Tuesday, February 28, 2012

(Updated Friday, March 2nd)

Here we are...another week closer to Spring...and my yard is screaming at me to come and spruce it up a bit! I really need a 40 hour day...then maybe I could get everything done!

I've got some fun stuff in already for this coming weekend....our candle order came in yesterday from Black Crow...complete with some new tart flavors! The new issue of Mary Janes Farm arrivied...$4.99 for the issue....and our order of Templar plastic from Heirloon Stitches came in...6 sheets to the pack for $15.00.

We have two new punchneedle patterns...$11.95 each.

The new "April Wordplay" pattern is here...$8.95 for the pattern...

And two other new cross stitch patterns that were just released at the Nashville show last weekend..."Peter and Peep"...$9.95 (this was done on 22 ct. fine ariosa linen...which we have and it's very reasonably priced!)

"House of Blues"...$9.95

I've had several requests for different colors of 28ct linen...so we'll have 8 colors to choose from coming in for the weekend. In the Cashel 28 ct, we'll have "Dirty Linen", "Summer Khaki", "Natural", "Flax", "Vintage Country Mocha", "Light Mocha", "Clay", and "Black". I'll put pictures up of all the colors over on our selling site as soon as they arrive in the next couple of days.

(Wednesday..."Leap Day!")

Our cross stitch supplies arrived today and all the new patterns are here! The new Blackbird Designs book, "For My Friend", is in there as well...and it is NICE! Some of the copies are already spoken for...if you need one for sure and haven't reserved one yet, now is the time to do that! You won't be dissapointed!! $26.95 (WOW price $24.25)

Also, if you are a fan of Carriage House Samplings cross stitch patterns, they have a new one that we received today..."Shaw, A Quaker Reproduction". Pattern price is $7.00 (WOW price is $6.30)...all done is wonderful old blues, grays and golds!

Sadly, we didn't get all the colors of Cashel that we ordered....they'll be here soon...but we did receive the "Natural", "Black", and "Vintage Country Mocha". These are all 28 count and very reasonably priced...$17 for a quarter yard...$8.50 for a fat 1/8th.

Also in...the 7"/9" Morgan combo lap hoops...$39.95 each...fantastic for cross stitch and punchneedle projects!

I know more's coming tomorrow...maybe the model of Barbara Brackman's Battle Hymn quilt will arrive...Dori (Sue's mom) worked tirelessly to get that done for the shop and I can't wait for yall to see it!

Two new cross stitch patterns that debuted at the Nashville market last weekend by Stacy Nash are coming...they MIGHT make it for the shop Sunday....

Summer Gathering Pinkeep, slipper and Strawberry...$13.95 (WOW price $12.55)

Grace Bridges Sampler...$17.95 (WOW price $16.15)

(Friday evening)

One last update before tomorrow...

Our timed grungy tapers came in today and will be in the shop for the weekend! We have two sizes...4" and 6"...and they are timed to stay on for 8 hours and go off for 16 hours, automatially. Great for little nightlights!

Last weekend we put in our new star pillar timed candles...these are really great and we sold a ton of them! Two sizes available right now...come and see them if you get the chance!

Today, one of the very talented gals who creates things for the shop sent me a big box of bunnies....oh my gosh, it was all I could do not to the take them in for the weekend!
BUT you'll have to wait one more weekend...then Spring will be in bloom at the shop...so mark your calendar!

The new issue of Rug Hooking Magazine is here...$9.95!

Ok...I think that's it for now! Good stuff coming next week...table squares and placemats and fun yardage from Family Heirloom weavers, and lots of Spring treats... and bunnies!

(Update #2 for Friday)
I can't stand it...I'm going to have to bring in just a few bunnies in the morning!

(Saturday night update....)

Just in case anyone reads this...the two new Stacy Nash patterns came in today's mail and will be in the shop for Sunday! So if you're thinking you can't live another day with one of those........


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just the way the week should start! (UPDATED FRIDAY, 24th)

Well, we're starting off the week with a couple of new things to share!

The Spring issue of Mercantile Gatherings arrived on our doorstep today!! Some fun articles and several very sweet and easy bunny projects to do are in this issue!

$8.95 for the issue and worth every penny! (WOW girls get it for $8.05!)

If you missed my class schedule...it's in the last blog update and there will be a couple more that we'll be adding! I'll try and have paper copies for everyone to pick up by this weekend! Some of the classes are filled, so if you're really interested in taking any of the classes...please let me know!


UPS just delivered about 1/2 of his truck to us just a bit ago! So good things in store for the shop this weekend! Our punched tin tart warmers will be back in stock, some great tin lighting and wooden wall pieces, and our keeping cloth in both the brown and black stars are here again! Also, great springtime tinsel for your easter and bunny projects, wonderful cinnamon-vanilla flicker candle pillars wrapped in tin stars (2 sizes to choose from), and some other great prim things that you'll just have to come in and see for yourself!

Also...this great new book, by Schiffer Publishers, called "Civil War Quilts" just came and it is a spectacular book to say the least! The Author, Pam Weeks, is the curator for the New England Quilt Museum and she has done a beautiful job putting this book together! Over 170 color photos, it details 14 Civil War quilts and the women who created them. Wonderful stories throughout along with 45 historical patterns are also included. We didn't order a lot...so if you're wanting one...let me know!
Regular retail is $39.99. Our price is $34.95 (WOW price is $31.65)

(Friday evening....)

One last update before we send this out to all of our "regulars"...we've crammed the shop with lots of great prims for the weekend...

Attention WOW girls...the February wow wool is ready to be picked up!

Soooo....tell me what you think....

Let me know if you'd like to be a part of Jo's Little Women Club! Before I totally commit to Jo, I'd like to know if we have some real interest in the club.....
If we get enough interest, we'll start the club in March and details will be coming soon! We will definantly make it affordable, fun, and with treats along the way for the members!

That's it for now...gotta cut a little wool before the shop opens tomorrow...Have a great weekend and come see us if you get the chance!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Better Sit Down for this Update! (Updated Friday evening!!)

Happy Monday to all!

We're starting off the week just great! A Primitive Place and A Simple Life Magazine both showed up today! I flipped through them real quick...Omg...can't wait to sit down and actually pour over all the great articles and pictures!
They will both be in the shop for this weekend! $9.95 each...(WOW price is $8.95)
If you need one shipped...just let me know!

Coming soon...Blackbird Design's new book..."For My Friend"!! Details coming as soon as I know more!


Just unloaded a box of new wools for the shop....this is what I call Wool Heaven!!
Some of these will get dyed...but some will just get washed and put out in all of their natural glory! More coming too!


The UPS man and our mail lady were both here at the same time today...delivering more goodies for the weekend!

Here is a new cross stitch pattern..."Mansion House at Fox Hollow". Done on 30ct linen...which we have lots of colors to choose from!

Also in that box was some more of the Cashel linen in "Flax"...28 count....beautiful color! Would look great for the Mansion House project!

We just received a note that the Spring issues of Mercantile Gatherings have been shipped...let me know if you need to be on the list for one! ($8.95 per issue...WOW price is $8.05)

Our mail lady also just left us the new Spring issue of Early Homes magazine! Looking good! $5.00 for the issue (WOW price is $4.50)

(Friday evening)

Well here it is Friday...and I finally have put a class schedule together! Can you believe it??? (I hope you didn't black out from the shock!!) I'll get it in a more permanent place over the weekend and I'll have schedules that you can pick up at the shop as well...If you are interested in a class...email me and I'll send better details...I'm going to keep it short and sweet right here tonight...

Beginning Punchneedle
Learn a great needlecraft art...punchneedle embroidery! Very mindless and fast to do and VERY easy to learn!! In this class, you'll learn the basics of this craft in the first half of the class and then move on to a fun Spring project...a rather dapper rabbit...just in time for Easter! Class and kit fee...$30 (Needles will be provided in class for you to use and you may purchase one at that time at a discount!)
March 11 (Sunday) 1:00p - 4:00p
March 29 (Thursday) 1:00p - 4:00p
April 11 (Wednesday) 1:00p - 4:00p

Beginning Rug Hooking
Learn the technique of traditional rug hooking in this beginning class. You'll begin a small project in this session which you will be able to finish after class at your leisure. I'll have various hooks and frames for you to try and use during class...and will be available for purchase during the class as well.
Class and kit fee...$55.00 (does not include hoop, but these will be available at clas)
March 25 (Sunday) 12:00p - 4:30p
April 29 (Sunday) 12:00p - 4:30p

Fabric Covered Boxes
Back by popular demand...come learn all the tricks in creating beautiful fabric covered boxes in this fun 1 session class. Very easy to do and very addictive as well! All you need to bring are scissors...everything else will be provided!
Class and kit fee...$30
March 8 (Thursday) 1:00p - 4:00p
April 15 (Sunday) 1:00p - 4:00p

The Memory Tree
Spend the afternoon creating your very own Memory Tree. We'll have a pattern to follow, but you'll be able to customize your tree with very little effort, if you'd like! Basic sewing skills are needed for this class. Everything is included in the class...
Class and kit fee...$30 (deduct $8 if you already have the pattern)
March 21 (Wednesday) 12:00p - 4:00p
April 26 (Thursday) 12:00p - 4:00p
May 6 (Sunday) 12:00p - 4:00

I'd like to get a hooking group together...about once a month...let me know what you think about that!
Right now, all classes will be held at my home studio..email me for details.

Come by the shop to see samples of the classes...plus I'll be putting those pictures up in the next few days!

Ive got one more class in the works...a wool applique class...I'l have it all figured out within the week!

The UPS man unloaded lots of boxes for us today...the most exciting though were two new books I've been anxiously awaiting!
American Summer by Polly Minick and A Bountiful Life by Karen Mowery both arrived!
Both are absolutely incredible....I feel a BOM coming in the very near future!!

For the girls on the list for either of these books, I have them with your names on them and you can pick up anytime! I'll start on the rug canvases this next week and get those ready as well!

Well I think that's it for this week...come see us and all the new fun stuff!
Happy weekend to all....Lisa

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You're Gonna Have to Come In!! (Updated Friday evening)

Hey yall!! We got home late last night from PA! We're trying to get everything in the garage before the sprinkles come...but I grabbed a handful of goodies and snapped a few pictures...but you're gonna have to come in to see it all!! :)

We ordered a lot of things this time around...that will be coming in over the next several months...but we brought home lots a great stuff to help decorate those country homes! We were able to do a little antique shopping as well...found a few things here and there!

Patterns have arrived!! Both new cross stitch patterns will be in the shop this weekend!

"Be My Valentine" $9.95 (WOW price $8.95)(You're going to have to go buy yourself one of those little Whitman heart sampler boxes full of chocolate to do one of the projects....oh darn!)

"March Wordplay" $8.95 (WOW price $8.05)

"Variety" and "Bridgeport" by Jo Morton came in late last week and is now in the shop...here are pictures of what we received. I'll be putting these over on our selling site later tonight if you need to purchase that way! Great reds...both lines compliment each other perfectly! Regular retail is $10.50 per yard. Our price is $9.50 and WOW members get their discount on top of that!

Just came in the mail today! Early American Life's new issue for March/April 2012!
$5.99 per copy (WOW girls get their discount)...


We received Need'Love's newest quilt booklet...Farmhouse Retreat! 4 great quilt projects and a pillow project...$15.95 (WOW price $14.35)

Also...another one of the black prints from Jo's Bridgeport line came in!

We were able to get most of the goodies we brought home from PA into the shop today...lots to see! Come over to the shop if you get the chance!

Have a great weekend...Lisa