Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fun New stuff!!! (Updated FRIDAY NIGHT)

It's always a good day when the UPS man comes to visit...and I'm getting to see him a lot this week! (Maybe tomorrow I'll ask him his'd think I would know that by now!)

We received some of our Moda fabrics today..."Little Gatherings" by Primitive Gatherings, Prairie cloth in 3 great colors, and three of the hand-dyed muslins from Primitive Gatherings as well! I'm throwing pics up here tonight,but tomorrow I'll get them over on the selling blog...under the "What's New" heading...along with some new books and patterns...

These three Prairie cloth colors are "staples" in the shop...FANTASTIC alternative for wool applique backgrounds...GREAT for wool project backings...and PERFECT for stitchery of all kinds, especially cross the weave is very even and the holes are actually big enough to see! Regular retail is $12.99...our price is $10.99 (and WOW pricing is $9.99 per yard)

(I'm working on my laptop (my main computer is at Geek Squad getting fixed)and I'm hoping these pictures and colors are turning out ok...the cream one is actually called "buff" and is a beautiful shade of creamy ivory....though not too white...

These are the three new hand-dyed muslins from Primitive Gatherings...the first color is called "Pie Crust", then "Time Worn" and then "Paper Bag". All great mottled shades for stitching or applique backgrounds! Regular retail price is $10.00, our price is $8.99 (and WOW pricing is $8.09)

And finally...the "Little Gatherings" prints....regular retail is $11.00 per yard, our price is $9.50 per yard (and WOW pricing is $8.55 per yard)

That's it for tonight...more coming tomorrow! Lisa

(Thursday afternoon)

Well...the fabric is over on the "What's New" page of the selling blog...finally! I'm working on my laptop and it is taking me about 5 times longer to get anything done...our regular computer won't be ready until tomorrow (crossing my fingers on that one!) and thank heavens I had most everything backed up with Carbonite since the Geek Squad is dumping everything and re-formatting the hard drive! That was $59 well spent!

Here are a few new patterns...gonna try like heck to get the little pumpkin mat kitted for the weekend! And I'll kit the christmas mat as well...just not for this weekend...

Pumpkin Table Mat...pattern price $5.95

Christmas Time Table Mat....pattern price $9.95

"Pretty Pots a Plenty" by Olde Green Cupboard Designs...$7.95 for the pattern
(The reason I picked up this pattern....a couple of months ago we picked up outside from one of the antique vendors, a spectacular civil war quilt in this pattern. When Jo Morton's "Sweet Emily" line of fabrics came in, I thought it would be perfect for that quilt design!'s the pattern!)

Also back in (probably for the last time)...Pumpkin Patch Threads by Need'Love. Great book...if you need a copy...the time to grab one is soon!

We got in some beautiful fall wools (plaids and textures,etc) and we bundled them into packs...a fat 1/16th of each wool. There are 6 in the pack for $11.95...(wow price is $10.75). We're selling out fast!

(Friday evening...well it wasn't for a lack of trying!)

One last update tonight...hopefully most of yall that like to get my quickie update email on Friday nights will just hop on over here to see what's new!

I tried to get the email out tonight....I promise, I really did! BUT nothing is set up the same on my big computer is still at Geek Squad hopefully fixed by now....and I would have picked it up this afternoon....except I spent all afternoon and into this evening in the &*%^)&! emergency I had time for THAT!

I won't go into a lengthy explanation about that whole ordeal...only to say I am now on medication for "heart palpatations"...which is actually blood pressure medication and seeing how I already have LOW blood pressure, that doesn't sound like to BEST thing to be doing...hopefully I won't fall out tomorrow at the shop from REALLY low blood pressure! What's an overworked girl to do!!??

One of the gals that does really great fall and halloween goodies for the shop is coming in tomorrow with an arm-load! Can't wait for that!! It'll be later in the afternoon don't come running in at the 9 o'clock bell to see that stuff!
(Though, if you didn't make it in lately...I brought in some great halloween goodies last Sunday!)

Have a great holiday weekend and come see us in your travels! Only 4 more weekends until we have to break down for the State Fair!


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