Monday, June 7, 2010

Hello Weekend! (updated Friday, 11th)

I'm done updating for tonight! Here's what's new this week...

Our mail lady just brought the new issue of Early American Life for the shop! This is the one with the annual Directory of Traditional American Crafters...

Articles in this issue include...Walking Sticks, an Ohio tavern reinvented, a Georgian "Practical House", Early American Lore: of ink and ire, the mid 1700's indygos produced in South Carolina, and this years directory of american craftsman, plus much more! $4.95 per issue. I'll have these on our website if you need it shipped.

Just in...another really nice civil war fabric from Wyndam's Industrial Revolution a really good price on this so I'm passing that on to you as well...$6.00 per yard! I have it laid out on the table teamed with a civil war red paisly and a cream shirting...thinking very cool vintage americana box set! We'll see what happens with that! (Fabric is over on the website as well for ordering)

Have you ever needed just a sweet card to send to a friend and realized you were going to have to get in the car and go find one? I think I've got that problem solved! One of the companies that I buy things from threw a big sale on these great cards and I bought a bunch! We normally sell these in the shop for $1.95 each individually, but I'm offering these in a mixed box assortment of 12 cards for $9.95...less than $1 each. The cards are all a really nice large size...5"x7"...they all have a small message on the left hand side...but the right is all blank. (Click on that picture and it will blow them up where you can really see them!)...nice heavy linen type card stock too! I'm not putting these on the website..but I'll have them at the shop and you can always email me if you need some and can't make it in!

A nice surprise just now...these new patterns just showed up! I wasn't expecting them until next week...fresh from Quilt Market a week or so ago...never too soon to think about Christmas presents!!
This one is called "Two Prim Snowmen"...runner is 13" x 31" finished. I can think of a cute way to do a matching pillow too! Pattern price $8.00 (10% WOW discount)

"Just Stitches Christmas Redwork" pattern...the way it's pictured, the finished size is 16" x 40"...what a great runner for an old farm table! Now its done on toweling made by Moda..which they are out of until the end of June. I've got it on order and I'll let you know when we see it...pattern price $8.00 (10% WOW discount)

"Christmas Basket"...I'm thinking pillows...or shrink it down and make it into a punchneedle piece or maybe frame it like the "to-may-toe" one I did...hmmm
Pattern price $8.00 (10% WOW discount)

And finally..."Folk Art Santa"...enough said about that! $8.00 for the pattern (WOW girls get your discount!)

Just got this little model about fast and cute! Plus, I had this revelation (I think that's what I had) and I'm putting this one on top of one of my covered how dang cute is that going to be?? I'll put up the finished results later!! Don't forget, kits are available for this...(though, if you want it exactly like mine, they are a little bit limited cuz of that funky middle piece)!
(It's a good thing I'm somewhat of a proficient stitcher..I just blew that picture can see every little stitch I took! Yikes!)

Not sure if I'll get pictures up or not on these..but coming in this weekend...two early wooden staved New England sap buckets..great original crusty red paint!..$38.95 each
Beautiful early work basket...nice round larger size...with robins egg blue paint...$75.00
Blue & white star bunting...16" wide...hemmed on both edges...$6.95 per yard. (Would make great valances for a boy's room or swags for a patriotic spot! Or drape it across your porch railings and show your american spirit!)

Some more of my garage sale stuff will be going on the selling blog this next week (I've got a couple of new things on there now)...but for right now, I'm working on a model of Wool Crazy Garden and getting the kits ready for that! Cute cute cute! As soon as I can figure the price, I'll let you know!!! (UPDATE on the kits...just about done! They will run about $38 (wools and floss only...pattern extra) for everything you need and then some! I'm not making a ton, so let me know if you want one!!)

New patterns/fabric are beginning to roll in the door...

Notforgotten Farms new books...A Winter Walk and Harvest of Primitives came in today...lots of potential here! $20 per copy (WOW members..$15 each)

Also in today...a fun summer pattern..."To-May-Toe"...lots of cute and quick tomato projects all rolled up in this pattern. I'll have kits made for both of the penny mats (the round one and the framed one)first...
The pattern is $8.00 (WOW price $7.20).The Round Penny mat kit is $10 (WOW price $9.00) and the framed penny mat kit will be $8.00 (WOW price $7.00.) The one that is framed will have a hand dyed piece of Moda Prarie cloth included as the background!

Two new fabrics have come in with more on the way...

The blue is from the Gettysburg Civil War line and the small shirting is from Clothworks. Reg price is $9.50 per yard for each...our price is $7.95 (WOW members get their discount as well!) The shirting came in on a small bolt so there's not much of that...I almost kept it all for myself! You know me, I had to overdye them both...fantastic to say the least when they were done!! (If you need to order any fabric...these will be over on our website...)

Have a great weekend!

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