Friday, April 30, 2010

Lots of New Goodies at the shop!

Evening to all...just a quick post tonight...lots of new things in the shop this weekend and I thought I better get the pictures up before I go to up early this morning with a long list of things that had to get done...I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to last tonight!

We got in our order of Old Fashioned Milk Paint if you've been waiting for that to come's here!
We're also putting the Old Century Colors on sale for $12.75/quart...that's a 25% savings and a great price for that paint!

Shawn got one of the furniture pieces that he was working on finished this's a picture before it got decorated....and after...

It's really a great piece...sooo many uses...tons of storage underneath! This is an early 1800's piece, mortise & tenon construction...nice early square nails...$395.00

Here's a picture of some of the other items coming in this weekend...really great OLD red/white/blue quilt...nice early calicos with an early red homespun stripe on the back...there are some wear issues around the edges, but it is a great quilt to fold and put in a cupboard or hang on a would make a great table quilt for a 4th of July celebration...$60 (SOLD)

This picture has several things coming in...
REALLY nice and early burgandy and blue calico quilt...dang near perfect...the burgandy is deeper than it looks in the picture..really nice old homespun backing...$125.00(SOLD)
Great early field gathering basket...split oak with nice heavy runners on the old shot bag repair in the bottom (inside the basket)...$48
Creamy yellow primitive hanging shelf...lots of neat uses...$39.95
6 spot candle mold...nice and early with the age we like to see...$45
Early covered book dated 1896 (on the little prim shelf)..."The Adventures of a Brownie"...covered in age appropriate early brown calico fabric...really sweet and a great addition if you collect old covered books...$15

A big tin sign order came in today as we are well stocked on those!

Don't forget...Mother's Day is next weekend! We have lots of things that Mom would gift certificates in any amount are available!

We hope everyone has a great weekend...come see us if you get the chance!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Let the Garage Sale Begin!

Finally getting the items that need to find a new home over on our selling blog! I will admit, it has taken me all afternoon just to get the books up...yikes! But more is coming so please check our selling blog from time to time during the week!(The link is located over to the right...)

Back to taking pictures!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Been up since 4am!

OMG! My entire body is screaming at me...we've been up since 4am...heading to Liberty for the day to do some shopping! Great day for it though....nice and cool most of the day...the rain stayed away and the kettle corn (which is the best I've ever had) kept me from passing out from hunger!

Lots of goodies are coming in...some for only one weekend! I took pictures of some of the items...

4 great hog scrapers...the man who had these did a really nice job refinishing the wood handles...$8 each (a great price if you've been looking for these for make-do bases!)(3 left so far....)
Extremely RARE 19th century hand-made miniature wallpaper box in excellent condition. Probably Pennsylvania dutch. As is typical with this type of box, it is lined with period newsprint. You almost never see the really small ones and the wallpaper used was just a fantastic choice! This little jewel will be in the shop for one weekend...then it's going in our collection if no one takes it home. $350.00(GONE)

Wallpaper decorated document box...with tray. Dates 1870's-1890's...very unusual to find one of these with a flat top...most are dome topped. Looks great in a stack of old boxes/trunks...$48.00

Early to mid 19th century document box in original black paint...great square brad construction with its' original hinges..a really nice one to add to your collection...$75

Very Early 19th century (circa 1800) hand forged wrought iron double grease (or betty) lamp with original carrying handle/hanging hook and wick tool. The double betty lamps are hard to find...this one has unique punched decoration as well as the makers initials punched into the weekend in the shop, then it's mine to keep! We priced the ones we saw at Liberty...the single ones were going for the price we are asking on the double lamp...$175.00(SOLD)

Very early (mid to late 18th century) 4 spout grease lamp...also very hard to come by...with its original hand forged hanging chain. This one also features nice hand punched decoration...$175.00 (GONE)
Two really nice pantry boxes are coming in...the big one is easier to see in the above photo...really nice patina on both...nice and heavy...$90 for the large one, $70 for the smaller one...
4 great (but not old) blue civil war fabric covered boxes...the gal who did these did a really nice job of making them look good and old...$65 for the set
Really nice and OLD tin comb mirror with original blue paint...I can think of a million places this could go! Great look...late 19th century piece...$30 (SOLD)
Really nice and early bird cookie cutter...larger than most...with a great shape! $25

Really nice wooden tote...square nail constuction with 4 compartments...lots of uses for this size! $75.00
English bread board...great condition...these things bring a ton of money on ebay! $40 (SOLD)
Very cute early tin scoop...$15
Extremely rare mid 1800's pair of matching treen plates. You usually see bowls, trenchers, etc...but the plates are very hard to find. These measure about 9" in diameter (they're a little out-of-round due to their age)...$100 each (SOLD)

Things that didn't make it into the pictures...

A very large mid to late 18th century pewter has damage to one side...but would still display nicely in with other pewter pieces. Due to the damage, the price is $75...15" in diameter. (GONE)
Very awesome Swifts Sausage wooden shipping crate...GREAT old pig design on both ends! $65 (and worth every dime once you see that pig!)

There will be more antique pieces coming in for next weekend!

Also in this weekend...we are re-stocked on the silicone bulbs in both sizes and wattages!

AND...for you girls working on projects using wool...60+ pieces of hand dyed wool in some very awesome colors will be in on Saturday! I dyed for 3 days this week and I've got some great colors to show for it! Plus, don't forget, I'm throwing a bunch of my recycle wool on sale!!

That's it for's time to crawl into bed! Have a great weekend and come see us!


Friday, April 16, 2010

A Quickie Post this week....

Friday greetings to all...this is a short post this week...can't believe it's already Friday, but it is! Block #4 of the Settler's Pride quilt is ready to picked up by those of you that come in and get it...just about everyone else's has been mailed (if we're not waiting on payment...)
We picked up several new things for the shop this week...but none of it's ready to come in just yet...still cleaning, painting, finishing, etc...

I did lots of dying...for various projects...and they are all in various stages...I'm working on a couple of new models that I want to kit...can't see them just yet...maybe in a couple of days!
Some new wool is coming in...more for sure next week as I want to "re-vamp" the wool shelves at the I am throwing a bunch of stuff ON SALE this weekend!!

Weather should be beautiful...come and see us if you get the chance!!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A new week...and new stuff!! (updated Friday)

I'll have lots of new stuff to show this week...I plan to put up a bunch of the stuff I'm purging from my studio! So be looking for the online garage sale to begin soon!
Just a couple of last minute "adds" to this weeks goodies coming in for the weekend...

Aren't these some of the most wonderful pincushions/boxes ever!! This is a small sampling of what I just picked up and will be bringing in this weekend...every one is different and every one is a treasure to itself! All signed and dated by the artist...and extremely reasonably priced! What a great gift for a quilting friend!

We also are bringing in some wonderful old coin silver...all at great prices if you are a collector. And also in is a fantastic 8' long bench...dated from around 1750. A great North Carolina find. We're pricing it at $195.00 for a couple of weekends...after that, if we still have it, the price will go up to more of what it's really worth. (SOLD)

All of my Easter bunnies and Spring kits will be on sale over the next two weekends...20% off...

Yesterday (Thursday) I had to stop working on shop stuff and do yard stuff before the rains came in...I hurt so bad right now I can hardly move! We only got the front yard done...but it's landscaped like this from one side to the other...after 50 bales of pinestraw and one very surprized mama cardinal, I've put so much icy hot on me I've just about been overcome by the fumes!

Last weekend I brought my model in of "The Memory Tree" and immediately sold out of the more back in so they will be at the shop this model is framed and worked on overdyed sandcastle...a really fun pattern to do and so easy to personalize!

Back in stock...Jill Peterson's two books, "Homestead" and "The Settlement" are back in! $36.00 each and if you need them shipped, visit our website...I have them there available with FREE media mail shipping!

The new Early American Life Magazine (for June 2010) arrived today! (My post lady was a busy woman today...lots of stuff on my porch!). Some great articles in this one...a very interesting article on antique wallet photos, Ice Cream in Colonial times, restoring a Virginia estate, Colonial Santa Fe, the "White Horse" Tavern in Newport, RI, Preserving forgotten breeds of farm animals that are nearly extinct, Sport Fishing in Early America, Early personal lighting, plus much more! $4.95 per issue. (These are also located over on the website.)

Here's a fun new pattern I just got in...two of my favorite things in one picture...crocks and flags! If you're not "digging" the colors...I'm laying my version out on my work table now...I think it's going to be "killer" when its done. Maybe this would be a fun July class!! $9.95 for the pattern...

Back in stock...a really GREAT punchneedle book...well worth the price as it has 40 full sized patterns in it..."Punchneedle Embroidery" by Barbara Kemp and Margaret Shaw. When this book first came out, it was in hard-back for $ is now in soft cover for $15.00! Same great book...just $10 cheaper! You can't beat this deal...especially if you've seen Margaret's individual patterns...they usually sell for $17 and up! Each pattern in the book is shown in color...but the actual black & white drawing is also in the book...making it great for rug hooking or wool applique if you want to adjust the size!

It's always fun when the UPS man shows up at my door...yesterday he brought me lots of great british wools...all perfect for over-dying (which I'm doing right now with soon!) and today he brought me a great box of fabric & patterns! I got back in that great green/red Marcus Brothers Civil War fabric (that we had sold out of) along with a really pretty dark brown pinwheel civil war print from that same collection.

PLUS...we now have Sandcastle back in!! (I didn't take a picture of that). I'll have it in the shop this weekend...I'll overdye some and leave some has a wonderful quilted texture and is FANTASTIC for wool project background!

The latest edition of Wool Street Journal came over the weekend...yoohoo! Several copies are on our website if you need to order and have shipped...the rest are at the shop! If you need me to hold you one...let me know as I doubt if we reorder...

In this issue...there is a free pattern for a hooked doll called Tommy Dave, a free pattern called "Midnight in the Garden" by Flew the Coop (great punchneedle project), a hooked purse pattern called "Just Right Purse", an article on dying with flowers, and a drawing suitable for hooking or applique called "Water Gently". (Plus a plethera of advertisers!) $8.95 per copy

That's it for this week!

Til later...Lisa