Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Has it been that long?? (Updated Friday night)

Oh my has!! 

I'm not sure where the time has gone...but please forgive me for being a BAD blogger! First, it was Liberty....then it was Cameron....then the computer had to go in for service...and today we finally received the word that it's....well....."terminal" to put it mildly! Sooooo.....tomorrow it's "go get a new computer day"!
I'm posting this quick note on my laptop....but it doesn't have my email list installed on hopefully yall will come looking for me and read this note!

Lots of new wonderful textured wools have come in and are now in the shop!  They will be on on the selling blog here soon!

The June word play pattern from Country Stitches is now in! $8.95 for the pattern (WOW discount applies!) And if you are needing the floss, we now carry the entire line of Gentle Arts floss at the shop!
(I's about time!!)

WOW members....the May wool will be ready beginning this weekend!

The new summer issue of A Simple Life magazine will be arriving any day...cross your fingers that it gets here by this weekend! $9.95 for the discounts apply! Let me know if we need to hold you one!

(Friday evening...)

Just a quick update...the new computer is up and running...but all of my stuff (which there is ALOT) has not all been totally loaded I can't send out an email tonight....hopefully yall will just come take a look to see what's going on!

SIMPLE LIFE Magazine did arrive today and will be in the shop for this weekend! Woohoo!

Also...Vickie just brought over a basket full of wonderful summer handmades...there is the coolest Uncle Sam and Betsy doll you've ever seen.....she's gonna have to make more of those for sure...Uncle Sam has been "talkin' to me" ever since he came in the door!

For you knitters out there especially....Fiberfest is going on over at the Jim Graham building this weekend...I've not had a chance to go see it first hand...but I did hear there are some awesome vendors with hand-dyed yarns for sale.  (I think I'm glad I'm not a knitter...that could be dangerous!)

We brought in some great antiques...circa 1840-1870 GA. blanket chest in it's orig. brown and blue paint...a huge trencher that would look great on someone's harvest a few small goodies...come and take a look!

Time to go and get the car packed for tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

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