Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Well it's about time!!....(updated Friday evening)

(Friday evening...)

Finally! After two weeks of pacing...then brooding when the UPS man didn't deliver anything FUN...he delivered today! This picture only shows about 1/2 the boxes we got...the other 1/2 were already being loaded into the car!!
The really fun part was that we had to leave shortly after and get all that stuff to the shop so we could get it in by tomorrow...and we did!

First, we got the entire fabric line of Jo Morton's "Sweet Emily"...absolutely beautiful! There are 31 bolts in the collection...I'll put pictures up next week after I get a chance to cut it! ($9.50 per yard...our price. Reg. retail is $10.95)(WOW price is $8.55 per yard)

Then we received fabric from Windham...the pink quilt fabric from the American Spirit line came back in....so if you're wanting to do the "Rocky Road" quilt...we've got the main fabric now! Plus some great civil war "fillers" from several of the lines...and the golden brown velveteen from American Spirit too!

I got the PVA glue back in stock...great for making the fabric covered boxes! If you are needing one of the jars...let me know...there are only 6. $11.95 per jar...

AND....drum roll please....Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine arrived! YEA!!!
If you emailed me to hold you an issue...there is one now with your name on it at the shop!

There's a mouse in my house...

Thank heavens he is of the "stuffed" variety! Made by one of the local artists who puts things in our shop, I have 6 of these little handmade cuties for sale...$19.95 each! (2 SOLD...so now there are 4)

Also in this week...wonderful scrap rag balls...perfect for your favorite old bowl! Pick reds or blues...$6.95 each....( I have to be careful where I put them...Lucy thinks they are for her!)

Judy Condon's new book arrived.."The Joy of Country"!! $24.95 each...there are only a few left!


We are listed in the Primitive Quilts and Projects book as the shop to contact for Calico Rabbit's Star Pumpkin Pillow and mat!! If anyone wants a kit on either project, please let me know as we are already starting to get internet orders and I'm not sure how many will be made for the shop! Kits are $19.95 each or both projects for $38 (WOW girls get their discounts as well!)

Coming in this weekend...we found a great nice piece of older heavier enamelware...cute little pot with its' original lid and no major wear to the enamel! Overall size is about 5" high by 8" in diameter...$40 (SOLD)

Poor Molly....do you think she needs a bigger bed??

(Thursday afternoon....)

The new hand-dyed Newcastle linen (40 ct.) arrived...we will be selling it in fat quarter size pieces...approx. 18" x 27"...$19.95 each (Regular retail is $22.50).WOW girls get their discount as well!! Beautiful aged look...great for any project!

Whew! I'm pooped! That's it for the new stuff!!! Have a great weekend and come see us!


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  1. Hi Lisa,
    (squeal!) The projects look AWESOME! I am like, so giddy! I am still waiting for my copy, practically pouncing on the mail lady when she comes!

    Thanks so much for providing the kits! I hope you sell lots!

    Talk to you soon!