Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Determined to win the battle....(updated Thursday, Mar. 25)

We had a Judy Condon Book sighting today! They have finally arrived and will be in the shop this weekend!! (If you want to purchase and need one shipped...there are a couple over on our website...)

I've been trying to figure out the best way to put up pictures of stuff I'm cleaning out...I dinked around with picturetrail...what a pain! I'm not extremely computer literate and if I can't figure something out in about 5 minutes (did I mention I have a short attention span too??)'s time to figure out another way and move on!
SO..along the right side of our blog...I'll be putting up pictures of stuff for sale. Right now, it's going to be alot of my studio stuff that is looking for a new home! I'll be sure and let everyone know if anything goes over to the website as well.
I was up until 2am working in that studio last night...determined more than ever that I will prevail and that I am able to let go of things I haven't touched in....forever!!
With hot tea in hand...I'm off to face the beast of a room again....
The storm before the calm....

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  1. Oh you are a trooper! You will get it all done I know!
    Hugs, Lisa
    ps Windows Live Writer is a great way to add your pictures. Ou can write the posts offline and when they are perfect it sends them over. You can even edit the pics right in the post. Just go to Windows web site and search for it. It is really great. It will want you to download a ton of extras just go to the options you want. Good Luck!