Sunday, May 29, 2011

Celebrate and Remember.....(updated Friday afternoon...)

Wishing all of you a safe and happy Memorial Day....and please take a silent moment to remember those who have served our country to keep us safe and free....

(Monday evening...)

I wanted to get these pictures up of the Pumpkin Patch Plaids that we received last week...
We sold the heck of these plaids over the weekend and I'm running pretty low on a couple! Regular retail is $10.99...our price is $9.50 (WOW girls get their discount on top of that!) I've put them over on our selling website under the "Fabrics" section in case anyone needs to order and have shipped!

(Wednesday evening...)

More goodies are rolling in!!

Today we received the new issue of Rug Hooking magazine...$9.95 each (WOW price $8.50!)

And today, we received notice that the new line by Windham fabrics has shipped! It is called American Spirit 1880-1910 and is not only fabulous but we are the only shop in the Raleigh area that ordered it! What is wrong with these other shops???
Here are pictures of two free downloads offered by Windham fabrics using this line...these can be downloaded for free by going to:

click on the "free projects" tab at the top of the page.....

I am taking preorders on the fabric line for fat quarter packs and kits for the quilt called "American Spirit". Regular retail on the line is $11.00. Our price is 9.50 (WOW girls get their 10% off as well.)
Here are the prints in the line...

Fat Quarter Packs of the entire line are available for $73.95 (WOW price is $66.95). And we've cut 5" charm square packs too...$6.95 for the pack of 31 pcs.

(I'll have these fabrics posted on the website under the "fabrics" section later with their correct fabric numbers.)

Coming back in....we got another batch of the solar lid lights for the mason jars! These actually make pretty cool night lights in your house as well! Just put the jar out during the day so the battery can re-charge...then it can go in your house at night! I have a couple out on the front porch on a little table...they add just a great glow in the evening while your out rocking!

(Friday afternoon) you can see by the stacks of bolts on my front porch...we received the line of "American Spirit" WOOHOO! They'll be in the shop this weekend!

(I was trying to catch a picture of that pesky hummingbird that kept buzzing me while I was unpacking the fabric...I think I missed him!!)

Also...we got back in (sold out last weekend) some really wonderful paper-cut watercolor pictures...patriotic, of course! Several sizes and styles to choose from..I just snapped a picture of a few...

And the red,white & blue bunting (in both sizes) have come back in...along with our little Betsy Ross patriotic flags!

I think that's it for this weekend! Come see us if you get the chance...beautiful weather tomorrow and Sunday!


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