Monday, March 29, 2010

Wishing you all a happy easter week! (updated Friday 4-3)

Although Prudence looks rather indifferent, we would like to wish everyone a happy Easter week!

We will be open this Saturday and Sunday...keeping our regular hours of 9am-6pm both days! There will be lots of things listed this goodies coming in for this weekend! The weather looks as though it will almost be summer-like in the near coming days which means lots of antique vendors should be out at the fairgrounds showing off their stuff! Hope you get a chance to come out and see us!

We've got a nice old quilt coming in this weekend...just in time for Spring! She's in nice condition...and CLEAN! (I don't even want to tell you how many baths I gave it...!) There are a few stains still here and there..nothing major...and I figured after all the cleaning, if those stains were still in there, then they were just going to become part of the character of the quilt!

Here is an upclose shot of one of the blocks... late 1800's with lots of blue/white shirtings used along with big pieces of this wonderful old pink throughout. The backing is in very good condition as is the's yellow (as you can see from the first picture). There are just a few small repairs that could be made...there was one fabric in one of the blocks that didn't fair through the years very well. But a couple of nice old patches will take care of that! Not terribly big..I'll measure later, but I'm guessing 50" x 60". $100.00.

The Dancing chickens have finally arrived for their debut this weekend! Along with them, will be these two patterns as well! (Drumstick Dancers is $14.95, Night Burglar is $9.95, and Greener Pastures is $11.95)

New candle flavors will be in the shop this weekend! This line has a wonderful primitive style, they are clean and long burning and the fragrances are wonderful!

The new flavors in the 16oz size are:
"Pearamel" (Star design) Baked pears in a creamy vanilla sauce
"Clove" Unbelievable scent of fresh cloves
"Brown Sugar" (Crow design) #1 seller!!
"Simplify" Vanilla cream pudding with hints of pumpkin and spices
"Primitive Blend" (oops, forgot to put that jar in the picture!) All of your favorite kitchen spices in one jar!

We also have in this size...
"Frost" just like a York Peppermint pattie!
"Gingerbread Cookies" the name speaks for itself!
"Early Spice Cake" pumpkin, spices and butter cream topped with cloves
"Cinnamon Stix" wonderfully strong...makes a great housewarming gift!
$14.95 each

In the new 8oz. Grungy jar line, our new scents are:
"1919 Coffee" Hazelnut coffee with creamy vanilla and nutty hazelnuts
"Ye Old Lantern Co." Orange clove scent
"Log Cabin" Pine and spices
$8.95 each

From this same line, we also have their new Cranberry Rosehips...$6.95 per package...Amazing strong scented with cranberry, cinnamon, cloves and vanilla. These come pre-packaged in a clear "pillow" sleeve wrapped in colonial style paper.

And last, but one of my favorites...Primitive Crow tarts scented in Brown Sugar. Put these big ol' guys in your favorite prim bowl or they can be melted in your tart warmer. 4" long, very strongly scented and dusted in cinnamon and spices...$1.25 each.

I had to take a picture of my lovely (but majorly overgrown and crowded) Laura Pedlums before they got their haircut...which they have now gotten...
The look of horror on my face as they cut them back, was I'm sure, worth a picture in itself! But Brandon, my yard guy, promised me that by July, I'd love them again and they would be blooming! I think I'm going to hold him to that! Now, that EVERYTHING in the yard has been trimmed and pruned, it's time for pine straw! But I'm leaving that to another day...I'm back to the dye pots for now!

Also, in case you didn't notice yet, we've added a selling blog can get to it by clicking on the link over to the right...under our website link. I'll let you know when we put things up there so you can take a quick cruise around!

When I got home from the shop this afternoon (I spent a little quality time cleaning and moving and redecorating....)all of our new stationary items were sitting on the front porch! New designs by Folk Art by David...notecards, recipe boxes, notepads, journals, a great address book, and coasters!! Come take a look...a couple of the items would make a great engagement or housewarming gift!!

There's a big pile of STUFF up in my studio (which, but they way, I am master of again!)...I'll be sorting thru it all,taking pictures and putting it up for sale...CHEAP! So stay tuned for that...I'll let you know where it ends up!
Have a great weekend!! Lisa

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Determined to win the battle....(updated Thursday, Mar. 25)

We had a Judy Condon Book sighting today! They have finally arrived and will be in the shop this weekend!! (If you want to purchase and need one shipped...there are a couple over on our website...)

I've been trying to figure out the best way to put up pictures of stuff I'm cleaning out...I dinked around with picturetrail...what a pain! I'm not extremely computer literate and if I can't figure something out in about 5 minutes (did I mention I have a short attention span too??)'s time to figure out another way and move on!
SO..along the right side of our blog...I'll be putting up pictures of stuff for sale. Right now, it's going to be alot of my studio stuff that is looking for a new home! I'll be sure and let everyone know if anything goes over to the website as well.
I was up until 2am working in that studio last night...determined more than ever that I will prevail and that I am able to let go of things I haven't touched in....forever!!
With hot tea in hand...I'm off to face the beast of a room again....
The storm before the calm....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I think Spring Cleaning is going to be the death of me yet!

I've been procrastinating forever, but today I finally trucked myself up to my studio (or as I call it...the pit of no return...)and decided I am going to organize that mess before even I get lost up there! It didn't take long to realize that something (and I mean alot of something) is going to have to go! So..I am throwing all sorts of things into the pile and soon it will be up for sale...CHEAP!
I'll post pictures & pricing (mostly here)and if not here, on the website...but I'll let yall know that if that is where it goes. If you see something you me and I'll be more than happy to put your name on it! (And shipping is not a problem if you don't live close enough to pick it up!)
So stay are on the way!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Officially Begins Saturday! (updated Sat. Mar 20th))

Our semi annual Johnston Benchworks sale has started! Get 40% off any order placed with us through April 15th!

Putting up a quick picture here of a quilt that we're bringing in to the shop this I won't say this ol'girl hasnt been around the block a bit...there is some damage, but nothing irrepairable....and the quilting that was done on it is immense. Nice and thin...with just a solid course weave homespun, almost feedsack type backing. If you have a wonderful old front porch swing or a cabinet that needs an old she is! $75.00 (SOLD - she found a new home!)

Ok...I will admit, I've got this thing for chickens.(Not ALL chickens...but I really just want 3 or 4 to lay a few eggs, entertain me a bit, help keep the bug population down in the yard....not a herd...just 3 or 4.) But now tell this not the funniest chicken punchneedle pattern?? I had to order's call "The Drumstick Dancers"!! It should be here for next weekend!

I dyed quite a bit today...bringing in some more spring colors...these are a bit more on the "prim" side of pastel...

Other goodies coming in this weekend...
We painted the herb rack a fantastic's coming back in.
Pair of pewter candlesticks...nice and heavy...$15 each or buy the pair for $25
A Windsor arm chair...great black finish...very comfortable...$40

If I can remember to take the camera, I'll get pictures stay tuned!!

We are within a day or so of having Judy Condon's newest book come in...this is the 10th in her series...and is called "The Country Home". I want to make sure that everyone that is wanting a copy, gets you do, please email me and let me know so that my "wish list" is complete. If we get them before the weekend, I'll be sure and let you know! (I'm hoping we'll have them for Sunday!!)

I have a handful of goodies that will be here this week that I just have to show you! I have several new patterns from Walnut Ridge Primitives coming in...

Aren't these just great!! Prices on the patterns are $8.95 for the Farmers Wife pincushion, $9.95 each on Milly & Tuck (the cats) and the Heart Sampler, and $12.00 for the Crow/bird pattern. I can't tell you how many times I needed a good crow/bird pattern..and here's one with 4!!(Photos courtesy of Walnut Ridge Primitives)

Also coming in are two new wool applique patterns....
The top one is called "Vines from the Heart" and is 14" x 25 1/2" long. The second pattern is called "Folk Art Flowers in Bloom" and is 19 3/4" x 28" long.
When I get a little extra time I'll kit these...pattern price on each of these two are $8.95 each...

Have a great weekend! Lisa

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away! (updated Friday March 12)

One last update tonight before I head to bed...
We're having a bit of a Spring cleaning sale at the shop this weekend...several of our antique pieces will be on sale...
a great robin egg blue painted trunk...on the small side (but not too small)...was $125.00 now $85.00
Mid 19th century New England cobalt decorated stoneware jug..excellent condition...was $235.00 now $185.00 (SOLD)
Nice large yellow ware bowl...was $55.00 now $30.00
1820's - 1840's Sheraton lift top desk with original red paint...was $195.00 now $160.00 (SOLD)

Now...for a list of the new treasures coming in this weekend!
Mid 19th century turned wooden bowl in original finish...$39.95
A really nice pantry box...great patina (I was hoping to keep this one)...$45.00 (SOLD)
Great early soldier blue painted staved bucket...$39.95 (SOLD)
Turn of the century bucket bench or pantry shelf...older oyster white paint on top but has great blue paint underneath...$45
Late 18th to early 19th century wonderful primitve doll cradle..really has everything going for it! Early square nails with remnants of it's original red paint. Very small in size...just a real little beauty...$95
Really nice white ironstone small chip on the rim (but that side towards the back!)..$15
Large 3 color (red, black, cream) overshot coverlet...3 panels...fits a king size bed...folds and displays nicely or a great one to do a makedo chair cover with...$100
Orange crush tray (round)probably 1940's - 1950' advertising piece...$15
For you lab lovers out there...a large triple matted John Akers print...signed and numbered by the artist. 4 Lab puppies entitled "Autumn Friends". He was one of the wildlife artists for Louisiana and did numerous pieces for Ducks Unlimited....$60
There's a handful of new reference books for sale...all cheaply priced...

When we get a chance to take pictures at the shop, I'll update the blog and put them on...(I don't know where the day went today!)

Block 3 of the Settler's Pride block of the month is now ready to be picked up! If anyone that normally picks it up needs to have it mailed....just email me and let me know! a chance to sit down and take some pictures of the inside of "Bird in Hand"! I know some of you girls wanted to see what the projects were before deciding if you wanted the here are a few pics...NOT EVERYTHING by any stretch of the imagination...there are several wonderful quilts, other small was just hard to get pictures of everything, the way the book was laid out....
I'm putting a couple of the copies on the website in case anyone needs to have it shipped...I've got 4 copies left that are going to the shop. I can't wait to find a little time to make some of the little sewing goodies from the book!! (Book price $25.95).

Also...I have a wonderful new line of patterns coming in from Walnut Ridge Primitives....they'll be here next week! soon as I get a little time to take a picture or two (or three), we found a few new (OLD) treasures that we'll be bringing in on Saturday!!
So more is coming!! Lisa

Monday, March 8, 2010

It's a Good Monday!

It's nice to start the week off with the sun shining and not freezing cold is'nt it!!
My little picket fence that surrounds the front yard is getting its' final coat of new white paint for the Spring AND the long awaited arrival of Renee Plains' new book,"Bird in Hand" is shipping today! It's a good Monday!

Several of these books are already spoken if you are wanting one and not already on the list to get one, email me and let me know! I'll be glad to either ship it or hold it for you until the weekend. Hopefully we are on a roll with some much needed nicer weekend weather...this past Saturday and Sunday was just beautiful out at the fairgrounds and the outdoor antique vendors were abundant!

I'll be dying the wools for block #3 of Settler's Pride this some "dirty" pastels for the to come!

Everyone, have a great week...more later...Lisa

Monday, March 1, 2010

Something New Already! (Updated Thurs. March 4th)

Hello to all...well it's a brand new week and we already have something new to show!
The Spring/Summer edition of Mercantile Gatherings came today...woohoo! Great Great Great stuff in this issue...

There's an article on Antique Game Boards,Thigpen Homestead is the featured home, Splinters & Rags (in Vale, NC) is the featured shop,and The Olde Homestead Barn is the featured pattern company! The free patterns in this issue include a great stitchery piece by Glory River Primitives,a pantry keep wall pocket by Piney Creek,a primitive Liberty & Justice doll pattern by Old Homestead Barn, and a primitive angel ornie tuck by Sweetpea's Primitives. Like I said...great stuff!! $8.95 for the issue. If you need one mailed to you, go jump over to our website (link is over on the right hand side of the blog) or you can email me!

It's Tuesday and I am fixing to reorder the Mercantile Gatherings magazine...I hope they make it by the weekend or I might not have any copies for the shop!

A couple of new civil war fabrics came in for this weekend...(it's about time!)...

a great little small pink print...if your doing a brown/pink civil war quilt or just need a nice springtime pink for your projects...this is a good one!

And a fantastic blue floral...I can think of a million things to do with this one! Can't wait to cover a box or two with this! Both are from Marcus Brother's Civil War Tradition line...$7.95 per yard (Reg. price is $9.50/yard) Both will be on the website to order as well.

And now...the coolest book here for the weekend...Wool Crazy by JoAnn Mullaly. The book just came in today, and I think it is going to have possiblities beyond belief for wool applique...not to mention the great quilt project itself! 56 pages...softbound cover...$24.95 I didn't order a ton of these the first time email me if you want one for sure! (It will also be on the website for ordering!)

Here is a picture of the quilt project itself from the book...60"x60"...

Two more new patterns coming in this weekend to the little candlemat...takes the guessing out of how to make the pennies fit around a circle and come out even! And a cute wool pincushion pattern....both are great scrap wool projects...$5.95 for the candlemat and $7.95 for the pincushion pattern.....

And it looks like our freshly dried Sweet Annie bundles will be here by the weekend!! I'll have large and small the smell! Hang it on your favorite cupboard door..or use it for your crafting projects!

After some careful consideration, we've decided to discontinue selling Create and Decorate Magazine in the shop. Over the past year or so, it just doesn't seem to have the kind of patterns that most of my customers are looking for. I've got back issues that we have not been able to clear out along with the slow sales of the new Spring issue. SO...I'm bringing everything I have in and I'm throwing them on sale for $2 a magazine!
Also, Sharon with Liberty Rose Patterns is doing a little spring cleaning of her own and we are happy to help her out by putting out a whole bunch of her older patterns...$2 each! She gave us a varied assortment from Spring thru Christmas..some are wool applique, others are stitchery patterns!(Most are shown over on her pattern in her discontinued section) She did give us some more of her current ones as well to sell for $2...some great summer and fall/halloween designs.

We'll be putting some special little sale tags and some of our furniture & small'll have to come in though to find out what's on sale! The weather promises to be BEAUTIFUL all weekend long so come play and dig!

Have a great weekend...Lisa