Friday, July 27, 2012

The Storm before the Calm....

Greetings yall....thought I better start the update this afternoon in case I fall out later this evening from exhaustion!

We got a few new goodies in this week that I'll bring in... for this weekend only...and then they'll be heading over to the new location...

Hilda's Holiday Brew
by Sandy Gervais
Price...$8.95 (WoW price $8.05)

This is a really cute holiday pattern and we do have the brown ticking and the 22ct. fine ariosa in stock that is needed to do this project!

The little thimble purses from Country Stitches finally arrived and you need to read this next part carefully....these are Limited Edition patterns/kit and I'm not exactly sure when....but there will be a point in time that these will no longer be available because of the availability of the clasps. So if you're thinking you really want one of these...act fast! They are awesome!! (These are worked on 40 ct. linen...we have the 40 ct. confederate gray in stock from Weeks Dye Works...which would work great for these!)

Thimble purses...5 different designs...comes with one purse clasp in each pattern...$12.95
(WOW price $11.65)

The next installment of "Loose Feathers" by Blackbird Designs arrived this week! Remember, we are selling these individually, so you are not required to purchase all of the club patterns....

"Sarah's House" by Blackbird Designs
$15.95 (WOW price $14.35)

Here's a picture of the back of the pattern...showing the antique sampler that inspired the projects in this booklet....

We are sold out of the August Word Play pattern right now...but should get them soon...I'll let you know when they arrive!


It's time to start moving over the rest of the patterns, flosses and wool after this weekend!! Grand opening is just around the corner!

And speaking of Grand openings....

Grand Opening for our new location in Fuquay will be Saturday, August 11th from 10a - 6p, and Sunday, August 12th from 12p - 5p!
Class models will be up at the shop when we open that Saturday, and Sunday will be our "Meet the Teachers" day! If you come in on Sunday and sign up for a class (or classes), we will offer special discounts on the materials! So mark your calendar!!
Address for the new shop is over on the right hand side bar....and the phone is now working!

And on a final note....this chapter has rug is officially done...finally bound and ready to hang (or walk on). You can't imagine how glad I am to be moving on to another project soon...but I will say, she is a beauty and will be hanging in the least for a while!

That's it for now! Try and stay cool and come see us if you get the chance!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday once again....

Yikes, it's Friday again and I'm just now updating the the blog...

The shop over in Fuquay is coming along...but we've hit a couple of road blocks and last night we made the decision that we'd have to push the grand opening weekend forward a week to

 Saturday, August 11th...

A couple of days ago...we walked upstairs and found the ceiling in the wool room almost ready to come down and water dripping from the light fixture...come to find out, it was the emergency drip pan above in the attic and now we are getting an entire new air conditioning unit for the upstairs. That's all happening next week sometime. So until that is done and the repairs are all made, we can't get anything going's like an oven up there!

On the lighter side...merchandise is showing up almost daily and all of the fabric bolts and shelves will be in by later today!
So there are no more bolts of fabric and misc. fat quarters at the fairgrounds! In two weeks, we'll be moving the floss, patterns and wool if you're needing something right've got a little more time!

One thing that did come in this week is Maggie Bonanomi's new book, "A Day at Sunny Brook" word description here....FANTASTIC!!

19 projects in all....$26.95
(WOW price $24.25)

Here is a picture of the contents page...(that background picture is part of the bee skep fireplace screen...we'll do that for sure as a class/kit!)

(Friday evening...)

Meant to tell yall...we received our 2nd batch of "In the Meadow" books by Blackbird Designs. If you missed out last weekend and still want to see (or buy) one..they'll be in the shop this weekend!

That's it for right now...have a great weekend!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Time is flying!! (updated Friday evening...)

I'm not sure where this month has gone already....but we're still shooting for the first weekend of August to have the new shop in Fuquay Varina open!

The fabric shelves will be going in this weekend (yea!) and we'll be starting to move the fabric and some of the supplies over after this weekend. If there is anything you need...let me know!

In the are some of the new goodies that just came in!

 August Word Play by Country Stitches
$8.95 (WOW price $8.05)
It's finally here!

New from Blackbird Designs!
Fantastic new book - 8 projects in all!
$26.96 (WOW price $24.25)

New from Pineberry Lane!
$11.95 (WOW price 10.75)
Worked on 30 ct. Beige Weeks linen
(which we should have in this weekend!)

Back in stock! Great miniature quilt projects
by Primitive Gatherings
$19.95 (WOW price $17.95)

AWESOME NEW book by Quiltmania
featuring Heart to Hand Artist, Kathi Campbell!
These wool projects are fantastic in this new book!
$39.95 (WOW price $36.00)

 Also new from Quiltmania!
Beautiful scrap quilts throughout!
$39.95 (WOW price $36.00)

From Stacy Nash...Pine Tree Farm
$9.95 (WOW price $8.95)
Worked on 30 ct. Putty linen from Weeks

Back in stock....

Simple Charm by Kim Diehl

Coming in next week!

New from Maggie Bonanomi...
Another great book full of wool and stitchery projects!
$26.95 (WOW price $24.25)
Email me to pre-order this book!

Friday evening...

Just a couple of more things...we have for this weekend...30 ct. hand dyed linen in beige (finally!), confederate gray and a limited edition color that we're calling cocoa-mocha, which is a lightly mottled version of those two colors combined.... and a great color!

Also...After a year of waiting...Rigby sent us wool cutters and I have one right now still available.
It's the Model D machine...2 heads...and you can customize it just about any way you want! We usually stock these with a #6 and #8 head. They've gone up a little in price, but still way cheaper than the Bee-line Townsend or Boliver...this one runs $300.

That's it for tonight and this week! Have a great weekend and come see us if you get the chance!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


(Updates coming later in the week!)