Thursday, May 31, 2012


Happy Thursday to all....

Is it just me, or does it seem that this year is flying by way tooooo fast! Tomorrow is June the time I turn around twice, it will be Christmas already! Yikes!!

The cat's out of the bag on this next bit of info....we are opening a new shop spot! We finally found a cute little colonial styled house that has great potential for our new shop location....located in Fuquay-Varina right on Hwy. 401! It looks as though it will be very accessible to all of our customers and I can't wait for it to be finally open! We'll  have class space that we've been desperately needing and a cozy atmosphere for all of our customers to enjoy! More fabric, more stitchery, more wool, and more antiques and stuff! (In other words....just more!!!)
We're shooting for mid-July to be open...cross your fingers on that one!And, we'll be putting out a class schedule towards the end of June with some really fun classes and group information!

Before I forget...we just received the latest issue of Rug Hooking magazine...cost is $9.95. We only get a few issues in, so if you are needing one...give me a shout! (WOW discount applies!) There is a great article on hooking eyes...and the patriotic flag banner is a fun little project!

We also received a bunch of the older Threads books in by Need'lLove. The new one, Garden Gate Threads will be out in a few weeks. All of the older issues are $12.00 each (WOW price is $10) and there are some great titles still available! Summer Spirit Threads and Old Glory Threads are great for the upcoming summer months!

We are almost out of "A Primitive Place" magazine! Those 36 copies we ordered went fast. Let me know quick if you still need a copy! $9.95 for the issue...and it's a good one!

New books and patterns coming next week...fresh from market! More about those later....

(Friday night)

Just a real quick update....which will be the first QUICK thing I've done on this computer all day!

LOTS (and I mean lots!) of punchneedle patterns arrived today to help stock up back up! Some cute summer ones in the'll have to come in to see them all!

We are still waiting on Valdani 3 strand floss to arrive....guess patience will be a real virtue with this order!

Vickie was able to make some more of the eagles and there might be an Uncle Sam doll available...her 4th of July things are going like wildfire! Most of yall didn't get to see the first batch of goodies...they were gone in like 2 hours last weekend. (I keep telling her she can manage on just two hours of sleep a night...but she doesn't believe me!!)

That's it for me tonight! Beautiful weekend ahead...and lower temperatures to boot! Have a good one!  Lisa


  1. Great news Lisa. So excited that you will have more stuff. My youngen is getting married in a couple of weeks and after that I should have some free time. I want to learn rug hooking and the time will come when I have the time. Cannot wait to see your classes.

  2. I'm in New Bern and look forward to visiting your new shop.

  3. Congratulations on the new store. Will you still be at the fairgrounds or is this a total move. I'm looking forward to seeing it!