Sunday, August 12, 2012

What an incredible weekend! (Updated Friday night)

Hello to all....

Well, we made it through our grand opening weekend......and what a wonderful time we all had!
I'd like to personally thank each and every one of our friends and customers that took the time to come and support us...we received so many great comments and well wishes on our new location....we wanted this shop to feel like home when you walk through the door, and from the response we received...I think we accomplished our goal! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

I'll have to admit, I'm terrible on taking pictures...but I did snap a few shots before we opened the doors Friday night for our WOW Preview Party...if you didn't get a chance to come over the is a little of what the shop looks like...(I forgot some of the rooms, and some of the pics turned out you'll have to come out and see it all for yourself!)

(This is turning out to be the husband's waiting area!)

Part of the stitchery room

Part of our front room heading into the quilting area

Wool patterns and books upstairs in our wool room

These two pictures are from the middle living area
just outside the stitchery room

Part of the kitchen section...on the other end is the kitchen
and coffee bar (always a fresh pot brewed!)

Sadly, the picture I took of our Halloween and Fall display came out all blurry...but there are still lots of great things left with more coming over the next couple of weeks!

Here is a picture of the model for this Saturday's Sweet Summer Time Mat class...hosted by Teri Berrier...I "tweeked" the colors just a bit from the original pattern...turned out great! There a couple of spots left in the class...let us know if you'd like to jump in! (Also...if you'd like to purchase just the pattern and/or kit...let me know...I want to make sure we have plenty on hand!)

Class time is this Saturday...from 1p - 4p!!

Oh my's past my bedtime for sure....more info on new stuff coming in this week a little later!

But for now....thank you all again for supporting the new shop....come hang out with us anytime!

(Monday morning)

Time to make a quick update! We've got some great new patterns arriving this week...

September Wordplay...$8.95 (WOW price $8.05)
This is the final month of the year long series!
If you're missing any of the months and you want to get them, let me 
know and we can get them for you!

"Tansy and Yarrow" by Pineberry Lane
New Sampler pattern with three pinkeeps
$11.95 (WOW price $10.75)

**For you girls that have been buying the thimble purse patterns....we have the G-S Hypo Cement coming...which is what Country Stitches used to put her purse together. It has a long thin needle like tip for precision gluing. The tube will run around $7.00 and we should have in by this coming weekend....if you need me to hold you one...just email me or call the shop and let me know!


Just wanted to let everyone know that the hypo cement glue arrived and is in stock!

A few new bolts of Civil War by Marcus Brothers arrived the other day along with 3 colors of their dyed those are back in stock!

Also got a few new bolts from Jo Morton's "Best Friends" line...I'll try and post up pictures of those a little later....

E Pluribus Unum pattern came in...cute!! $9.95 for the pattern (WOW!)

**Since we have a class on Sunday afternoon...WE WILL BE OPEN FROM 1:00 - 5:00pm!!
So if you want (or need) to come see us...come on down!

Have a great weekend...Lisa

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  1. Lisa,

    My daughter and I enjoyed being able to be there for your opening! It is incredible!! I loved everything! I hope to be able to stop again when I am in your area.
    Best Wishes