Monday, March 29, 2010

Wishing you all a happy easter week! (updated Friday 4-3)

Although Prudence looks rather indifferent, we would like to wish everyone a happy Easter week!

We will be open this Saturday and Sunday...keeping our regular hours of 9am-6pm both days! There will be lots of things listed this goodies coming in for this weekend! The weather looks as though it will almost be summer-like in the near coming days which means lots of antique vendors should be out at the fairgrounds showing off their stuff! Hope you get a chance to come out and see us!

We've got a nice old quilt coming in this weekend...just in time for Spring! She's in nice condition...and CLEAN! (I don't even want to tell you how many baths I gave it...!) There are a few stains still here and there..nothing major...and I figured after all the cleaning, if those stains were still in there, then they were just going to become part of the character of the quilt!

Here is an upclose shot of one of the blocks... late 1800's with lots of blue/white shirtings used along with big pieces of this wonderful old pink throughout. The backing is in very good condition as is the's yellow (as you can see from the first picture). There are just a few small repairs that could be made...there was one fabric in one of the blocks that didn't fair through the years very well. But a couple of nice old patches will take care of that! Not terribly big..I'll measure later, but I'm guessing 50" x 60". $100.00.

The Dancing chickens have finally arrived for their debut this weekend! Along with them, will be these two patterns as well! (Drumstick Dancers is $14.95, Night Burglar is $9.95, and Greener Pastures is $11.95)

New candle flavors will be in the shop this weekend! This line has a wonderful primitive style, they are clean and long burning and the fragrances are wonderful!

The new flavors in the 16oz size are:
"Pearamel" (Star design) Baked pears in a creamy vanilla sauce
"Clove" Unbelievable scent of fresh cloves
"Brown Sugar" (Crow design) #1 seller!!
"Simplify" Vanilla cream pudding with hints of pumpkin and spices
"Primitive Blend" (oops, forgot to put that jar in the picture!) All of your favorite kitchen spices in one jar!

We also have in this size...
"Frost" just like a York Peppermint pattie!
"Gingerbread Cookies" the name speaks for itself!
"Early Spice Cake" pumpkin, spices and butter cream topped with cloves
"Cinnamon Stix" wonderfully strong...makes a great housewarming gift!
$14.95 each

In the new 8oz. Grungy jar line, our new scents are:
"1919 Coffee" Hazelnut coffee with creamy vanilla and nutty hazelnuts
"Ye Old Lantern Co." Orange clove scent
"Log Cabin" Pine and spices
$8.95 each

From this same line, we also have their new Cranberry Rosehips...$6.95 per package...Amazing strong scented with cranberry, cinnamon, cloves and vanilla. These come pre-packaged in a clear "pillow" sleeve wrapped in colonial style paper.

And last, but one of my favorites...Primitive Crow tarts scented in Brown Sugar. Put these big ol' guys in your favorite prim bowl or they can be melted in your tart warmer. 4" long, very strongly scented and dusted in cinnamon and spices...$1.25 each.

I had to take a picture of my lovely (but majorly overgrown and crowded) Laura Pedlums before they got their haircut...which they have now gotten...
The look of horror on my face as they cut them back, was I'm sure, worth a picture in itself! But Brandon, my yard guy, promised me that by July, I'd love them again and they would be blooming! I think I'm going to hold him to that! Now, that EVERYTHING in the yard has been trimmed and pruned, it's time for pine straw! But I'm leaving that to another day...I'm back to the dye pots for now!

Also, in case you didn't notice yet, we've added a selling blog can get to it by clicking on the link over to the right...under our website link. I'll let you know when we put things up there so you can take a quick cruise around!

When I got home from the shop this afternoon (I spent a little quality time cleaning and moving and redecorating....)all of our new stationary items were sitting on the front porch! New designs by Folk Art by David...notecards, recipe boxes, notepads, journals, a great address book, and coasters!! Come take a look...a couple of the items would make a great engagement or housewarming gift!!

There's a big pile of STUFF up in my studio (which, but they way, I am master of again!)...I'll be sorting thru it all,taking pictures and putting it up for sale...CHEAP! So stay tuned for that...I'll let you know where it ends up!
Have a great weekend!! Lisa

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