Thursday, August 26, 2010

You know it's time to go to the eye doctor when.... take the can of Hot Shot bug spray and mistake it for the can of Magic Sizing and iron it all over your clothes 10 minutes before you have to leave the house! HOWEVER...I will say in my defense...both of those cans use EXACTLY the same shade of blue and in bad lighting, you can't really tell them apart! The smell, of course, should have been a dead giveaway...but I thought maybe they were using some new didn't smell all THAT bad! Anyway...Good night nurse...what a mess! And it turned the bottom of my iron black to boot! So....I guess it's time to go get a new prescription!

On a more pleasant note...we did get the new Fall/Winter copies of Early Homes Magazine in today! WooHoo!!

We'll probably only get these in once...and I'm throwing a handful of copies over on the website for anyone who needs to order. $4.99 for the magazine (WOW discount applies!) Some great articles in this one...

Also several new Halloween patterns will be here for next week...

Fun stuff to make out of wool! I'll dye wools to match next week and either offer them in packs or as kits...I'll let you know the details when I get it all figured out!

In case you didn't catch the info over on the side bar, we got in another batch of "A Primitive Place" magazines and they are going fast! If you are needing one and you're not sure if you have one being held already...let me know! I doubt if we reorder these again.

Our wire trees (in 3 sizes) finally showed up! Prices are $9.95 for the 18" size, $12.95 for the 24" size and $18.95 for the 36" size. They are great to leave out all year and decorate from season to season!

More halloween has made it in as well...along with a great Halloween book by Kindred Spirits!

I filled my orders for kits on the "Alphabet Song" pattern and I made a couple of extras...they came out great! I put these on the Black Heavy homespun by Moda which gave it a different look and helped a bit with the price. And I put enough in there so that if you would rather make it into a runner or pillow...there is plenty of backing. Anyway...kits are going to the shop...$30 for the pattern/kit/floss!

Before I forget...this is a quick note to the Settler Pride girls doing the BOM...bear with me just a bit...the next kit is almost ready! My son is here from Texas and we're trying to work in some fun stuff here and there so it's put me just a little behind. But the kits will be ready in the next few days! Sorry for the delay!

Everyone have a great weekend...get out and do something fun!!
Until later...Lisa


  1. HA!
    The nerve of some folks using the same designs on bottles! Don't they know we have enough to do with out stopping to read things!


    You are awesome to keep a light heart about it, have fun with your son

  2. That's a good way to apply bug repellant before going outside!

    Great patterns!