Monday, March 28, 2011

A Short Week....

Thought I better start getting my updates done this week early...I'm leaving on Wednesday...just for a week...heading back to Texas to try and finish up a few things with my mom's estate...

Here's the "official cover" of the new magazine, Primitive Quilts and Projects, that is shipping out on March 31st!

I'm hoping they will be here by Saturday so that we can get them into the shop on Sunday...we'll see! I have a few copies still remaining that are not already spoken for...$9.95 for the issue (WOW discount applies!). HUGE Valdani order shipped this week already...we'll be well stocked for the coming weekend! And our new display of Weeks Dye Works floss is in the shop too...every color they make...georgous!

I've got a new pattern coming in..."Coxcomb and Tulip" punchneedle project. $7.95 for the pattern...WOW girls, discount!

Fun fun stuff coming!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where did this week go???

Oh my it is Thursday and I haven't even posted one new thing this week for the shop! Well...I've got a bunch of things to show and there will be more pictures of new shop stuff if I can remember to take the camera with me tomorrow!

First off...I'm dying wool so there will be some luscious new colors in the shop for the weekend! Plus I love when I can get new textures...and there are five of those coming in right now!

I'll have these cut into some of our wool garden size rolls for $1.50 each, plus there will be yardage on our shelves...

One of the new fabrics from "Old Glory" by Blue Hill fabrics came in...great blender and will go with all those good civil war blues and reds! The background is like a tan dyed muslin color...$7.95 per yard...(WOW price $7.15 per yard) (I think I just found the backing to my flag quilt that is hanging in the shop! WOOHOO!)

CUTE CUTE CUTE new wool applique pattern came in spring project...called "Nesting"...$8.95 for the pattern (WOW price $8.05).(I'm dying a stack of blues and greens that will be great for this!)

I ordered the cashel linen in flax and natural...both 28 count...for projects that we have in the shop using that linen...
Well, the flax was backordered, but the natural came in! For the life of me, I'd call this "flax"! Anyway....FANTASTIC color for some of the new Country Stitches patterns and any of the Stacy Nash patterns we have! This will definitely be a "keeper" in the shop! $8.00 per 1/8 yard cut...(WOW discount applies!)

OK girls, it's time to start making the list of those who definitely want a copy of the new primitive quilting magazine, "Primitive Quilts and Projects". We officially got charged for our initial order and they are shipping to us on March
31st. I'm not exactly sure if they will be here by Saturday, April 2nd, but I will let you know when they arrive! I have a somewhat limited supply and I know they won't last if you want one for me and let me know! The issue is $9.95...WOW price will be $8.95! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

And the big news of the day...we pick up our Weeks Dye Works floss rack and ALL THE COLORS THEY MAKE tomorrow! Yep....we will now carry the entire line of Weeks Dye Works floss colors! So if you've had a hard time finding the colors you need in our area...especially after we lost two great cross stitch shops...we will now have them for you! And don't forget...we gladly ship if you can't make it in or don't live in our area!

More coming...back to dying for now! Lisa

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Finally back!! (Updated Friday night)

Hello to all! I'm finally back from least for a bit! I have to go back the first of April to tie up a few loose "laundry list" of things to do for the shop is getting longer by the minute! And let me tell yall...if anyone tries to email me and I don't respond real quick, it's because our internet service has been down since late Thursday! Apparently it's a North Carolina "thing" because everytime I call to report it, I get one of those automated messages telling me they know the service is down so don't leave a message! I had to bring the computer to the shop just to be able to get on and do this little update! UGH!

A couple of quick pictures of things that will be in next weekend...

Blackbird Design's new book....A Stitcher's Journey....52 pages with 16 projects... $26.95 for the book (WOW price is $24.25).

We received another shipment of the Spring issue of A Primitive Place Magazine!! (Picture of it is over on the right hand sidebar...) So if you are still needing a copy....come on down!

A new pattern from Country Stitches will be here as well..."Bunny Tails"! Three great Spring projects all in one soon as I can get my hands on it, I'll make some kits on the wool bunny project! $17.95 for the pattern...(WOW price $16.15)
(I do have the Cashel 28 ct. linen coming that is needed for the cross stitch patterns!)

If you didn't see the three new patterns from Notforgotten Farm...they are pictured in the blog post right under this one...they are in the shop now and oh-my-gosh-cute!

The next Maiden (Annabell) from the Down the Maiden's Path BOM is ready to go! If you are on the list to get them all, chances have received an email from me letting you know that the kits are ready! If we ship yours to you, they are starting to ship today, Friday, March 18th.

Also, the April Maiden pattern, Daisy, is ready and will be in the shop as well this weekend. So if you are needing a pattern only, you can pick one up! (Daisy in a kit won't be ready until April.)

I'm telling ya...I need a 50 hour day to do all the projects I want to do right now!

(Friday evening)

One last quick post...just got back from the shop...took in two great antique furniture pieces...a great mid 1800's scrub top table...32" square with great blue paint on the tapered legs and a very cool 1840's cupboard top with original blue-grey paint. (Totally forget the no pictures to show them off.)

Also some really sweet Easter and Spring goodies...some chenille eggs to fill a basket with, wool chick and pussywillow pillows, pastel ornaments to adorn a special feather tree. Plus lots more coming!

Have a great weekend! Weather will be beautiful so get out and do something fun! And don't forget, the first day of Spring is officially Sunday!