Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where does the time go??? (Updated Friday, August 6th)

That's the question of....well, the last two weeks at least! I've got a big ol' pile of newly dyed wool that can explain what I've mostly been doing (for the "Maiden" BOM, Settler's Pride, and some new kits!)....but I swear the hours in a day are just not as long as they used to be!

I'll try and post all the new stuff for the shop here in a bit...a big Valdani floss order came if you are needing any 3 strand balls...there's a good bet I've got them in!

Also, I got back in the 28" x 55" Americana bunting...$22 each. These have a great tea-dyed look and are perfect for your front porch or barn! I was able to only get 6 right now!

We hit the honey hole a couple of times this week and found some really great stuff for the shop...

You know how we love boxes...I wish I had a place to put this! Very early 19th century (1820-1840)wood box..constructed of mill sawn and hand-planed wide white pine boards. It's got great early square nails and tongue & groove joints...This would make a great firewood box by someone's fireplace or out on a covered screen porch! 28" long x 16" wide x 27" tall. $65.00

I love old enamelware and came across two really nice and early pieces! The little berry bucket is just 5" round x 5" tall...heavy enameling and its original lid (which is great!). The condition is beyond exceptional and would make a great addition to a special collection! $125.00
And the other piece is this rare and LARGE coffeepot. Very desirable dark blue & white swirl. Fantastic condition and like I'll hold a gallon at least! $145.00

Finally...a really nice market's got some age on it and it is in really great breaks or was dry (age thing, don't you know) so I put my special formula on it...really brought out the patina and the warmth! $36.00

Three bolts of this great green/red/cream civil war fabric from Marcus came back in...I started out with 40 yards...and there is now 7 yards left. (How the heck did that happen??). It'll be in the shop this weekend but I'm not sure how long it's going to last! $7.95 per yard (WOW price $7.15 per yard)

For those girls that have taken my covered box class and are now covering everything in sight...I have "tons" of paper mache boxes in stock at the shop more coming! Priced from $1-$3 each or graduated sets starting at $6.00. I'll put all the sizes up on our selling blog next week so you can see what I stock and order from there if you need to. I also have a couple of jars of PVA glue from Papersource (the kind I use in the class) in stock right now. $11 per jar (it goes a long way)...shout if you need some.

I've had a lot of girls come in wanting "stash" wool...good colors that will work for lots of things...not huge pieces...and with a great price...
I think I found the answer...nice size pieces for hooking or applique (approx. 6" x 14")and $1.50 each. You pick and choose the colors!
So now it's time for a contest! Name that wool!! I need a name for these cute little me your suggestion of a name, and if I use get 10 of these new little rolls for free!
(Update on the wool name...thank you to all the girls who sent in suggestions on what to name these new wool rolls...we have a winning suggestion! For everyone that participated in the all get two free rolls for sending me your suggestions!)

Now for our first blog give-a-way!!

There are actually two give-a-ways pictured. The first give-a-way is for the hand stitched sampler (plus a special added treat that I'm making for a surprise!)

To enter:
Simply post a comment to the blog (and remember to leave your name)!
If you would like to put in a 2nd entry...become a follower of our blog!

The second give-a-way is open to only the WOW Club Members! It is for a pack of the wools shown in the picture...some of the new plaids and textures we just received at the shop! (And, oh my gosh, are they luscious!)

To enter:
Simply post me a comment and let me know you read the blog!

Entries need to be posted by August 22nd...I'll announce the winners on Monday, August 23rd!

Good Luck!!

Time to go pack my car for an upcoming class tomorrow! Have a great weekend and come see us if you get the chance!!




  1. Love your shop! Also love the Friday night updates!

    Kim Erwin. =)

  2. Love the August Maiden's Path block! Will it be ready at the shop this weekend? W. Gooch.

  3. Hey Lisa!
    I am a follower, and I read every update!
    I am so bummed I missed out on the roll naming, but I am not really got at those anyway!
    Gotta see those new pieces and for only for $1.50! WOO HOO!

    Would love a chance to win either of those giveaways! You are always so generous!

    Have my fingers crossed, let me know if you would like me to post about your giveaway on my blog!

    See you soon!

  4. Hi Lisa -

    I definitely read all of your updates so I know what's going on! I will see you in the covered box class today.

    Heather Chandler
    (WOW girl ;) ).

  5. Hey Lisa!

    Have been following your updates for a while now, just couldn't pass up on a give away! Have fun at your covered box class today, I enjoyed the one I attended in July! Will try to get up to the shop tomorrow to check out your "stash" of wool. Sounds like a neat idea. Thanks again for meeting up with me to pick up the PVA.

    Tricia Rodriguez
    Another WOW girl

  6. Please enter me in your give away. I am now a follower...Thank you

  7. Hi Lisa,

    What did you use on the market basket to get the nice patina to come out?

    Thanks a bunch,
    Lisa (Vickie's friend)

  8. Hi Lisa,

    I visited your shop while in North Carolina visiting my family. Love it. Wish we had something like that in Oklahoma. I read your blog every week and love the Friday updates. Please enter me in your sampler give-away.

  9. Lisa, I'm already a follower and have just signed up for WOW. Please enter me in the giveaway for the sampler and maybe for the wool, too, if my WOW membership goes through in time before you draw for the giveaway.


    Starlight Primitives

  10. Lisa, I love reading your blog. I look forward to seeing what you have in the shop and what new things you have found. Please include me in the giveaway.
    Bonnie Cowan

  11. Lisa,

    I just found your blog and love it! Too bad I live so far away, I'd love to visit your shop. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks!
    Susan Marth