Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Monday to all! (updated Saturday morning 8/25)

We've had  a great opening week at the new shop...lots of new people stopping in, which is always fun...lots of our regulars coming by to see the new place. I really appreciate all the wonderful comments we have received, and the girls working at the shop can't wait to get more fun stuff going!

The local quilt shop hop is just about a month away, and even though we are not on the official list of shops participating, we are right on the route between two of the shops and we'll be having a big ol' party here during the entire 5 day event! Be looking for details on all of that a little closer to shop hop time!

I've got a few updates already today to share....

New Hardcover Book by Jill Peterson
"Fragments" - due out in September
$28.00 (WOW price $25.20)
(List going for those who would like a copy!)

(This edition is featuring Maggie Bonanomi's home!)
Email me if you want on the hold list for this one!
$8.95 for the issue (WOW price $8.05)

Two new cross stitch patterns by Country Stitches
(these should ship next week)

"On Pins & Pumpkins"
$9.95 (WOW price $8.95)
This is worked on 40 ct. linen 
(We've got the 40 ct Parchment from Weeks in stock which will work 
great for this!)

"Witch Pumpkin"
$9.95 (WOW price $8.95)
Worked on 35 ct Abecedarian..which we have in stock!

If you need any of these new items held or shipped...just let us know! More coming in all week check back for new updates!

**Please note....we have decided to be open every Sunday from 1:00p - 5:00p at the new shop!


Trying to stay on top of all the merchandise coming in this week!

Arrived late yesterday....

September/October issue of Rug Hooking Magazine
$9.95 per copy (WOW price $8.95)
(Some fun dye formulas in this issue!)

We also received our first batch of the Civil War Anniversary books that you'll need if you're signed up to do our Civil War BOM...which will start in OCTOBER now. (We had such a huge response to this project, that we now have to wait for the bolts to arrive before we can cut the kits!) If you're on the list for the project, and want to get your book early...just let me know!

(Friday night)

One last update before the weekend is upon us! We had a great "pick" today from a local estate...if you love decorating with antique crocks & might want to come see what we brought in today! Here is just a sneak peek of some of the collection we bought...all great pieces...nothing terribly expensive, but lots with great decoration!

Thank heavens the shop has a kitchen so we could pretty them up before they hit the floor! Lots of signed pieces, including two great Peter Herrmann preserve jars (one of them is a 5 gallon size!)

We got a HUGE box of fall and christmas punchneedle patterns in today as well! We are now well stocked for the holidays!

September Wordplay finally arrived...

 This is the final one in the series...$8.95 for the pattern...(WOW price $8.05)

And this cute pattern from Pineberry Lane arrived...just in time to get one done for christmas!

Merry Christmas Hanging Sampler...$10.95 (WOW price $9.85)

AND...Teri just brought in the sample for an adorable small fall quilt called "Hints of Fall" by Buttermilk is what the pattern looks like... it cute in person or what??!! We're cutting the kits now, and if you want just the pattern, we've got that too! (I'll put a picture up of the model in the next day or so!)

Two upcoming classes that we still have a little room in....

Fall Twister hosted by Vickie Wallace

"Talking Heads" hosted by Vickie Wallace

I'll post up the dates on these upcoming classes...I just realized my calendar is at the shop!

** For the WOW girls wanting wool as their treat this month...the August wool is at the shop!! (It's been ready for a couple of weeks...I just forgot to tell yall!)

(Saturday morning....)

If anyone needs better pics of any of the crocks...let me know!  We've sold 8 of them already this morning!!

We have a beginning cross stitch class on Tuesday...if anyone would like to jump in, please let us know! It's a really fun class making little halloween ornaments (or pins)!

Class is Tuesday, August 28th from 1p - 4p
Cost is $30 (for everything you need!)

That's it for now...we'll be updating at the beginning of the week as new goodies arrive!

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