Tuesday, June 15, 2010

OK...Here we go!! New Stuff!! (updated Friday 6/18)

This week started out hectic and it's just getting....well I hate to say worse...but I can't think of another word right now....just more hectic, I guess!!
(Friday evening...)
Back from working at the shop...when we got home, all the patterns listed below did actually arrive for this weekend! Yea! And the rusty jingle bells for the Santa kits arrived as well! Again, Yea!

We took in some great prim smalls too...a fantastic bucket bench with its original blue paint...oh my gosh, killer! $175.00. Of course, after I filled it full of stuff, you can't hardly see the shelf anymore...it does hold a lot of stuff! Plus, that bottom shelf is pretty high off the ground...so crocks will fit GREAT under it on the floor...I'll take a better picture tomorrow...this one will have to do for now...

If you collect funky kitchen stuff...we found a very cool and OLD cherry pitter...with its original blue paint as well! $150.00
A neat old whiskey keg with original old red paint (would be cute on your front porch beside an old white rocker!) $50
Some nice early baskets (one in blue paint), some great old advertising boxes...one is for Hersheys...one is for Gold Medal flour...
And one of the coolest things if you are a stitcher...from 1886, it's a Clapp and Bailey Remnant Box...at least that is what it says...it's a thread box of some sort that was for displaying whatever Clapp and Bailey sold to stores. It opens up with all these different boxes that lift out...each one is a different overall size but the height is the same. It's an old store display...and will fit a TON of either regular skeins of floss or those 3 strand valdani balls perfectly! And it doesn't take up a ton of room! Made from walnut...$85.00 (Sorry yall..just sold it and it's heading off to Arizona)
Plus a bunch of other stuff I can't remember right now...(but some of it is sitting on that bucket bench...
(OMG...I just blew that picture up of the bench...not only did I cut off the top of the picture where the little whiskey barrel is, I forgot to iron that teatowel at the bottom...better go pack my iron!)

Almost forgot...the cost on the Wool Crazy Garden kits aren't going to be near as much as I thought...price on a kit (pattern sold seperately) is $32.00 ($28 for the WOW members).

(Thursday) This new pattern arrived today (along with that bolt of green civil war fabric that I fear might be the last one I can get my hands on...). Easy and quick...not a huge size...only 10" x 20" if you do it according to the pattern. I'll kit this next week and use Moda's Black Prarie Cloth for the background! Pattern price $8.00 (WOW price $7.00).

Thank heavens for small miracles...
I have someone helping me make models for the shop...so here came Santa back today! I think he turned out great! HOWEVER...we did make a couple of changes to him...little rusty bells have been added to his belt and tree and dyed chenille was added as trim.I love the fact that he's on an old army blanket....that color made everything else "pop"! For the girls who bought a kit this weekend, and would like to do him with these changes...email me and I'll send you the extra little goodies! ALSO...because we did him a little differently, I lost some of the background spacing (totally my fault for not thinking of this) so I need to replace the background if you did buy a kit already. I'm heading to the studio to re-cut the others, so from here on, this won't be a problem! If you would like a kit to our new Folk Art Santa pattern...the pattern is $8 and the kit is $14.95 (WOW girls...you know the drill...discount!) Thank you Vicki for doing such a great job!

Let the stiching begin...thought I'd put up a picture of my "naked" Wool Crazy Garden background. For those of you ordering kits...this is what your background is planned out to be...you'll get this picture in the kit as well! (If mine looks a little weird..it's because it's a mirror image of the pattern...which I didn't realize I was doing until I was well into putting it together...so make sure you reverse your template patterns if you want it to look like the original! Mine will just have to stay "unique"! On to the next step.....

Lots of new patterns are coming, I'm hoping by this weekend. I'm crossing everything I have and I think it's going to work! I didn't order tons of any of these right off the bat...there were soooo many to choose from! If anyone wants me to hold anything...just give me a shout!

"Sparrow's Song" Three patterns for the price of two. This pattern makes a lovely cross stitch, wool penny run and punchneedle cherub...$17.95 for the pattern (WOW price $15)

"Cute as a Button" Adorable little mouse perched atop a pincushion! Pattern price $9.00 (WOW price is $8.00)

"Emory the Sewing Mouse" Now he's sitting on a strawberry pinkeep! Pattern price is $9.00 (WOW price is $8.00)

"Yuletide" Three patterns in one...a wool penny mat with primitive embroidery, a cross stitch book binding project, and a festive Santa punchneedle...$17.95 (WOW price is $15.00)

"Halloween Sampler" Fun runner for your fall table! $9.00 each (WOW price $8.00)

"Bluebird Serenade" Another great 3-in-1 pattern...two really pretty wool applique projects and a punchneedle cherub...$17.95 for the pattern (WOW price $15)

"Sweetheart Pinkeep" punchneedle pattern...love the heart shape of this! $12.00 for the pattern (WOW price $10.80)

"Boo-ti-ful" Bouquet" punchneedle pattern...made into a cute cute little wool penny mat! $13.95 for the pattern (WOW price $12.50)

"Home of the Brave" punchneedle pattern. Love this Uncle Sam! $13.95 for the pattern (WOW price $12.50)

"Trick or Tweet" punchneedle pattern...I know I sound like a broken record..but isn't it cool?!! $13.95/pattern (WOW price $12.50) (I just wish I could find a box of those tiny little oil cans...at a cheap price!!)

Only two more patterns to show you...we're almost done...

"Hallows Eve" punchneedle pattern...$13.95 each (WOW price $12.50)

And last but not least..."Snow Day" cool funky snowman...$13.95 each (WOW price is $12.50)

WHEW! Done with the patterns for now!!

I've got some more fabric coming in this weekend...got this yesterday...FANTASTIC shade of red..and the paisly print is more of a light tan...so this is really pretty! From the Bonnie Blue Basics line by Marcus Brothers...our price per yard is $7.95 (WOW girls get a discount...)

There's also another bolt of the green/red/cream Civil War Tribute fabric coming in...this will make the 4th bolt of this we've gotten....I feel a hording attack coming on with this one...yikes! (And you should see how it looks with that red paisley...I've got a great shirting coming and those three together will make a great trio..I'm thinking christmas stack of covered boxes!!)

If any of the WOW girls need to place an order on any of the new stuff and have it shipped...I'll do free shipping for you thru Sunday!

Everybody try and stay cool....have a fun weekend!

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