Thursday, May 31, 2012


Happy Thursday to all....

Is it just me, or does it seem that this year is flying by way tooooo fast! Tomorrow is June the time I turn around twice, it will be Christmas already! Yikes!!

The cat's out of the bag on this next bit of info....we are opening a new shop spot! We finally found a cute little colonial styled house that has great potential for our new shop location....located in Fuquay-Varina right on Hwy. 401! It looks as though it will be very accessible to all of our customers and I can't wait for it to be finally open! We'll  have class space that we've been desperately needing and a cozy atmosphere for all of our customers to enjoy! More fabric, more stitchery, more wool, and more antiques and stuff! (In other words....just more!!!)
We're shooting for mid-July to be open...cross your fingers on that one!And, we'll be putting out a class schedule towards the end of June with some really fun classes and group information!

Before I forget...we just received the latest issue of Rug Hooking magazine...cost is $9.95. We only get a few issues in, so if you are needing one...give me a shout! (WOW discount applies!) There is a great article on hooking eyes...and the patriotic flag banner is a fun little project!

We also received a bunch of the older Threads books in by Need'lLove. The new one, Garden Gate Threads will be out in a few weeks. All of the older issues are $12.00 each (WOW price is $10) and there are some great titles still available! Summer Spirit Threads and Old Glory Threads are great for the upcoming summer months!

We are almost out of "A Primitive Place" magazine! Those 36 copies we ordered went fast. Let me know quick if you still need a copy! $9.95 for the issue...and it's a good one!

New books and patterns coming next week...fresh from market! More about those later....

(Friday night)

Just a real quick update....which will be the first QUICK thing I've done on this computer all day!

LOTS (and I mean lots!) of punchneedle patterns arrived today to help stock up back up! Some cute summer ones in the'll have to come in to see them all!

We are still waiting on Valdani 3 strand floss to arrive....guess patience will be a real virtue with this order!

Vickie was able to make some more of the eagles and there might be an Uncle Sam doll available...her 4th of July things are going like wildfire! Most of yall didn't get to see the first batch of goodies...they were gone in like 2 hours last weekend. (I keep telling her she can manage on just two hours of sleep a night...but she doesn't believe me!!)

That's it for me tonight! Beautiful weekend ahead...and lower temperatures to boot! Have a good one!  Lisa

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!!

A Day to Remember those who have fought...

Hello to all! Before this week gets away from me, I wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

We will be open both Saturday and Sunday...the weather looks to be a bit on the hot and muggy side (typical summer weather for these neck of the woods, ya know!), but we'll be nice and cool come out and visit us if you can!

The summer issue of A Primitive Place magazine arrived today...fantastic as always! If you need us to save you one...let me know...they usually go pretty fast! $9.95 for the issue (WOW discounts apply!)

And don't forget, we received the summer issue of A Simple Life last week...we only have about 1/2 of our order left...

Just in...Kim Diehl's newest quilt book..."Simple Charm"...$28.95 (wow price $26.05) sure and come in and see our new Garden Gate Quilt sample! Jan Richards put the shop model together for us...(this is what it looks like in a program from her computer...) As soon as I get a moment I'll take a picture of the real thing! You can't imagine how great it is in person...and fast and EASY to do! It's the perfect size for a summer picnic throw or cuddle up on the porch swing....our size is 46" x 77". We'll have kits available the first weekend of June...AND...we will most likely offer it as one of our summer classes when we move into our new location (more about that later!). Here's a link to Andover's website where you can find the free pattern download...

 (This link will take you to all of the free downloads...they are in alphabetical just go to "Garden Gate Plaids"...

Tomorrow is "wisdom tooth day" at the of them has to go! So this will probably be all the updating this week...(unless something wonderful comes in by Friday!)

Have a great holiday weekend...Lisa

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Has it been that long?? (Updated Friday night)

Oh my has!! 

I'm not sure where the time has gone...but please forgive me for being a BAD blogger! First, it was Liberty....then it was Cameron....then the computer had to go in for service...and today we finally received the word that it's....well....."terminal" to put it mildly! Sooooo.....tomorrow it's "go get a new computer day"!
I'm posting this quick note on my laptop....but it doesn't have my email list installed on hopefully yall will come looking for me and read this note!

Lots of new wonderful textured wools have come in and are now in the shop!  They will be on on the selling blog here soon!

The June word play pattern from Country Stitches is now in! $8.95 for the pattern (WOW discount applies!) And if you are needing the floss, we now carry the entire line of Gentle Arts floss at the shop!
(I's about time!!)

WOW members....the May wool will be ready beginning this weekend!

The new summer issue of A Simple Life magazine will be arriving any day...cross your fingers that it gets here by this weekend! $9.95 for the discounts apply! Let me know if we need to hold you one!

(Friday evening...)

Just a quick update...the new computer is up and running...but all of my stuff (which there is ALOT) has not all been totally loaded I can't send out an email tonight....hopefully yall will just come take a look to see what's going on!

SIMPLE LIFE Magazine did arrive today and will be in the shop for this weekend! Woohoo!

Also...Vickie just brought over a basket full of wonderful summer handmades...there is the coolest Uncle Sam and Betsy doll you've ever seen.....she's gonna have to make more of those for sure...Uncle Sam has been "talkin' to me" ever since he came in the door!

For you knitters out there especially....Fiberfest is going on over at the Jim Graham building this weekend...I've not had a chance to go see it first hand...but I did hear there are some awesome vendors with hand-dyed yarns for sale.  (I think I'm glad I'm not a knitter...that could be dangerous!)

We brought in some great antiques...circa 1840-1870 GA. blanket chest in it's orig. brown and blue paint...a huge trencher that would look great on someone's harvest a few small goodies...come and take a look!

Time to go and get the car packed for tomorrow! Have a great weekend!