Saturday, August 13, 2011


Most of you know...I never start a new post until at least Monday...but I had to make an exception in the case!!

This is a special Fall Magazine Alert Message!!

When I got home from the shop this evening, our post lady had left me two boxes (oh my gosh...what could they be??) Well, I'll tell ya...the fall issues of two of our favorite magazines...Mercantile Gatherings and A Primitive Place!! I'm still doing a happy dance!

They are going into the shop with me tomorrow...and for you girls who have put your name on the list of either one or both of the magazines....I'll have them there ready for you to pick up at your convenience! (And if we're mailing yours, I'll be getting with you on Monday!)

AND...Vickie (our prim doll maker extroidinare) stopped by and dropped off a few more treats that will be going in with me tomorrow as well...(this is Vladimere, the Vampire make-do...sadly, my picture does not do ol' Vlad justice....he is just way tooo cool!) You'll just have to come in and see for yourself all the other goodies she brought!

(Thursday evening...)

Just a quick update tonight...we received another one of our fall magazines! "A Simple Life" will be in the shop this except for the new Simpler Times book coming (and we have no idea when that will be!), all of our fall publications are now in the shop!

I met with my fabric rep from Moda today...someone should have been there to stop me from should see all the great fabrics we've got coming in..."Woolen Needle" flannels, "Blueberry Crumb Cake" by Blackbird Designs, to name just a couple of things....oh my gosh, where is it all going to go???

We received our order from Primitiques for some of their AWESOME hand-painted baskets...if I get a chance, I'll snap a few'll just have to come in and see them for yourself!

Fall wools will be in this weekend...that's on my agenda for tomorrow. I'll be posting some pictures over on our selling site under "wools" later as we had some wonderful "as-is" yardage arrive as well.


Here are pics of some of the new "as-is" wools we received this week...I'll be doing small sample bundles of all 6 pieces for the shop! When I get the price figured, I'll let you know! (That 3rd piece is actually DARK navy,green and plum!)

The UPS man brought me a few fun bolts today...all of these are from Itsy Bits and Itsy Bits II by Andover. They'll be over on the "What's New" section of the selling site here shortly in case anyone would like to order and needs shipped...

That's it for tonight! Yall have a great weekend! Come see us if you get the chance...Lisa

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