Friday, April 23, 2010

Been up since 4am!

OMG! My entire body is screaming at me...we've been up since 4am...heading to Liberty for the day to do some shopping! Great day for it though....nice and cool most of the day...the rain stayed away and the kettle corn (which is the best I've ever had) kept me from passing out from hunger!

Lots of goodies are coming in...some for only one weekend! I took pictures of some of the items...

4 great hog scrapers...the man who had these did a really nice job refinishing the wood handles...$8 each (a great price if you've been looking for these for make-do bases!)(3 left so far....)
Extremely RARE 19th century hand-made miniature wallpaper box in excellent condition. Probably Pennsylvania dutch. As is typical with this type of box, it is lined with period newsprint. You almost never see the really small ones and the wallpaper used was just a fantastic choice! This little jewel will be in the shop for one weekend...then it's going in our collection if no one takes it home. $350.00(GONE)

Wallpaper decorated document box...with tray. Dates 1870's-1890's...very unusual to find one of these with a flat top...most are dome topped. Looks great in a stack of old boxes/trunks...$48.00

Early to mid 19th century document box in original black paint...great square brad construction with its' original hinges..a really nice one to add to your collection...$75

Very Early 19th century (circa 1800) hand forged wrought iron double grease (or betty) lamp with original carrying handle/hanging hook and wick tool. The double betty lamps are hard to find...this one has unique punched decoration as well as the makers initials punched into the weekend in the shop, then it's mine to keep! We priced the ones we saw at Liberty...the single ones were going for the price we are asking on the double lamp...$175.00(SOLD)

Very early (mid to late 18th century) 4 spout grease lamp...also very hard to come by...with its original hand forged hanging chain. This one also features nice hand punched decoration...$175.00 (GONE)
Two really nice pantry boxes are coming in...the big one is easier to see in the above photo...really nice patina on both...nice and heavy...$90 for the large one, $70 for the smaller one...
4 great (but not old) blue civil war fabric covered boxes...the gal who did these did a really nice job of making them look good and old...$65 for the set
Really nice and OLD tin comb mirror with original blue paint...I can think of a million places this could go! Great look...late 19th century piece...$30 (SOLD)
Really nice and early bird cookie cutter...larger than most...with a great shape! $25

Really nice wooden tote...square nail constuction with 4 compartments...lots of uses for this size! $75.00
English bread board...great condition...these things bring a ton of money on ebay! $40 (SOLD)
Very cute early tin scoop...$15
Extremely rare mid 1800's pair of matching treen plates. You usually see bowls, trenchers, etc...but the plates are very hard to find. These measure about 9" in diameter (they're a little out-of-round due to their age)...$100 each (SOLD)

Things that didn't make it into the pictures...

A very large mid to late 18th century pewter has damage to one side...but would still display nicely in with other pewter pieces. Due to the damage, the price is $75...15" in diameter. (GONE)
Very awesome Swifts Sausage wooden shipping crate...GREAT old pig design on both ends! $65 (and worth every dime once you see that pig!)

There will be more antique pieces coming in for next weekend!

Also in this weekend...we are re-stocked on the silicone bulbs in both sizes and wattages!

AND...for you girls working on projects using wool...60+ pieces of hand dyed wool in some very awesome colors will be in on Saturday! I dyed for 3 days this week and I've got some great colors to show for it! Plus, don't forget, I'm throwing a bunch of my recycle wool on sale!!

That's it for's time to crawl into bed! Have a great weekend and come see us!


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