Friday, April 16, 2010

A Quickie Post this week....

Friday greetings to all...this is a short post this week...can't believe it's already Friday, but it is! Block #4 of the Settler's Pride quilt is ready to picked up by those of you that come in and get it...just about everyone else's has been mailed (if we're not waiting on payment...)
We picked up several new things for the shop this week...but none of it's ready to come in just yet...still cleaning, painting, finishing, etc...

I did lots of dying...for various projects...and they are all in various stages...I'm working on a couple of new models that I want to kit...can't see them just yet...maybe in a couple of days!
Some new wool is coming in...more for sure next week as I want to "re-vamp" the wool shelves at the I am throwing a bunch of stuff ON SALE this weekend!!

Weather should be beautiful...come and see us if you get the chance!!


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