Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all! (Updated Tuesday evening...)

Is it just me, or did this whole year go by really fast?? In two days it will be Thanksgiving and I hope my turkey is ready to be cooked by then!

We had several fun things show up for the shop today....

Yall know we've been adding some great fabrics to the shop...about 100 or so bolts right now..just had these show up today..a couple from the Wiscasset line by Minnick & Simpson (now out of print), the dark brown paisley is from a new line "Wrapped in Paisley" by Kansas Trouble Quilters, and the little brown/red civil war print is from Charity Collections by Howard Marcus. Regular price on these are $9.00 per yard($9.50 for the brown paisley)... our price is $7.95 per yard and WOW girls get their discount!

Also FINALLY IN....the flax colored toweling with the red striping...16" wide. It's on a 15 yard bolt, so you can purchase whatever length you want...$5.50 per yard (WOW discount applies!) It is a great linen/flax color with nice primitive red (not bright) striping down both sides...here is a picture of one of the patterns we sell using it...

Just in time for Christmas...we found the most wonderful new line of candles...Scentsible Scents! Extremely strong fragranced and long burning....and the flavors we've tried so far are heavenly!! I wanted to get these in time for this weekend, so I didn't get quite as many flavors as I'd like...but we got some of the best ones!

(This is actually the photo provided by the company...so you can see what they look like..)

Two sizes...Medium Jar for $17.95 and 8 oz jar for $8.95...
Lemon Curd (shortbread cookie scent with a hint of lemon...so far, my favorite!)
Sugared Pumpkins
Southern Home
Orange Clove
Nutmeg & Cream
Apple Cellar
Stockings & Fir (really nice frazier fir christmas scent..not too heavy)

I also picked up melting tarts in...packed 4 to a package, these will sell for $4.95 per package...
Lemon Curd
Southern Home
Orange Clove
Sugared Pumpkins
Winter Wilderness (another great christmas scent)
Nutmeg & Cream

And, last but not least...Room Sprays...nice large bottle for $5.95...
Winter Wilderness (good to spray on your "not so live" tree)
Southern Home
Vintage Linens (great for your bedroom or bath!)

Next time you come in, tell us what you think about the new scents!!

Before I forget...the new Blackbird Designs book, "Garden Club" arrived today as well...really a beautifully laid out book with some really nice projects. After filling orders, I have two left. I'll try and post some of the pictures from the book tomorrow so yall can see what all is in there...$26.95 (WOW discount applies!)

Three new Christmas patterns are at the shop...pattern price on each is $6.95...

This first pattern makes a great table runner...or take the ornaments "apart" and put each one onto a black background for fun holiday pillows! I'll have a limited number of kits available this weekend...as soon as I get them together, I'll be able to figure the price...

Fun penny rug mat with some of the pennies being turned into ornaments. I'm not kitting this right off the bat..it's a really easy, scrappy project. But if you are needing any of the colors, I have them at the shop. I will have pieces of army blanket cut for this project...so if you need that, I'll have them as well!

Probably my favorite of the new patterns...gingerbread men and candy canes are always a good thing! I can kit this project if anyone wants to do it as a mat, but right now, I'm putting pillow kits together using the center gingerbread man design with the candy canes and holly leaves...my model is turning out really cute and it is going very fast! Perfect if you need some quick hand made gifts!
I'll also have some gingerman wool packs put together for the stuffed gingerbread man that is included in the pattern.

Time to go watch Dancing with the Stars!

Until later...

Monday, November 15, 2010

A New week...a new post! (Updated Saturday evening!)

Evening to all!

I'm so glad to be home again...but whoa, do I have a ton of work to do! I'll be updating the blog all week as things come in or get done...here's the first thing I need to tell yall about...

Two new books will be arriving soon! I'll post pictures of the projects in each of these books as soon as they arrive...

(Arrived on Thursday!)
First is a new book by JoAnn Mullaly called "Crazy at Home". 15 projects in this book...$24.95 (wow price $22.45). I haven't ordered a ton of these...so if you are wanting one...let me know and I'll put your name on one when they arrive.

Also soon to arrive...Blackbird Designs newest book..."Garden Club"! $24.95 for the book (wow discount applies!)...Arrived Tuesday, Nov. 23rd..only two copies left!!

(Arrived on Saturday...will be in the shop Sunday, Nov. 21st!)
Oops...and almost forgot...Judy Condon's new book, "The Country Life" is shipping this week and we hope to have it here by the weekend. I have several names on a list so far so extra copies are limited. Let me know if you want one! $24.95 for the book (wow discount applies!)...

Today was the first chance I've had since being home to really get into the shop and move stuff around a bit so I can find everything! Here's a few pics that I took as I was working stuff around...sorry for the picture quality...the flash makes everything too bright and there's not quite enough light to make the shutter click fast enough not to make it a little blurry. Maybe Santa needs to bring me a new camera...hmmmmm....

This is one of my christmas "spots" in the shop...notice Santa and Elmer sitting in the red rocker...one of Vicki Wallace's dolls...he is just really great!

This is another one of Vicki's creations...great prim angel on a great old (big) textile bobbin...she's one you can just leave out all year...tuck her in an old hutch amongst your crocks and jugs...she'd be right at home!

Just a few odd shots of the shop...

Len Greco came in last weekend and brought us several of his incredible birdhouses! This is a picture of one of them up close...the workmanship is amazing..and these are definitely made to go outside for the birds to enjoy! Come in and see all of his designs!

This is a new piece...fresh to the market! Circa 1780-1800 North Carolina corner cupboard. The piece is originally from Albermarle, NC (near Charlotte). Exceptionally rare and all original open top cupboard constructed entirely of heart pine. All hand forged hardware and rose head nails...it is an excellent size, measuring only 38" from side to side. An easy fit to just about any corner! It will stay in the shop til the end of the year...if it doesn't sell...it's going home with us! $2,395.00. SOLD

We've now got about 100 bolts of fabric in the shop...lots of civil war prints, some really great old Thimbleberries, nice blenders and historical prints...just good stuff! Regular price per yard is $9.00... our price is $7.95 per yard (wow girls get 10% off!). Through Thanksgiving weekend I'll be offering these fabrics to our regular customers for $6.95...don't forget to mention this if you come in!

Other goodies new this weekend...
* 20 count brown cord silicone lights...$9.95 per strand
* Little star silicone pop-ons...these pop onto your regular miniature lights...$.95 cents each
* 24" german twig trees...$14.95

* Lots of new punchneedle patterns!
* New Christmas wool applique patterns
* New wool pillows (just take them home and enjoy...you don't have to make it!)

I'll be working on kits all this next week...I'll let yall know what all gets finished for next weekend!

Oh, and speaking of next weekend...don't forget, we will be open the Friday after Thanksgiving...and with bunches of new stuff coming in for that weekend to boot!

I think that about does it for tonight's update! It is going to be beautiful this weekend and the vendors were in full force setting up outside today...can't wait to go digging out there at bit!
There are two good shows going on out at the fairgrounds as well...The Women's Club Antique Show is going on over in the Scott building...and for the guys, there's the Dixie Gun and Knife Show...a little something for everyone!

Yall take care and have a great weekend!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Finally.....A new post!

Finally...a little bit of a new update! Hopefully by next week, we'll be humming back along with a really good update complete with pictures of some of the new goods in the shop! But for now, I have to keep this short and sweet...mainly because I'm using "dial-up" service to connect to the internet and trying to load a picture is next to impossible! (Did we really use dial-up way back when???)

First, let me say...we are back open (YEA!) after being closed for the month of October for the State Fair. I've been in Texas now for nearly three weeks (family medical emergency with my Mom) so I missed the whole ordeal of putting the shop back together and being there for opening weekend. Poor Shawn has been worked to death...but between him and some very helpful friends (you know who you are!!), everything went pretty smooth and if everything goes well, I'll be home on Friday and will be in the shop this coming weekend! I'm hoping I won't have to come back to Texas for a few weeks...so I'll be busy catching up making Christmas and winter kits, dying wool, and getting the Settler's Pride and "Maiden" blocks done and out to all you girls doing those Block-of-the-Month projects! Just try and bear with me while I catch everyone up!

We did receive the new holiday issue of "A Primitive Place" magazine...after the first weekend, we have one copy left. BUT..it is on re-order and we should have some more in very soon!

Also...Jill Peterson's new book, "Homecoming" came in...there are just a few copies left. But I am re-ordering that as well! And..her winter edition of "Simple Life" magazine is now at the shop...great stuff!

Christmas merchandise is in at the shop...with lots more coming over the next couple of weeks!! I have some wonderful things made by Vicki Wallace coming in this weekend...she does beautiful primitive work and her handcrafted dolls never last long! (I can't wait to get home and see what she has for us!)

Shawn has been doing to some great antique buying over the last month...I'll try and get a list up tomorrow of some of the items...several crocks and jugs, a red/white/blue jacquard coverlet, some great little benches, measures, etc...just to name a few of the things...and all at great prices!

I've got approximately 30+ bolts of fabric coming in this weekend..lots of great civil war fabrics...all at a great price! Once I get home, I'll get pictures up over on the website for anyone long distance wanting to order!

Well...so much for short and sweet! I'll try and get a better list of some of our new things up on the blog tomorrow...but for now, time to watch a little Conan and then off to bed!

Yall take care...Lisa