Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No Rest in Sight!

Happy Wednesday to all!

Thought I better stay on top of what's going on around here even if the shop is "packed up" for the month of October!! There certainly is no rest in sight for us...we're heading to Virginia on Friday for a quickie antique search, then off to a show on Saturday....then it's the barn sale in two weeks (which I'm still not ready for)...then to PA for more shop buying...then we'll be putting the shop back together so we can reopen the first weekend of November with tons of new merchandise and fabric!


We've got new goodies arriving all the we received the Moda charm packs for Howard Marcus's "Collection for a Cause-COMFORT" line of fabric. They are beautiful! Sadly, when I saw my sales rep, the line was pretty much "sold out" to be able to pick and choose...but I was able to purchase the charm packs! 42 - 5" squares...our price $8.95 (WOW girls get it for $8.05). There are only 12 packs available and these are now sold out as well with Moda....if you want one...let me know!

One of the calendars we carry every year..."Pure and Simple"...will be here in another day or so. I'll put a couple of pictures up from it and give you all the details once it arrives...but I've already got a list going for these...$19.95 each (WOW price $17.95)...stay tuned for that!

The two new Jill Peterson books (shown over on the right hand side bar) will be shipping the first of October and we will have them in time for the barn sale! If you are planning on attending and want to pick up a copy there...let me know!

I'm off back up to my studio...working on some Santa pillows for the "BS" (that's code for barn sale :).....til later, Lisa

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Counting down to the Weekend....UPDATED FRIDAY 9/23)

This is it! Last weekend we'll be open before we close for a month!

I've got some new patterns ordered....hopefully they will get here by Saturday!

The picture above is a new cross stitch pattern called "October Word Play". Pattern price is $8.95 (WOW price $8.05). (This one will definitely be here by Saturday!)

The two new really fun wool patterns..."Joy" and "Wool Christmas Tree"...each pattern runs $7.95 each (WOW price $7.15) the way you can put the tree pattern on an old bobbin!

It's Here!!

Judy Condon's newest book, "Holidays at a Country Home", arrived today! 13 different homes are featured...full of lovely simple christmas country decor...really really, nice! $24.95 for the book..only 4 "unclaimed" copies remain...

Coming back in for this weekend..."Casting a Spell" by Blackbird Designs...$11.95 for the leaflet (WOW price $10.75) SOLD OUT

(This will be the last time I order this one for the shop....but if anyone needs one, let me know and I will special order!)

I finally got thru cutting charm packs on "Wool & Needle" flannels by Moda....whew, what a job! Next time I order a line with 42 pieces in it, I'll buy those charm packs already done! But I am saving you all just a little bit of money...the pack of 42 - 5" squares is $9.95 (WOW price $8.95)...there is a limited supply!

WOW can pick up your September wool or fabric this weekend. October's wool will be at the Barn Sale or you can pick it up in November when we reopen. Out-of-town members...we'll put it back for won't be left out!


Even though we have to close the shop in Raleigh for a month...we will still be getting in new goodies and shipping the month of October. Or, if you are local, you'll be able to visit us at the "Barn Sale" in mid-October and pick up anything you need from us then!

Now, back to work!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two Weekends wonder I'm stressed! (UPDATED FRIDAY)

Happy Thursday to all!

We've got two weekends left before we have to close down for a month...of course, that month will FLY by and we'll be back open the first of November...but good night nurse, all the things we have to do between now and then is staggering!

First...we were expecting Jo Morton's new line, "Elizabethtown" to come in this week. Sadly, it will not ship until sometime in October (we hope) now...
Andover's main facility was heavily flooded by the rains from Irene and all of the fabric that was in one main warehouse was ruined...which just happened to be all the doubled and rolled lines, including this one. So Andover is reprinting as quickly as possible and we should have it by the time we re-open in November.

If you haven't had a chance to come and play with the new flannels we recently got in...they are spectacular! And with this cool weather nipping at our heels this weekend..what a perfect time to come and get some!

Judy Condon's new Christmas book, "Holidays at a Country Home", will ship next week! There is a limited if any of you girls want one for me and let me know! (If they don't make it in by our last weekend in September, we'll have them for you at the Barn Sale in October or we can ship to you fairly cheaply!) $24.95 for the book, WOW girls get their discount!


We have a handful of books/patterns that we sold out of almost immediately upon receiving and they will be back in this weekend...

Autumn Splendor Cross stitch and pumpkin pattern...$13.95 (WOW price $12.55)

A Schoolgirl's Work by Blackbird Designs...$26.95 (WOW price $24.25)

Casting A Spell Cross Stitch pattern by Blackbird Designs...$11.95 (WOW price $10.50)


Maggie Bonanomi's new book, "Buttonwood Farm"!! $24.95 (WOW price $22.45)

Renee' Plains new book, "Stitches from the Schoolhouse" $26.95 (WOW price $24.25)

I can't wait to see both of these new books, the preview pics that I've seen are GREAT! UPS man better hurry up today...I know they are on his truck!


We received an order of some great wool patterns for this weekend...I'll be working on dying wool tomorrow to get some needed colors back in stock to help make these!

These two are called "Baby Girl Crazy" and "Baby Boy Crazy"...though I will have to say, I saw way more potential in these! Great appliques in both of these patterns...and wouldn't they make the COOLEST hooked rugs?! Pattern price each is $11.95 (WOW price $10.50) Finished actual size is 19" x 26".

"Wool Vine Runner"...$7.95 (WOW price $7.15) You wouldn't have to do this as a bittersweet runner...though I do love it that way! Finished size is 12 1/2" x 36 1/2"

LOVE THIS!(But who doesn't love crows, sunflowers, pumpkins all out of wool?)I'm thinking old army blanket for the background...(I feel a kit in the making!) $7.95 for the pattern (WOW price $7.15)Finished size is 12" x 32"

This pattern we had last year...and I've had MANY requests for kits on this again this year! I promise...this is the season I get plenty made! $7.95 for the pattern (WOW price $7.15) Finished size 8 1/2" x 13 1/2".

Another one of those patterns I love...but I'm seeing this turned into 1/2 dozen great smaller projects! Pattern price $7.95 (WOW price $7.15) Finished size of the wallhanging is 14" x 24".

Another GREAT project from last year...quick and easy to do! $7.95 for the pattern (WOW price $7.15) Finished size of the runner is 16" x 40"...though you could do it just about any size you want!

AND...WE JUST GOT THE TOWLING USED IN THIS PROJECT BACK IN STOCK! $5.95 PER YARD! (WOW price $5.35 per yard) Great for tea-towels, place-mats, runners, etc. It's already 16" wide with finished edges..all you have to do is hem the ends!

For you girls waiting on the chenille trim...FINALLY GOT IT IN! And there is plenty to go around! The undyed natural is $.50 cents a yard...Dyed colors..$1.00 per yard.

A quick note about the emails we send out every week....

A couple of weeks ago my main computer had to go to the Geek squad to be totally reformated. Luckily, all of my files were backed up on Carbonite so we didn't lose any of that! Put oddly, when we put AOL back onto the computer, about 150 email addresses were missing from the shop's address book...which is what we use to send out our weekly email. If you have noticed that you have not received an email from us lately, chances are, your email was one of the missing. If you would like to be put back on the update list, please just email me directly and let me know and we'll get you back on! Sorry for the hassle!

Taking orders until October 1st...

Back in the summer we met an artist from Ohio that makes wonderful outdoor garden bee skeps and skep houses. Many of you bought the bee skeps we brought back from the shop, but we only brought back one house and I kept it. We're hoping to meet up with him again in October and get some of his houses this time. To make sure we get enough of them, we will take orders until October 1st on the house. Below are pictures....the cost is $56.00. Please email me if you are interested!

That's it for this go-round! I'll have to wait for the UPS man now before I can post up anything else new! Of course, you never know what Shawn will find antique wise! He's been out hunting a good part of the week!

(Friday night)

Well...Shawn came across two AWESOME pieces today....the bowl will come in with us this weekend, but the miniature pie safe will most likely make its' debut at the Barn Sale we're doing mid-October...

This is the "miniature" pie safe...though it's not all THAT miniature...but a FANTASTIC small size with about a ba-jillion (is that a word?) uses! Although it looks very actually shows quite a bit of its original green paint...with the old coat of white paint on top. (This could be very easily dryscraped more down to its orig. green). 36 1/2 " tall x 35" wide and 15" deep....with 3 shelves behind its original screened doors. VERY HEAVY heart pine with square nail construction...a Johnston County piece for sure and has been here all it's life...dates to about 1870.
$475.00 (If you're interested...just let us know!) ('s going to a new home)

Now for the bowl...AWESOME old dough bowl with original grey blue paint. She's a big one...measuring 18 1/2" x 17 1/2 in diameter...did I mention, AWESOME! Great turned rim and foot...dates to about mid 1800's and a great OLD funky repair! (This looks great in my it's only coming in for one weekend.) $250.00

Be sure and come see us if you're out and about! Have a great upcoming COOL weekend!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crank down the Air Conditioning...the flannels have arrived! (updated Friday morning)

(51 Flannels to be exact!)

Happy Thursday to all!

I've got so much to put on the blog this week that I don't know where to start! Here it is Thursday already and I've been bogged down since last Friday by medicine that is creating havoc with me in general and now I've got one of those Halter monitors that I can't rip off until tomorrow afternoon! (Pain in the @#%^&! #1)

I finally was able to pick up my "big" computer on Monday...but half of the programs are now gone and I'm having to either download programs or buy new ones so that I can atually open some of my files and get something done!! (Pain in the @#%^&! #2)

I'm "test driving" these pictures to see how the color is going to come bear with me while I pinch and tweak this computer!

Here are pictures of the new Marcus Brothers flannels called "Primo Plaids"! 11 plaids in all...wonderfully woven and soft...the same on both sides...FANTASTIC for those quick rag quilts! Price per yard is $ price is $7.65! I've already got fat quarter bundles cut along with some 1/2 yard bundles and individual fat quarters as well!

If the colors look a little sharp and harsh on your me...they're not! These guys are like that old favorite flannel shirt...soft, muted and just begging to be wrapped around ya!

Our other line of flannels that came in are the "Woolen Needle" flannels by Primitive Gatherings for Moda fabrics...40 bolts in this line and every one of them is a keeper for sure! Deep rich colors...stripes, plaids, checks and textures...that all look like wool without the cost. These will make great log cabin throws, backgrounds for wool applique and backings for wool projects...just to name a few things! This fabric is suppose to retail for $12.00 per yard. Our price is $10.50 per yard and WOW members get their discount to boot! I'll try and get these all on our selling site in the next day or so! (But for you girls that live just need to come in and touch and feel!)

Our Legacy 2012 full size calendars are here and will be in the shop this weekend!

We have several great styles this year...2 calendars from Folk Art by David, Simply Shaker by Karen Cruden, "Welcome Home" by Anne Tarbletti,"Homespun America" by Carol Endres,and "Homestead" by Mary Beth Baxter. There are limited numbers of each one and we won't re-order these.....SO....we are running a one-weekend special for the WOW members! Regular price of the calendar is $12.95...and for the WOW members this weekend only...$10.00! (These will fit in the Lang Folk Art Wooden frames!)

This is Jack...with his corn...he'll be in the shop this weekend along with a bunch of new Halloween goodies!(The more I look at this guy, the more I think....he looks like how I feel right now! I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not!)

And just when we're getting in the mood for Halloween and fall...the Christmas issue of Early American Life arrived today! Which is ALWAYS a good thing...but dang, a little early??'s here and will go if you need one and can't make it in...let me know! $5.99 for the girls, discount!

There are two new books that have just been released from Kansas City Star...and we are taking reservations on them! They won't make it for this weekend...but I'm crossing my fingers for the next!

From Renee Plains of Liberty Star, "Stitches from the Schoolhouse". 112 pages all in full color with 19 projects...$26.96 for the book (WOW girls get their discount)

And from Maggie Bonanomi..."Buttonwood Farm"...96 full color pages with 19 projects...sure to be another wonderful book! Book price...$24.95 (WOW price $22.50)


Other new books now at the shop...

"Confederates in the Cornfield" by Eddie McGinnis (a Kansas City Star publication) $16.95 (WOW price is $15.25)

"Buttons and Blooms" by Whimsicals...$19.95 (WOW price is $17.95)

"Country Quilts for the Soul" by Jan Patek (a Quiltmania publication) Reg. retail is $52.50...our price is $49.95 (WOW price is $44.95)

HUGE tin sign order will be in this weekend...great "man" treats...$10 each!

One last thing to tell yall all about...

Jill Peterson author of several great primitive decorating books and the magazine, "A Simple Life", is releasing two new hard cover books around the 1st of October...

Both of these books will be $24.00 each (WOW pricing is $21.00)and promise to outstanding compliments to your book collection! I want to make sure we order enough...if you know you want a copy, please let me know so that I can get you on the list for one!

Ok girls...that's it for tonight...I'm pooped! I'll be cutting, folding and dying tomorrow for sure! Hope to see you soon!

(Friday morning) Oh shoot...I forgot to tell yall..the chenille trim has come back in!! (And I bought a ton this time!)