Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh's hot outside!! (updated Friday evening)

Good night nurse it is hot outside! I'm hoping we'll get lucky like we did yesterday and get a good little rain shower to help the plants and cool us off a bit! But before it rains...we needed to snap a quick picture of this little's coming into the shop this weekend!

It's actually a great size for a kitchen...laundry area...lots of good storage without taking up a ton of space. It did need a new "do" we painted it with the Olde Century Colors paint line...Barn Red over Buttermilk. She is an old girl...circa 1860-1880.
(And now for the technicalities of how it is constructed...)The cupboard features a pegged, mortise & tenon paneled door and early square cut nail construction throughout. It was built entirely with 1" thick pine boards with hand planing throughout. Tongue and groove construction across the back...a very stout little piece! $295.00 (SOLD - going to a new home!)

Found this cute cute old threads cabinet drawer...(who knows where the rest of the cabinet is). Actually a fairly good size...bigger than my old cabinet drawers for sure! It would be fun up in someone's sewing or craft room...maybe displaying lots of old pincushions in it?? $15.00 (SOLD)

We also took in a really nice early firkin...this one doesn't have paint..but the patina in really pretty! Missing its handle...but still looks great and would make a great stacker in a set! Approx. 13" in diameter (across the bottom)...$65.00 (picture coming if we don't sell it before I can snap one...)(SOLD)

Just got this bolt in...GREAT civil war tan-on-tan little print...goes with everything (especially that green civil war fabric that we've sold 4 bolts of already!) $7.95 a yard (wow!)

Here are a couple of new patterns...

"Checkered Path" punchneedle pattern...cute on this old stool, don't you think! It's a rather large size for a punchneedle project...12" x 6 1/2"...$17.95 (wow price $16.00)

"Winter Birds" wool table runner. Actually, I think this is good all year! I've got an old red mule chest this would look great on (or hanging over..hmmmm...which one??)
Finished size is 12 1/2" x 42 1/2". This might be another one I kit up with that great Moda Black Prarie Cloth for the background...we'll see next week! Pattern is $8.00 ($7.20 for wow club). I'll figure the kit price and let you know soon!

Have a great weekend...come see us if you can!

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