Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just a quickie this week! (updated Friday evening...)

Happy HOT Thursday to all! Today we are in the mid 90's with high humidity...this is just the first of June, right???

This will be a quick post this week! We leave for market on Saturday....yes, the shop will be open and with lots of great americana and new goodies...Susan, Nancy and Sharon will be taking turns holding down the fort while we go shop for antiques and new primitives for the shop! I'm not stopping til the back end of that Suburban is full!!

If you haven't seen the new line of American Spirit fabrics.... they are great! Nancy is going to make a model of the quilt that we have the free pattern for...can't wait to see it once she gets started!

And...we have ordered Jo Morton's new line...Sweet Emily...due to ship the first of next week! I don't have samples, but if you go on to and click on the "What's New" tab at the top, you can scroll down and see the line! It is absolutely beautiful on fabric!

We also bought part of the Jo Morton's Annadale line, plus some great "fillers" from several of her other lines as well! New flannel plaids from Marcus Brothers will be coming in late August!

We got in the August issue of Early American Life....really good one this time! This is the issue with the Directory of Traditional Craftsmen in it...and there is a great article on American flags! $4.99 per copy...they won't last long!

Our cool wire trees (in all 3 sizes) have come in! I had time to get two of the sizes in the shop for this weekend...the small size is $9.95 and the medium size is $12.95. Great to leave out all year round and decorate for any season!

Like I said...just a quickie for now! Come see the girls this weekend...we have to make sure we keep them busy!!

Stay cool....Lisa

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