Thursday, April 19, 2012

Who's that in this picture??? (updated Friday afternoon)

It's a wonder I get anything done sometimes! This week I dyed wool for two days I took a bunch of the wools out of one amoire and tossed them on the bed so that I could get a bunch of it cut for dying....and guess who decides to make it her bed! Of course...I didn't see her at first until I tried to move a piece of wool and out came the claws trying to stop me!

Ah ha! There she is! (And looking positively evil to boot!)

I'm not sure how much updating I'll get to do on the blog tomorrow...this dang computer is fixing to go back to the Geek Squad (per their suggestion) cuz it's running soooooo slow!'s what I know so far:

Our big ol' order of all the Gentle Arts hand dyed flosses arrived today! So we are now officially carrying their line in the shop! Woohoo! (I will have to say though...for all the money I spent, it would have made me feel a whole lot better if it had arrived in a gigantic size box! Maybe good things really do come in small packages!)

30 ct. Confederate gray linen and 28 ct Cashel in "Dirty" came in today too!

The WOW wool is ready to go for April (and it's not even the end of the month yet!)!! So girls, come in quick for the best selection!

Shawn is busy working on a couple of antique buys he picked hopefully they'll be in the shop in the next week or so...

And...the bolts we ordered of Primitive Gathering's line called "Seasonal Gatherings" are on their way and will be here next week! We do have fat quarters available on all 50 pcs in the line, but we only purchased about 12 of the bolts. They are now over on our selling site (see the right hand side bar)for viewing and pre-orders.

This is one of the new projects coming out in the Summer edition of Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine. Kerri Arthur ( this darling little bag and asked me if we would like to kit it for the magazine. So....we are listed as the kit provider and are already getting calls from gals across the U.S. wanting a kit. There will be a limited number of kits made..if any of our regular customers are wanting one...please let me know! I will have some for sale this weekend in the shop!

And better late than never...

We had this runner in the shop for sale before naturally we had several customers ask if there was a kit available. There is now! And...there are only 4 left! Soooo....if you're thinking you need one to do for next Easter...let me know!
Kit price is $32 (WOW price is $28.80)and comes will all the hand-dyed wools and plaid backing fabric.(It does not come with the pattern, but we have that in stock!) When they're gone...that's it...this is a bit of a bear to dye and make it all look really good!

That's it for this week's update..I have to shut this computer down and haul it back to the Geek Squad!
Have a great weekend..and come see us if you get the chance!

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