), a nice large sized old dough bowl ($95), and really nice LARGE OLD handled tote ($95), a nice old firkin with grungy brown paint which is the original color and in very nice condition ( and two great old hog scraper candlesticks ($95 each or $150 if you buy the pair..and they are a matched set.)
Also, when I got home, my big box of fresh bittersweet was sitting on the front porch! We get this every year from a farm up in will be in the shop tomorrow....
AND...A few more handmade primitive goodies by Vickie Wallace are coming in too! She just brought me the coolest BIG halloween witch (complete with a bag of toads!), a crow on pumpkin, 2 little scarecrow dolls, a witch stump doll and some bat bowl fillers! She creates some of the most fantastic primitives...I know these won't last long!!

I'm tooooo tired to take pictures of the other goodies...yall will just have to come in and see us!

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What's going on out at the fairgrounds this weekend...(updated Friday night)

I'm trying to sit down here at the computer (between dye baths) and put on a few new additions that I'm taking to the shop this weekend...I'll be updating this along probably all afternoon at the speed I seem to be going today! So bear with me!

Our Legacy 2011 Calendars came in...well, two of them anyway...Simply Shaker by Karen Cruden and Folk Art by David. I did not order a ton of these since we have to close for October. Both have great pictures (12 different ones in all)...$14.95 each (WOW discount applies)

We also got these two calendar styles in pocket calendars as well. Great to throw in your purse or computer bag...$6.95 each...(the picture makes them look big, but they are a nice small size)

And don't forget about the Pure and Simple Calendars...$19.95...there are a few left!(Picture of it in the previous blog.)

We were able to get more of those really cool halloween mercury bead garlands back in. This is it for them! Very old looking in alternating black, silver and orange beads. Perfect for your halloween feather tree or entwined in a garland. 9' long...$7.95 each

For all you wool dyers out there (or if you just need good neutral textures to add to your stash!), I've made some "dyer's bundles"...consisting of 5 - 1/4 yard pieces of some great textures (and 1 solid). You get 1 1/4 total yards of wool for $ girls, don't forget your discount! (There's a limited number of these available this weekend..if you need one held, let me know!)

The September wool treat will be at the shop for the next two weekends for you to come by and pick up (if you live in the area). There will also be some of the August wool treats there as well if you didn't pick yours up. For those of yall that live far away or can't make it in, I'll be shipping your treats out after we close for the State Fair. So don't's all coming! The September color is called "Garland Green"...great for all your upcoming fall and winter projects!

Attn Settler's Pride BOM Girls
There will not be a kit for September (since I've run a bit behind with the August kit!) For the girls who are pretty well caught up, you'll have to get your top pieced together before the next 3 blocks come out or you won't be able to go any further. The next kit will be the laurel wreath that goes around the center house block and will ship out in October. If you have any questions, just send me a quick email!

Three new patterns are coming in this weekend...more fun stuff for the holidays!!

Jack the Cat Mat..$5.95 pattern price (putting kits together!)

Hootie...$8.95 pattern price (putting kits together!)

"JOY" Trio of pillows...$8.95 pattern price (kits coming!)

I'm trying to get the kits on these three new patterns done..hopefully this weekend...but definitely next weekend! The wools have been dyed and will also be at the shop in case the kits don't get all cut and packaged!

1/2 and 1/4 yard cuts of washed black wool will be back in stock! $10 each for the 1/2 yard pieces and $5 each for the fat quarters. If you need more, I have it on the bolt as well!

Shawn found some fun die-cut 40's-50's skeletons and cats for halloween...those will be coming into the shop...cute vintage ones to add to a halloween collection at a cheap price...$10 each....

We just got a quick update from the fairgrounds office as to the events going on this weekend...we thought we'd pass the info along!

Greek Festival
Authentic Greek food - Homemade Greek pastries & marketplace - Live Greek music - Greek Dance Groups - & More...... Portions of the event proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity.
Event Hours: Friday 5 - 10 pm, Saturday 11 am - 10 pm, Sunday 11 am - 7 pm....GENERAL ADMISSION: Adults - $3, Ages 13-18 and Senior Citizens - $2, Ages 12 and under admitted free. Visit our website at for a free admission ticket.
Exposition Center

Old North State Antique Gun & Military Collector Show
Antique guns, U.S. and foreign military arms and memorabilia exhibited, bought, sold, and traded - WWI, WWII, Civil War, and other conflicts. Also includes relics, books, uniforms and insignias. Free appraisals. Hours are Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Admission is $6 for adults, $1 for children 7 -12 and free for children age 6 and under.
Scott Building

The Original Coin & Currency Show
Show offers a variety of numismatic items including rare coins, precious metals, paper money, tokens, coin collecting books and supplies. Family event! Fun for all! Bring your collections to be apparised or sold! Hours are Saturday - 10 a.m. to 6 p.m and Sunday 10 am - 4 pm. Free Admission. Click on our website for more info:
Martin Building

Time to finally fix dinner...mess with the wool some more and get to bed at a decent time tonight! Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's all In!! (updated Friday evening)

Well...Shawn got in around 7am Thursday morning (don't know how he drives all night like that...) and by noon he had most of his PA digs out on the driveway taking pictures! Some of the small stuff didn't make it into the halloween noise makers/decorations and a killer windsor chair. But that will all be there too! So off we go to the shop here in a bit to fit it all in! (That should prove to be interesting!) I'll try and take pictures before we leave and update later off we go!

Sooooo....we're back from cramming everything in the shop...I took some pictures before I finished "tweaking" everything. For some reason (I'm sure not operator error!!) a couple of the pictures are a little fuzzy. least you can get a better look and read Shawn's lengthy descriptions (which I'm not allowed to paraphrase!)

Now for descriptions and prices of all the stuff...sit down and make yourself comfortable...there's quite a list!

Mid to late 1800's advertising jug...unsigned by the maker but most likely NY in origin. Features a warm honey colored clay body and bold cobaltscript. Excellent condition...with only very minor blue over-paint that can be easily removed if you desire...$(on hold for customer)

Circa 1810-1830 Mortar & Pestle in awesome early paint. The mortar features a great bulbous turned body that has been painted black with thin colored bands...all original to the piece. It is in exceptional condition with no splits. We believe the pestle is a replacement but still easily dates to that period. $195.00

Late 19th century spice grater in original blue paint. Great little addition to any primitive kitchen..$24.00 (It's attached to the little red stool sitting on top of the black cabinet.)

Early to mid 1800's 1/2 gallon ovoid jug. New England in origin. Rare little size and form in excellent condition with just a very small and old tight hairline from the bottom. $75.00

Early graniteware berry bucket in thick dark blue and white swirl pattern. Very nice condition or its age with some very minor chipping but no rust damage. $125.00

Two cool old type trays...great for small collection displays...nice old age to the finish..$15 each (I think I forgot to take a picture of these in the shop)1 LEFT

Circa 1900 small plant riser in original dark blue paint. Would make a great display riser for a special crock! $30

Late 1800's-1900 stool in awesome original first surface of robins egg blue paint. Great size and very sturdy...goes great as a bottom of the stack set (as you can see in the picure!) $95

Early to mid 1800's mortised footstool in old thick white paint. The legs are through mortised and wedged with square nail reinforcements. $50

Late 1800's small footstool in old salmon red paint over original grey. Excellent smaller size and very sturdy. (Makes a great stack topper!) $40 SOLD

Circa 1900 country store plant stand display in original light blue paint. Well construction and in excellent condition. Would make a great display for crocks, pantry boxes and other smalls without taking up a ton of floor space! $125.00 SOLD

Rare circa 1850 wooden double measure in its original first surface apple green paint...a more unusual color! This smaller size is harder to find than what is common for most double measures...the original owner wanted to make sure that this was not mistaken for someone elses by not only painting it such an unusual color, but by also applying his (or hers) initials in red paint on the backside! Excellent condtion and a great "add" to any treen collection. $195.00 SOLD

Early treen dough bowl with turned lip in original unfinished surface. Nice dark patina to this one and on the slightly larger size. $49.95

Circa 1915 Stanley box with the highly desirable sweetheart logo. $45

Late 1800's herb drying racks (there are three). Early iron great in an early kitchen for hanging herbs and such over a doorway or window. $30 each

Very early and rare hand made peg rack. Features hand made pegs that have been through mortised and pegged into the back board and also retains its' original red stain. Very hard to come by and is an excellent size for an entry way, keeping room, etc. $95 SOLD(Did I mention I found the perfect place for this in my house??? If it doesn't sell's coming home with me!)

LARGE mid-late 1800's wooden bucket in its awesome original first surface of great dark buttermilk blue paint. Made by the ROW company of Richmond, VA. In very very good condition. $150.00 SOLD

Stauffers Nif-ty pretzel tin from the 1930's-1940's. Great colors for a halloween display or just to put in with your kitchen tins. But beware...the label says it contains "some spiders"! $35 SOLD

2 gallon crock with small bee-sting cobalt decoration. There's a big ol' crack that you can't see from the front...great for a filler piece or out on your front porch with fall mums in it...CHEAP...$25 SOLD

Turn of the century oak flat bottom gathering basket in excellent condtion. Great age and patina on it...$65

HUGE Circa 1800 dry measure in its unpainted original finish. You almost never see dry measures this large! This one features very early hand wrought rosehead iron tacks and thick wall construction. It would be an awesome bottom to a stack of pantry boxes, measures or firkins. $175.00

Blue and White EARLY calico quilt. A wide variety of old blue calicos were used...a summer quilt as it has no batting between the top and back (which are old white feed sacks). A great one to fold in a cupboard or hang on a cabinet door. $125.00

Very cool circa 1900-1930 "For Sale" trade sign from Newburyport, MASS. Sign features wonderfully weathered surface and two board construction with breadboard ends. Would look great hung in a Mud room or with other old early signs and advertising. $120.00

Circa 1790-1810 PA. cupboard top in dry old black paint over its original red surface. The current paint on this piece is at least 150 years old and has achieved that dark grungy surface that we all want and love. This piece features pit sawn hand planed white pine and poplar boards with chamfered door panels and early square iron nails. The doors are constructed with through tennons that have been pegged into place and the wide back boards have been tongue and grooved together. This piece is exactly how you want to find it even with the occasional mouse hole chewed here and there...which just adds even more character! This would look great filled with crocks and eary treen! $325.00

Here are two things that didn't make it into the shop pics (cuz we forgot to take them in on the first load...)

Circa 1800-1820 "Rod Back" windsor chair in super original first surface of black paint. This windsor chair has a gently sculpted pine seat, hand hewn hickory rods and bamboo style turned legs. This has all been reinforced with early iron nails to the joints when it was built. Whoever built this chair wanted to be sure it would never come apart! It is still extremely tight and very confortable. This is the first period windsor chair that we have had the chance to own let alone make available for purchase and it will be in our shop for a VERY limited time. $275.00 SOLD

EXTREMELY EARLY circa 1700 treenware goblet. Hand hewn from a solid piece of wood, this is the first of these we've ever seen. It is extremely well crafted and in exceptional condition for a piece of easily 300 years of age with no cracks to the thinly crafted top. The exterior has worn smooth from centuries of handling and has its excellent bone dry original surface. Shawn has combed his reference books and has been unable to find anything similar to this piece. It's only going to be in the shop one weekend...then it comes home be included in our personal treen collection. $295.00 GONE

Whew! That's it for the PA descriptions...

It may still be summer outside right now...but more of our holiday books arrived today...time to crank down the AC a bit and think Christmas!!

Our mail lady brought us Judy Condon's new book..."Simple Greens" today. Focasing all on decorating your home for the Christmas holidays...from what I've seen so far..this book will not dissapoint!! We only received 12 copies...half of which are already spoken if you're wanting one...let me know quick! (I'm not sure if we are going to reorder since we will be closing at the end of September for the State Fair festivities...)
Book price is $24.95...WOW discount applies of course!

Also coming in today..the first of our 2011 Calendars! This one is the Pure and Simple Calendar...great primitive pictures each month...$19.95 each (WOW discount applies!) I'll post a couple of pictures from each of the new books when I have a little free time...hopefully later tonight!

Our 2011 Legacy Calendars will be in the shop in two weeks as be looking for pictures of those as soon as we get them in!

OK! The basket block for the Settler's Pride BOM girls is ready this weekend! The picture is just a bit on the bright side...but I wanted to get a picture up and let all you girls doing this project know...the kits have either shipped or will be ready for pick-up this weekend! WOOHOO!

OH! And one more thing....I have AWESOME Halloween dolls coming in tomorrow with me! Made by one of our local girls who does FABULOUS WORK! I'll post pictures later when I get the chance!!

Yall have a great weekend!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Holiday Weekend!

Well if this doesn't make you feel a little cooler....our postlady just came to the door with the Christmas edition of Early American Life Magazine! (Not to be confused with the December issue of EAL!) I just flipped through it real's got several pages on great antique ornaments shown in one of the stories! They'll be in the shop this weekend...$5.99 for the magazine! (They charge a little more for this one...)

We've got more halloween goodies coming in this weekend...including several new halloween kits and patterns!
From this pile of wool that I dyed on Wednesday...

...came these new kits! From a new Buttermilk Basin pattern that makes all three star pillows. Each pillow project is individually kited and runs $9.95 each. Pattern price is $8.95. (I only had time to get the fronts done so far...but the kits come complete with pillow backing, floss and chenille to add around the edge when you're done!)

The Candy Corn mat is also quick and easy to do...kit price is $12.95 and comes complete. Pattern price is $5.95.

Wendy and Holly...two of the maiden patterns from the "Down the Maiden's Path" BOM are ready in pattern form! For the girls doing the entire block of the month in kit form, Wendy will be kited in September so that you can enjoy her for the halloween season! Pattern only price...$7.00 (discount to the WOW girls...)

Be sure and check last week's blog again for all the new Buttermilk Basin patterns coming in. There will also be kits on the other projects as well! (WOW discounts apply of course!!)

I have one jar of the PVA glue left!(it's what we used in my box covering class...)I'm taking it to the shop this weekend...if anyone needs it, let me know!

Anyone like old quilts with LOTS of early blues and shirtings? I've got one coming into the shop...schoolhouse pattern...mid to late 1800's...with a ton of early blue calicos and shirting prints. This would be really nice over a cupboard door or folded in with other early quilts....or layed over the end of a guest room bed perhaps. I would say this is in a little better than good condition considering its' age...there are a few small seam repairs that I need to do and the binding is a bit rough in a couple of spots. The backing is old feed can see some of the printing here and there on the back. Not thin...but not what I would call a terribly thick quilt...larger quilting (you can see how it was quilted in the picture I took of the back).There are a few light stains here and there...that I believe will come out with a good soak (you can see them in the pictures) $110.00...any questions, just give me a shout!

Earl passed us by with not even a drop of rain...and now the weekend promises to be a little cooler and sunny! I hope everyone gets to get out and do something fun over the holiday weekend!

(And don't forget...Shawn is coming home from a 3 week trip to PA....he says the truck is loaded with stuff for the shop! That'll be in for next weeekend!!)