Monday, August 27, 2012

(updated Friday evening...)

We're off and running this Monday already!

Tons of new patterns are coming in this week and I'm dying wool for the next couple of days to get a head start before they arrive!

I can't remember who it was now, but one of my customers asked me if we had a copy of JoAnn Mullaly's book "Crazy for Home"...which was the 2nd sort of wool crazy book that she did. Well..I had two here at the house that we were holding for internet orders...but I can let them go now. So I'm taking them to the shop either tonight or tomorrow...if you need one...just email me and I'll put one back for you!
"Crazy at Home"
2 copies left!! $24.95

Also...I have several new back issues of Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine...
there are 4 of the Summer 2012 issue, one of the Winter 2011 issue, and one of the Spring 2012 issue. If you're looking for any of these...they'll be at the shop and on sale for $6 each!

(Tuesday evening)



Time...10a - 2p (or whenever you want to leave...we're there til 6p!)

The Classroom is yours for the day...and there is always Coffee, Cold Drinks, and Chocolate!
(Plus Teri always brings something tasty along too!


I'm heading into the shop a little later to drop off piles of WONDERFUL FALL WOOLS!!
Oh my kitchen looks like a fall explosion of color....lots of textured pumpkin shades, luscious greens, browns and even a few blues right now....
I'm trying to get through the rest of the colors tomorrow so we'll be well stocked when all of our new fall wool patterns arrive (which should be any day)!!! Come by and take a look!

(Friday night...)

Wow...this week has flown is the rest of what's new in the shop for this week....

First off...SOME of the Valdani order showed up today....can we all say....well, it's about time!!!
Here are the colors we received...P1 (Old Brick), P3 (Aged white medium), P5 (tarnished gold), P6 (Rusted Orange), P7 (Withered Blue), P11 (Aged Black) and 0510 (Terra Cotta Twist).
From what I could tell, it looks like another batch will ship next week....I'll keep you posted! But in the meantime...if anyone is in need of any of these..just let me know and I'll pull them for ya!

Two great antique pieces were added today....

Mid to late  1800's one door cupboard...all hand-planed poplar with square nail construction
Great square feet with scalloped apron front. Fantastic storage on the inside!

Wake County, NC bucket bench circa 1850
Original white paint, pegged base and square nail construction 
Made of heart pine...this baby is heavy and sturdy!
Perfect to fill full of crocks!

We got in the two new Country Stitches patterns, "Witch Pumpkin" and "On Pins and Pumpkins"...if you were on the list to call...we'll be calling ya tomorrow!


Also, we received the "Autumn Gatherings" book by Primitive Gatherings back in! $26.95 (WOW price is $24.25)...A Great book and hard to find!!

There is one opening that came available for Vickie's class on Sunday....the Fall Twister project. If anyone wants to jump in...just shout!

We got back in some of the great orange fabrics from Jo Morton's line "Carolina"....thought we better grab them one last time before they are gone for good!
AND...when I talked to our fabric rep today....he told us Jo's new line..."Leesburg" is in the warehouse and should be shipping SOON! Yea!! New Jo fabric coming!!

We're still waiting on a huge box of new wool patterns to arrive...I'm crossing my fingers for first of next week...cuz with all that dying I did the last few days...I'm ready for them to show up so we can get some models made!

And speaking of all will have to come by and see the fantastic bee skep fireplace screen that Evette did from the new Maggie Bonanomi book...A Day at Sunnybrook. It's on loan at the shop for a while and we'll definitely be making kits and doing a class on this project. It is stunning to say the least!

I think that's it for tonight....have a safe Labor Day holiday weekend...and come see us if you get the chance! We'll be open Sat. from 10a - 6p and Sunday from 1p - 5p!

Until next week....Lisa

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Monday to all! (updated Saturday morning 8/25)

We've had  a great opening week at the new shop...lots of new people stopping in, which is always fun...lots of our regulars coming by to see the new place. I really appreciate all the wonderful comments we have received, and the girls working at the shop can't wait to get more fun stuff going!

The local quilt shop hop is just about a month away, and even though we are not on the official list of shops participating, we are right on the route between two of the shops and we'll be having a big ol' party here during the entire 5 day event! Be looking for details on all of that a little closer to shop hop time!

I've got a few updates already today to share....

New Hardcover Book by Jill Peterson
"Fragments" - due out in September
$28.00 (WOW price $25.20)
(List going for those who would like a copy!)

(This edition is featuring Maggie Bonanomi's home!)
Email me if you want on the hold list for this one!
$8.95 for the issue (WOW price $8.05)

Two new cross stitch patterns by Country Stitches
(these should ship next week)

"On Pins & Pumpkins"
$9.95 (WOW price $8.95)
This is worked on 40 ct. linen 
(We've got the 40 ct Parchment from Weeks in stock which will work 
great for this!)

"Witch Pumpkin"
$9.95 (WOW price $8.95)
Worked on 35 ct Abecedarian..which we have in stock!

If you need any of these new items held or shipped...just let us know! More coming in all week check back for new updates!

**Please note....we have decided to be open every Sunday from 1:00p - 5:00p at the new shop!


Trying to stay on top of all the merchandise coming in this week!

Arrived late yesterday....

September/October issue of Rug Hooking Magazine
$9.95 per copy (WOW price $8.95)
(Some fun dye formulas in this issue!)

We also received our first batch of the Civil War Anniversary books that you'll need if you're signed up to do our Civil War BOM...which will start in OCTOBER now. (We had such a huge response to this project, that we now have to wait for the bolts to arrive before we can cut the kits!) If you're on the list for the project, and want to get your book early...just let me know!

(Friday night)

One last update before the weekend is upon us! We had a great "pick" today from a local estate...if you love decorating with antique crocks & might want to come see what we brought in today! Here is just a sneak peek of some of the collection we bought...all great pieces...nothing terribly expensive, but lots with great decoration!

Thank heavens the shop has a kitchen so we could pretty them up before they hit the floor! Lots of signed pieces, including two great Peter Herrmann preserve jars (one of them is a 5 gallon size!)

We got a HUGE box of fall and christmas punchneedle patterns in today as well! We are now well stocked for the holidays!

September Wordplay finally arrived...

 This is the final one in the series...$8.95 for the pattern...(WOW price $8.05)

And this cute pattern from Pineberry Lane arrived...just in time to get one done for christmas!

Merry Christmas Hanging Sampler...$10.95 (WOW price $9.85)

AND...Teri just brought in the sample for an adorable small fall quilt called "Hints of Fall" by Buttermilk is what the pattern looks like... it cute in person or what??!! We're cutting the kits now, and if you want just the pattern, we've got that too! (I'll put a picture up of the model in the next day or so!)

Two upcoming classes that we still have a little room in....

Fall Twister hosted by Vickie Wallace

"Talking Heads" hosted by Vickie Wallace

I'll post up the dates on these upcoming classes...I just realized my calendar is at the shop!

** For the WOW girls wanting wool as their treat this month...the August wool is at the shop!! (It's been ready for a couple of weeks...I just forgot to tell yall!)

(Saturday morning....)

If anyone needs better pics of any of the crocks...let me know!  We've sold 8 of them already this morning!!

We have a beginning cross stitch class on Tuesday...if anyone would like to jump in, please let us know! It's a really fun class making little halloween ornaments (or pins)!

Class is Tuesday, August 28th from 1p - 4p
Cost is $30 (for everything you need!)

That's it for now...we'll be updating at the beginning of the week as new goodies arrive!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

What an incredible weekend! (Updated Friday night)

Hello to all....

Well, we made it through our grand opening weekend......and what a wonderful time we all had!
I'd like to personally thank each and every one of our friends and customers that took the time to come and support us...we received so many great comments and well wishes on our new location....we wanted this shop to feel like home when you walk through the door, and from the response we received...I think we accomplished our goal! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

I'll have to admit, I'm terrible on taking pictures...but I did snap a few shots before we opened the doors Friday night for our WOW Preview Party...if you didn't get a chance to come over the is a little of what the shop looks like...(I forgot some of the rooms, and some of the pics turned out you'll have to come out and see it all for yourself!)

(This is turning out to be the husband's waiting area!)

Part of the stitchery room

Part of our front room heading into the quilting area

Wool patterns and books upstairs in our wool room

These two pictures are from the middle living area
just outside the stitchery room

Part of the kitchen section...on the other end is the kitchen
and coffee bar (always a fresh pot brewed!)

Sadly, the picture I took of our Halloween and Fall display came out all blurry...but there are still lots of great things left with more coming over the next couple of weeks!

Here is a picture of the model for this Saturday's Sweet Summer Time Mat class...hosted by Teri Berrier...I "tweeked" the colors just a bit from the original pattern...turned out great! There a couple of spots left in the class...let us know if you'd like to jump in! (Also...if you'd like to purchase just the pattern and/or kit...let me know...I want to make sure we have plenty on hand!)

Class time is this Saturday...from 1p - 4p!!

Oh my's past my bedtime for sure....more info on new stuff coming in this week a little later!

But for now....thank you all again for supporting the new shop....come hang out with us anytime!

(Monday morning)

Time to make a quick update! We've got some great new patterns arriving this week...

September Wordplay...$8.95 (WOW price $8.05)
This is the final month of the year long series!
If you're missing any of the months and you want to get them, let me 
know and we can get them for you!

"Tansy and Yarrow" by Pineberry Lane
New Sampler pattern with three pinkeeps
$11.95 (WOW price $10.75)

**For you girls that have been buying the thimble purse patterns....we have the G-S Hypo Cement coming...which is what Country Stitches used to put her purse together. It has a long thin needle like tip for precision gluing. The tube will run around $7.00 and we should have in by this coming weekend....if you need me to hold you one...just email me or call the shop and let me know!


Just wanted to let everyone know that the hypo cement glue arrived and is in stock!

A few new bolts of Civil War by Marcus Brothers arrived the other day along with 3 colors of their dyed those are back in stock!

Also got a few new bolts from Jo Morton's "Best Friends" line...I'll try and post up pictures of those a little later....

E Pluribus Unum pattern came in...cute!! $9.95 for the pattern (WOW!)

**Since we have a class on Sunday afternoon...WE WILL BE OPEN FROM 1:00 - 5:00pm!!
So if you want (or need) to come see us...come on down!

Have a great weekend...Lisa

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ready for opening!!

SATURDAY 10a - 6p
SUNDAY 1p - 5p

Happy Friday to everyone....this is one Friday that I really am glad to say TGIF!!

Just a quick note before I head over to the new shop...we open tomorrow at 10a!

I'll take pictures and post up later....still a few last minute details to work out...but I did want to mention...

We got in several of the new fall issues of magazines and books....

A Primitive Place ($8.95)
Early American Homes ($5.99)
Early Homes ($4.99)
Judy Condon's new book, "Autumn Harvest" ($24.95)

Also...Need'Love's new Threads book...."Garden Gate Threads" arrived a couple of days ago...great stuff in that! $24.95 (WOW price is $$23.50)

This is our "official" Fall Open House...and you should see our Halloween looks like a fall explosion for sure!! Ken Hardee's gourds are plentiful...but they will go come early for the best selection!

(Please make note...because this is our grand opening weekend....we will not be open at our fairgrounds location on Saturday.)

Time for us to run...last minute details, don't ya know!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tick Tock..... (updated Sunday August 5th)

Time is quickly passing....we'll be opening the new shop real Saturday! Yikes!

Here is some of the models for upcoming classes for August and September...

Fall Twister class
A variation of the mini twister pattern Primitive Gatherings
$15 class fee and $25 kit fee
Taught by Vickie Wallace
Offered: Tuesday, August 14, 1-5p
Sunday, September 2, 1-5
October date coming

"Talking Heads"
Pumpkin and Scarecrow heads for your holiday dough bowl!
A great class to learn how to paint, sand, and distress!
$15 class fee and $24 kit fee
Taught by Vickie Wallace
Two sessions each class:
Sept 9 & 16 (Sundays) 2-4p
October 2 & 9 (Tuesdays) 2-4p

Beginning Cross Stitch
If you're wanting to learn, this will be a great class to get your feet wet with!
If you're already a stitcher, this will just be a fun class to make
some little halloween ornaments!
$15 Class fee and $20 kit fee
Taught by Vickie Wallace
August 28 (Tuesday) 1-4p
September 23 (Sunday) 1-4p
October 16 (Tuesday) 1-4p

Civil War Block of the Month
Featuring the new line of civil war fabric by Barbara Brackman
for Moda Fabrics..."Metropolitan Fair"
("The Civil War Anniversary Quilts" book is required)
Starting in August...get two blocks a month for $5
There will be a short meeting each month with door prizes given out when you pick up
your next set of blocks
At the end of the 12 months, everyone will get 
together to put their quilts together!
The fun begins August 25 (Saturday)!!

Sweet Summer Time Wool project
I've changed the colors just a bit...the model will be ready 
soon! We'll be offering this class twice in August
Class fee $25 and kit fee of $40
Taught by Terri Berrier
August 18 (Saturday) 1-4p
August 30 (Thursday) 1-4p

Frame Painting Class
(picture coming soon!)
Learn how to paint and distress an 8x10 frame! Bring a completed project from home
suitable for a 5x7 opening and at the end of the class you'll have a project
ready to take home and display!
Class fee $15 and kit fee of $15
Taught by Vickie Wallace
August 19 (Sunday) 1-5p
September 11 (Tuesday) 1-5p

Beginning Rug Hooking
Learn the basics of traditional rug hooking with Lisa
Very easy to learn and do!
Class fee $15 and kit fee of $40
Taught by Lisa Kilgore
August 26 (Sunday) 1-5p
September 23 (Sunday) 1-5p
There will be frames available to use in class, no purchase is needed
ahead of time.

I'll be posting pictures of the beginning quilt project up later this weekend...and I'll be giving yall all the dates and times for these classes as well as our two fun stitching groups, pin-cushion club, and rug hooking group!
All of the models for the classes will be at the shop in Fuquay this upcoming weekend!

(Monday...Aug. 6th...5 days and counting....)

Meet The Teachers
Sunday August 12th 2-4pm

Come meet the teachers for the August-September Classes!
Sign up for a class and receive 10% off your supplies
(WOW members get 15% off)
Shop hours for this Sunday only will be from 1p - 5pm