Friday, April 30, 2010

Lots of New Goodies at the shop!

Evening to all...just a quick post tonight...lots of new things in the shop this weekend and I thought I better get the pictures up before I go to up early this morning with a long list of things that had to get done...I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to last tonight!

We got in our order of Old Fashioned Milk Paint if you've been waiting for that to come's here!
We're also putting the Old Century Colors on sale for $12.75/quart...that's a 25% savings and a great price for that paint!

Shawn got one of the furniture pieces that he was working on finished this's a picture before it got decorated....and after...

It's really a great piece...sooo many uses...tons of storage underneath! This is an early 1800's piece, mortise & tenon construction...nice early square nails...$395.00

Here's a picture of some of the other items coming in this weekend...really great OLD red/white/blue quilt...nice early calicos with an early red homespun stripe on the back...there are some wear issues around the edges, but it is a great quilt to fold and put in a cupboard or hang on a would make a great table quilt for a 4th of July celebration...$60 (SOLD)

This picture has several things coming in...
REALLY nice and early burgandy and blue calico quilt...dang near perfect...the burgandy is deeper than it looks in the picture..really nice old homespun backing...$125.00(SOLD)
Great early field gathering basket...split oak with nice heavy runners on the old shot bag repair in the bottom (inside the basket)...$48
Creamy yellow primitive hanging shelf...lots of neat uses...$39.95
6 spot candle mold...nice and early with the age we like to see...$45
Early covered book dated 1896 (on the little prim shelf)..."The Adventures of a Brownie"...covered in age appropriate early brown calico fabric...really sweet and a great addition if you collect old covered books...$15

A big tin sign order came in today as we are well stocked on those!

Don't forget...Mother's Day is next weekend! We have lots of things that Mom would gift certificates in any amount are available!

We hope everyone has a great weekend...come see us if you get the chance!

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