Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Holiday Weekend!

Well if this doesn't make you feel a little cooler....our postlady just came to the door with the Christmas edition of Early American Life Magazine! (Not to be confused with the December issue of EAL!) I just flipped through it real's got several pages on great antique ornaments shown in one of the stories! They'll be in the shop this weekend...$5.99 for the magazine! (They charge a little more for this one...)

We've got more halloween goodies coming in this weekend...including several new halloween kits and patterns!
From this pile of wool that I dyed on Wednesday...

...came these new kits! From a new Buttermilk Basin pattern that makes all three star pillows. Each pillow project is individually kited and runs $9.95 each. Pattern price is $8.95. (I only had time to get the fronts done so far...but the kits come complete with pillow backing, floss and chenille to add around the edge when you're done!)

The Candy Corn mat is also quick and easy to do...kit price is $12.95 and comes complete. Pattern price is $5.95.

Wendy and Holly...two of the maiden patterns from the "Down the Maiden's Path" BOM are ready in pattern form! For the girls doing the entire block of the month in kit form, Wendy will be kited in September so that you can enjoy her for the halloween season! Pattern only price...$7.00 (discount to the WOW girls...)

Be sure and check last week's blog again for all the new Buttermilk Basin patterns coming in. There will also be kits on the other projects as well! (WOW discounts apply of course!!)

I have one jar of the PVA glue left!(it's what we used in my box covering class...)I'm taking it to the shop this weekend...if anyone needs it, let me know!

Anyone like old quilts with LOTS of early blues and shirtings? I've got one coming into the shop...schoolhouse pattern...mid to late 1800's...with a ton of early blue calicos and shirting prints. This would be really nice over a cupboard door or folded in with other early quilts....or layed over the end of a guest room bed perhaps. I would say this is in a little better than good condition considering its' age...there are a few small seam repairs that I need to do and the binding is a bit rough in a couple of spots. The backing is old feed can see some of the printing here and there on the back. Not thin...but not what I would call a terribly thick quilt...larger quilting (you can see how it was quilted in the picture I took of the back).There are a few light stains here and there...that I believe will come out with a good soak (you can see them in the pictures) $110.00...any questions, just give me a shout!

Earl passed us by with not even a drop of rain...and now the weekend promises to be a little cooler and sunny! I hope everyone gets to get out and do something fun over the holiday weekend!

(And don't forget...Shawn is coming home from a 3 week trip to PA....he says the truck is loaded with stuff for the shop! That'll be in for next weeekend!!)


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