Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm ready for fall! (updated Friday evening....)

I'm not a cold weather person by any stretch of the imagination....but I do think I'm ready for a bit of fall weather!
Maybe this new pattern will get everyone in the mood! "Linda" is an additional Maiden from the "Down the Maiden's Path" Block of the Month designed by Liberty Rose.
The pattern is available now ($6.95) with a limited number of kits to be made. (If you are wanting a kit, let me know and I'll get you on the list!)Kit price (with the pattern included) is $28 ($25 for WOW members)...that includes the floss and everything you need to make your Maiden!

Don't forget to sign up for the free give-a-ways if you haven't already! Details are over on the side bar!

(Friday evening...)

Well...after unloading several BIG boxes of goodies that came in for the shop this week, alot of what I was needing for our fall & halloween displays won't be here until Monday or Tuesday...SOOOO...next weekend we will officially kick off the "falloween" season! But I still have lots of new things for the shop this weekend! Starting with these two new fabrics from Moda's line called Wiscasset. I really like paisley prints and thought this would make a great christmas covered fabric box...
And the small star flower print is perfect with all the civil war blues and tans. Regular price per yard is $9.00...our price is $7.95 (WOW discounts apply!)

Also in is a new quilted sandcastle fabric (the kind that looks like an old quilt once it is washed...)in the most awesome shade of gold! Perfect for the background to a wool fall runner or pillow...or I was thinking a perfect background to a black cat or flying witch sillohette halloween pillow! $13.99 per yard...(WOW price is $11.95 per yard.)(This is before it is washed...that's why it's looking a bit flat!)

I took this quick picture in the shop today...two great enamelware pieces are still available! Plus we added a really nice early 19th century mortar/pestal set...excellent turnings...we've added the blue milk paint...$125.00. Also, the little blue basket (with the bunnies in it)...a nice old NC one...probably around late 1800's to 1900 in really nice shape...$65.00. Also new in this weekend...a great old buttermold that we painted in blue milk paint as well...great kitchen piece...$35.00. Of course...everything else in the picture is for sale as well!!

One thing I didn't get a picture of today that we just took in...if anyone is looking for a really nice red/white/blue EARLY coverlet...we have one and it's only $45!! Now here's the deal...there are no holes...but it is a bit worn here and there...it has the seam down the center...not huge, but definitely not small. This would make a fantastic coverlet to fold and put into a cabinet along with other antique textiles...OR...you could cut this and make some great runners, mats, pillows, etc! If I had more time, I'd be keeping it to do just that...but if you saw my plate right now, it would be next year before I got to it! If anyone wants to see a picture of it...I'll be glad to snap one tomorrow at the shop once I get it displayed and email it to you!

"Comfort Zone" by Maggie Bonnanomi was shipped but we didn't get them in for this weekend....my books should be here Monday. If you pre-ordered one, I'll be either shipping it out to you or it will be at the shop next weekend so you can grab it (if you live in the area, that is!) There are a couple of copies left as well for sale...can't wait to see all the wonderful wool projects! Book price...$26.95 (WOW discounts apply!!)

And finally...our wool garden is beginning to bloom with lots of beautiful wool pieces..$1.50 each (WOW girls pay $1.35 ea.). A great way to add to or start a wool stash of your own! Come dig around and see what you pull out!

Oops...almost forgot...the new Early American Life magazine is here! $4.95 for the issue...they are over on the website if you need to order and have one shipped...

Have a great weekend...not nearly as hot tomorrow and Sunday so come see us and also check out all the antique vendors outside!! (I saw some good stuff out there today while those guys were setting up!)


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