Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Officially Begins Saturday! (updated Sat. Mar 20th))

Our semi annual Johnston Benchworks sale has started! Get 40% off any order placed with us through April 15th!

Putting up a quick picture here of a quilt that we're bringing in to the shop this I won't say this ol'girl hasnt been around the block a bit...there is some damage, but nothing irrepairable....and the quilting that was done on it is immense. Nice and thin...with just a solid course weave homespun, almost feedsack type backing. If you have a wonderful old front porch swing or a cabinet that needs an old she is! $75.00 (SOLD - she found a new home!)

Ok...I will admit, I've got this thing for chickens.(Not ALL chickens...but I really just want 3 or 4 to lay a few eggs, entertain me a bit, help keep the bug population down in the yard....not a herd...just 3 or 4.) But now tell this not the funniest chicken punchneedle pattern?? I had to order's call "The Drumstick Dancers"!! It should be here for next weekend!

I dyed quite a bit today...bringing in some more spring colors...these are a bit more on the "prim" side of pastel...

Other goodies coming in this weekend...
We painted the herb rack a fantastic's coming back in.
Pair of pewter candlesticks...nice and heavy...$15 each or buy the pair for $25
A Windsor arm chair...great black finish...very comfortable...$40

If I can remember to take the camera, I'll get pictures stay tuned!!

We are within a day or so of having Judy Condon's newest book come in...this is the 10th in her series...and is called "The Country Home". I want to make sure that everyone that is wanting a copy, gets you do, please email me and let me know so that my "wish list" is complete. If we get them before the weekend, I'll be sure and let you know! (I'm hoping we'll have them for Sunday!!)

I have a handful of goodies that will be here this week that I just have to show you! I have several new patterns from Walnut Ridge Primitives coming in...

Aren't these just great!! Prices on the patterns are $8.95 for the Farmers Wife pincushion, $9.95 each on Milly & Tuck (the cats) and the Heart Sampler, and $12.00 for the Crow/bird pattern. I can't tell you how many times I needed a good crow/bird pattern..and here's one with 4!!(Photos courtesy of Walnut Ridge Primitives)

Also coming in are two new wool applique patterns....
The top one is called "Vines from the Heart" and is 14" x 25 1/2" long. The second pattern is called "Folk Art Flowers in Bloom" and is 19 3/4" x 28" long.
When I get a little extra time I'll kit these...pattern price on each of these two are $8.95 each...

Have a great weekend! Lisa

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