Monday, April 29, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers! (Updated Thursday night)

This is our first Spring in the new shop location...all of those April Showers
have really made the Azaleas bust out in full bloom! Don't ya just love the south!


1501 N. Main
(At the light across from Applebees & Chic-Fil-A)
Fuquay Varina, NC 27526
(919) 557-0202
Hours: Tues-Sat 10a-6p, Sun 1p-5p, closed Monday 


Here is a link to our current class schedule... 

(Monday afternoon)

We were so busy last week that I didn't send out an update on Friday the time
we got home from the Liberty Antique Festival, all I could think about was getting off my feet and going to bed! 
So....if you haven't read last week's blog update...take a quick minute to ponder over it...there is lots going on!!


 We've received two complete fat quarter packs of 
Primitive Gathering's line called "Snowman Gatherings"
$136 for the complete price is $122.40

We'll get more of these in....but it will be July before we do.

I'm waiting until Saturday to take these packs apart and sell the fat quarters
individually. If anyone is interested in a complete pack, please let us know before then....


For those of yall who have seen the new Kim Diehl fabrics...they are great! But they are also now running extremely low and there are already a couple that we will not be able to get back in. We did receive an extra bolt of the cream paisley (which we didn't think we could get) and made additional kits of the Fall and Snowman projects.
Right now, we have three kits of each project available with all the correct fabrics.
Once these are gone, substitutions will have to start being made...

Fall Project...$120.00 (wow price is $108.00)

Snowman project...$95.00 (wow price is $85.50)


Little Sheep Virtures will arrive at the shop on Tuesday and we will start to put the 
kits together for everyone on the list. 
We have also ordered a couple of extra patterns from all the months so far, so if you missed out
on one you'd like to get...they will be in as well!
Pattern price is $6.95 / kit price (pattern, button and linen) is $10.00


Back in Stock!!

  101 Fabulous Small Quilts by Various famous designers

The first batch of these books flew out the day they came in! And More are coming!
We'll have one more available when we reopen on Tuesday...and more will be in later in the week! If you love small quilts and don't have this book in your's time to take a look at it!


        "Kisses from Your Beloved"
Now in stock!!
$24.95 for the number available

 "Twisted Tweed Collection" by Valdani
Size 12 pearl cotton
Set price is $63.00 (or purchase individually for $5.25)
 These will be in the shop on Tuesday...we didn't receive our full order, and right now, we only have one set left. If anyone is interested, please let us know...otherwise, we will break the set so that you can purchase individually on Thursday!
(Wow price is $56.70)
Hopefully it won't take long to get our backorder!


NOW IN THE SHOP!!  Wool project patterns by 
Heart to Hand...

 "My Kitty Says...." Pattern price is $8.50 (wow price $7.65)

 "My Sewing Room" Pattern price is $8.50 (wow price $7.65)

 "Oh To Dance with Flowers" Pattern price is $8.50 (wow price $7.65)

 Wool Version of "Summertime" by Primitive Gatherings
Pattern price is $35.00 (wow price $ 31.50)


Stacy Nash's new book..."My Name is Lydya" will be in sometime next week...
(According to the update we received this morning!)
Limited number have been ordered!
Book price is $ price is $25.15
(We have the 32 ct. Creme Brulee and 40 ct. Expresso coming in!) 



 "A Simple Life" Magazine - Summer 2013
(Reserve a copy today!)

Here's a sneak peak in what's in this next issue!


Shawn has been snapping pics of some of our "new" antique pieces for the shop!

Great blue splatterware enamelware...
Mid-size coffee pot
Berry bucket with it's original lid
Milk pail with it's original lid

We found an awesome larger seed box...flipped it on its end and it makes a great little
shelf! $125 for the seed box....
Also in this picture, tons of vintage pick...$2 per bag
circa 1917 glove box in excellent condition
we found several small oil cans...great for make-do bases...$10 each
hog scrapers....another great make do base! $10 for the single, $15 for the double one
Great little stool with white chalk paint...$40 (perfect for a hooked rug project to go on top!)
plus much more!

A great (and huge) blue splatterware enamel coffee pot WITH 4 matching cups!
The cups are almost impossible to find...especially with the original coffee pot...
$295 for the set...

We found two really great OLD real-estate signs...
this one has red and black paint...excellent condition...$150

This is the other real estate sign...fantastic mustard, red and black paint...
a bit bigger with a great look! $195 for this one...

Wouldn't these be great in a Realtor's office who loved antiques!

I'll post up more pictures later this evening!


I'm sitting on the fence about these...tell me what you all think!

A while back, we met with our Andover Rep and the Head Marketing guy for the company and they told us about the new Jo Morton Batiks soon to come....
Hmmmm.....batiks aren't really our "thing"...but Jo Morton fabric is...
so I'm in a bit of a quandry....and we need yall's opinion....what do you think about these??

  Should we buy or should we pass??

(So far....the votes are heavy in the "NO" favor)

(Tuesday afternoon)

Little Sheep Virtues for April arrived today....kits will be ready tomorrow!

$6.95 for pattern only....$10 for kit (pattern, linen, and button)

I'll try and have some lavender wool in by the weekend if anyone is doing the 
project as shown!


These kits are ready!!

"Hospitality" Pineapple Quilt kit
from the Summer issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects!
Project size is 40" x 40"
Sabrina put this together with all the new homespuns at the
turned out fabulous!!
$32.95 for the kit (top only) price is $29.65
(and you'll need the magazine for the pattern)
Limited number available right now
Contact the shop if you're interested!

 We've had quite the kitten saga going on for the past several days here at home...
this is baby #3...rescued last night from inside our office wall
tomorrow morning, we have a guy from wildlife rescue coming to see if he can help 
find the rest of them...stay tune for the "rest of the story" (as Paul Harvey would say)...

(Wednesday night)

The WOW wool for this month...I'm calling it "Geranium Leaf green"
will be in the for Thursday! There is a limited if you're wanting wool for the wow treat, either come by early in the month or call the girls at the shop and reserve one!


Coming in for Tuesday next week...

Charm Packs and Layer Cakes
"Icicle Kisses" by Kansas Trouble Quilters

These pre-cut packs are coming in early...the line, on bolts, won't be here
until June sometime. If you love Kansas Trouble Quilters, you'll
really love their Christmas line this year!
$39 for the Layer Cake pack (wow price is $35.10)
$9.50 for the Charm pack (wow price is $8.55)
This will be the only time these come in....reservations accepted!


At the last Jo's Little Women Club are the girls
that have been working hard to get their quilts done!
Hmm....who's hiding behind their quilt on the end down there...
Great job yall!!


(Thursday afternoon)

"Gardens & Accoutrements of James Cramer"
Book price...$36.00 (wow price is $32.40)

"A Simple Garden Journal"
Book price $ price is $13.50

Both of these new books will be arriving next week...just a few remain!
(The Garden Journal really is a journal...with great pictures and lots of places
to write!) 

(Thursday night)

We just put this piece in the shop....

Very nice circa 1850 dry with wide pine boards,
large square nails, and a dovetailed gallery around the top. Features
unusual tall legs and a skillfully done sloped top leading
to its original drain hold. Later old brick over black paint.
Would make a great piece to use for a flat screen tv or a wonderful crock 
bench! $495.00

More new pictures coming first of next week!