Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is it HOT or WHAT??? (Updated Friday night)

Oh my gosh...I went to dinner last night...when I came home, the house was at 85 degrees and the air conditioner was blowing HOT air! Oh great, now what!??!! My A/C guy can't get here until Wednesday and Lucy is already panting at 10:00 in the morning! I remember every summer as a kid going to Grandpa's house in East Texas...he didn't have air conditioning and I never thought I was hot...but we went to go get snowcones 3 times a day! OMG, I just figured it out! All I need is a snowcone!

Goodies are beginning to pour in the door this week........

For those of you asking for the solar light lids that fit the mason jars, our order came in and they will be in the shop this weekend! They fit all standard size mason jars...come on at night & go off a daybreak...$11.95 each.

2" and 4" charming lights are back in stock...available in 4 base colors...black, barn red, navy blue, and hunter green...$12.95 for the 2" and $14.95 for the 4" styles.

Very cool tobacco stick stars...36" across...made from great old REAL tobacco sticks...$15 each

Also, the pumpkin patch plaids from Andover arrived...well 8 of the 12 did...and I just found out that they have completely run out of goods and the other 4 won't show up until at least late August...so I'm not even sure if we will get them at this point! But the 8 that did come in ARE GREAT! I'll post pictures of those tomorrow, I've already been taking cutting orders for these! Regular price is $10.95, our regular price is $9.50 and WOW girls get their discount off as well.(FYI...I asked my fabric rep...and we are the only shop in the Raleigh area that ordered these...can you believe that!!??!!)

Our primitive keeping cloth arrived...several colors to choose from....these are great to drape across your favorite old cupboard or mantel, use as window valance or a tablerunner on your old farm table...there's no end to what I could find to do with these! Each one is approx. 72" long x 36" wide, hand dyed and stenciled with stars. $17.95 each...

Shawn got home from PA early early Thursday morning...lots of great antique pieces coming in this weekend..some for only one weekend!

Great PA cake crock...really nice larger size with original matching lid...currently on hold.

2 really large great old baskets...one is an oak apple orchard basket, the other is large field/harvest basket made of oak & ash splint with metal reinforcements. Both are about circa 1900...$125 each

Circa 1830-1850 "bamboo" windsor chair...bright robins egg blue paint on top of many older layers of paint..this paint appears to be at least 60-80 years old...hand-hewn plank bottom seat with hand turned legs and runners...most likely from PA...$65.00

Circa 1830-1850 PA doughbox. Fine dovetail construction composed of pine and poplar boards with it's original lid. Great for display on a country harvest table...$150.00

Really nice larger sized cutlery/tool tote in old green original paint. Dates to about 1880-1890...$150.00

Awesome ca. 1900 "Pure Honey for Sale" trade sign. Extremely rare with highly desireable color scheme and subject matter! (Will not last long in the shop as after this weekend, it goes home in our personal collection!) $295.00

Rare ca. 1770-1800 Burl Wood Bowl. Excellent size and proportion with incised rim and tight burl pattern. Most likely Elm burl with rich honey colored patina. Also, one weekend only...$695.00.

Ca.1810-1830 Double Grease "Betty" lamp. All original adn rare configuration. This lamp is made from heavy gauge tin and features a decorative fan motif. These are almost always made from iron and it is extremely uncommon to find tin ones intact. Plus, it still has its' original wick tool! From the personal collection of a past president of the American Rush Light Club. $595.00

Great ca. 1830-1850 wallbox with square nail construction and traces of old green paint...$195.00

Extremely rare and unusual TALL Hogscraper Candlestick. Circa 1830-1860, this hogscraper is all original and measures almost 16" tall! We have never seen one like this before and have not been able to find another one in any of our reference materials.This might possibly be a one-of-a-kind made piece...$395.00

Awesome Americana country store advertising box featuring Uncle Sam and an American Eagle. My guess this box dates to 1876 due to the Patriotic theme and box construction. A super piece to add to any Americana collection! $275.00

We have actually 2 pairs of mid 19th century brass push-up candlesticks for sale. Priced to sell at at $49.95 for the pair pictured, and $29.95 for the pair not pictured...which are just a little shorter than the pair shown.

Tin ABC plate...$7.95

One weekend only in the shop...VERY RARE PA. show towel! Profusely decorated, signed and dated. One a scale of 1 to 10...this towel is a solid 8+ in rarity. These show towels were done in the same manner as a sampler, and were often not only decorated by a young girl, but woven by her as well. It is very rare to find one signed and dated...and the heart themed decoration is the frosting on the cake! Comparable show towels have sold at auction for over $1,000. $795.00 firm.

I snapped a few pics of the shop as we were putting things in today...

As you can see...lots of other new stuff, that I am just toooo tired to talk about! Plus our little Betsy Ross flags came in...along with our great americana bunting (in 2 sizes!!)

Two new patterns cames in this week...one is a great Halloween make-do and the other is a cute new punchneedle piece called "Fresh Eggs". The Make do pattern is $8.95 and "Fresh Eggs" is $11.95. (WOW girls...don't forget your discount!)

Also...we've re-worked our selling blog...its more of a website now! We'll be putting lots of our shop items, along with antiques and such that are not in the shop, up for sale on this new site! Be sure and check it out! I'll let everyone know when it has new updates as well!

That's it for tonight! Lots of new stuff to come and see for sure!! If you don't make it out to the shop, have a wonderful Memorial Day holiday weekend and we hope to see you soon!


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