Thursday, June 23, 2011

TWO DAYS IN A ROW!! (updated Friday evening...)

It's always a little scary when the UPS man backs his truck up into my driveway all the way to the garage...
You see....we have this "system"....if it's a little package, he stops out on the street, jumps out and runs up to the door...
If it's a few boxes, but nothing tooo heavy, then he pulls into the driveway and puts them on the porch...
But if it's a MAJOR haul....then he backs way down the drive and gets them really close to the garage!
Wednesday was the first major haul!

The first batch of Andover prints came in...woohoo! The first ten pictures are all from "Carolina"...fantastic colorway that goes with the Pumpkin Patch Plaids we already have at the shop SUPERBLY!! (We are talking awesome pumpkins, blacks, golds, and tans!!)

These are from "Toast" and "Toasty"...

These are some of the blue/browns from "Carolina"...

These two are from "Ravenwood"....great blacks to use with anything!

And these are from "Annadale"...

Makes ya just want to go start a quilt project, doesn't it!!

All of these new prints from Andover are suppose to retail for $10.99 per yard. OUR PRICE IS $9.50 PER YARD (WOW price is $8.55 per yard)

Then he comes again with another TRUCK LOAD full of goodies!

I'll try and post up some pictures a little later...but some great painted boxes arrived, wonderful hand-stitched samplers,some new colors of berry vines and a new book or two from one of our quilt distributors (including Whimsicals new Christmas book, Merry and Bright)!

Also...back in stock...100% cotton osnaburg (great for any kind of stitching...), sandcastle, our CTR punchneedles in all three sizes, plus a plethera of "sewing needfuls"!


AND...before I forget....we will have more of those great stick trees in the shop this weekend! Just a few are actually left that are not spoken for...don't get left out if you're really wanting one!

It's been one year since we began our WOW club...can you believe that???!!! Most of our members joined right in the many of you girls will need to renew if you'd like to keep your monthly "freebies" and discount going! I'll try and email everyone next week that has a expiring membership....

(And as a treat for rejoining WOW, members will receive a coupon good for 20% off their next purchase!!)

Come check out all of our new things at the shop if you get the chance this weekend!
Until we meet again.....


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just a few quick pics to start off the week...(updated Wednesday night)

I forgot to take the camera in on Friday and take pictures of the shop when it really looked good...but I thought I'd snap just a few here on Sunday before I left to show off a few of the goodies we got in PA! We sold alot...but still have alot a great stuff left! Plus more is coming!!

**We did sell out of the tobacco stick trees, but more are being made and I have a list already going of gals that need one...we should have more in the shop this next weekend! ($29.95 each)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3 Days of Shopping, 2 Hernias and a Packed Truck later....(updated Wednesday night)

Yea! We are finally home from our Market Trip to PA!! I thought I would post a few photographs of SOME of our findings You don't get to see the Halloween or Christmas goodies til later! (And I ran out of daylight before I could get everything snapped into a picture...)

We had to do a little creative packing at the hotel to get everything in the Suburban without letting the crushable stuff get crushed....but after everything came out onto the parking lot and then went back into the car...we slammed the door, made a pact that we weren't going to stop anywhere to shop on the way home and finally pulled into the driveway 8 hours later!

We picked us some awesome tobacco stick trees...great the way they are if you want to keep it simple or put one out in your garden to cultivate a vining trumpet vine on...$29.95 each. We're going to put one in the shop with one of our new autumn berry star vines on it...and maybe some little brown corded lights...wouldn't that look great out on your porch or screen room!( SOLD ALL WE HAD THIS WEEKEND...BUT WE HAVE 12 MORE COMING AND A LIST IS GOING!)

One of the antiques shop we went to yielded a fantastic little stool with orig. blue paint ($45) (SOLD), and the little tinware tin churn (missing its insides) would be a great little planter or put it in your kitchen and stash something in it...($38).SOLD

Awesome blue butt basket with navy paint..$48 (SOLD) and a LIBERTY sign for $22.95

Here are the rest of the pictures of the goodies that will be in the shop...hopefully we can fit everything in by the weekend! It's taking me way tooooo long to write all the yall can email me for pricing or better yet...come see us!

Like I said.....I didn't take a picture of a handful of things that will come in this finally got too dark...and you don't get to see the Halloween or Christmas goodies until it's time! PLUS....I ordered a bunch of goodies...some coming in now...some for later!

I've had several girls ask for primitive wool roving for hair and beards....found some! I ran into a lady who raises sheep at the show...absolutely great wool roving for any primitive project..and it's already been washed and ready to use! It'll be in the shop this weekend!

We've got bolts of fabric coming in from Jo Morton's Annadale, Toasty, Carolina and Ravenwood lines...they MIGHT make it here by Friday...I'll let you know if they do!
Jo's new line...Sweet Emily...will be shipping in July...not sure of the exact date...but the entire line is coming! WOOHOO!!

I've had several inquiries about the bee's the scoop...they are definitely made to go outside! And the guy who makes them said if you slather it up with buttermilk and put it in a shadier place, it will get all mossy! I think I might have to try that! Prices of the skeps are as follows...
Mini ones...$7.95 (have 4)
Medium ones...$18.95 (have 2 I think)
Large ones (like in the picture in its little house...$38.95 (have 2)
One tall skinny one...$49.95 (have one)
And the really big one...$89.95 (have one)

That's it for now...I'll update later if anything else shows up! In the meantime...keep busy doing something you love and we hope to see you this weekend!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just a quickie this week! (updated Friday evening...)

Happy HOT Thursday to all! Today we are in the mid 90's with high humidity...this is just the first of June, right???

This will be a quick post this week! We leave for market on Saturday....yes, the shop will be open and with lots of great americana and new goodies...Susan, Nancy and Sharon will be taking turns holding down the fort while we go shop for antiques and new primitives for the shop! I'm not stopping til the back end of that Suburban is full!!

If you haven't seen the new line of American Spirit fabrics.... they are great! Nancy is going to make a model of the quilt that we have the free pattern for...can't wait to see it once she gets started!

And...we have ordered Jo Morton's new line...Sweet Emily...due to ship the first of next week! I don't have samples, but if you go on to and click on the "What's New" tab at the top, you can scroll down and see the line! It is absolutely beautiful on fabric!

We also bought part of the Jo Morton's Annadale line, plus some great "fillers" from several of her other lines as well! New flannel plaids from Marcus Brothers will be coming in late August!

We got in the August issue of Early American Life....really good one this time! This is the issue with the Directory of Traditional Craftsmen in it...and there is a great article on American flags! $4.99 per copy...they won't last long!

Our cool wire trees (in all 3 sizes) have come in! I had time to get two of the sizes in the shop for this weekend...the small size is $9.95 and the medium size is $12.95. Great to leave out all year round and decorate for any season!

Like I said...just a quickie for now! Come see the girls this weekend...we have to make sure we keep them busy!!

Stay cool....Lisa