Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 4th of July to all!!

Happy 4th everyone!! We hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend with lots of lemonade, watermelon and fireworks!!

I'll try and keep this weeks' update short and sweet...

First off...we will be open all weekend, so please come by and see us if you get the chance! Here are just a couple of pics I took in the shop today of some of the new things we brought in...

This is a replica George Washington box made for us by Primitiques. Fantastic blue paint called "Ella Blue"...this is actually fairly large...21 1/2" to the top of the cherry tree, 11 1/2" wide and 7 1/2" deep. It can be hung on the wall or it makes a great catch box on a hutch or in the kitchen! This might be one of those "one weekend only deals...I've found way tooo many places I could put this in the house! $155.00. We also received a FAB 10" bowl that they did as well in the same "Ella Blue"'s on the table in the picture below...$38.00 (WOW discounts do apply!)

I took a picture of our bee skeps and primitive dolls...the skeps are going fast...we've probably sold more than half of what we were able to bring back from PA. I just received some of our great dolls we ordered..."Nellie" is up top...she is actually a make-do doll on a large bobbin. Her dress is an old flour mill sack from Albermarle, how cool is that! Nellie is $44.00 We also brought in one of our black cats...great painted and sanded with rusty bells around his neck..."Tuck" is a PA transplant looking for a new home..he's $28.00 (SOLD)

Here's an up close picture of Nellie...(Nellie is sold and has gone to a good home!)

For you girls doing the "Down the Maiden's Path" BOM kits...Abigale is ready to be picked up or shipped...she was the November girl we didn't get to last fall. Betsy, the July Maiden, is your last kit and I should have her ready by Sunday...I'm taking all the parts to work on her at the shop tomorrow! So yall are almost done! Woohoo!!

(If anyone is interested in making one of these girls, I should have extra kits available. They come complete with pattern and everything you need for $28.00. ($25 if you are a WOW member.)

Well I think that's all I had to talk about tonight! The June and July wools for the WOW members are ready to go and tobacco stick trees are restocked! I've put a quick note about the fireworks out at the fairgrounds case you're still looking for someplace to go on Monday!

Have a safe 4th!


**The City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation along with the NC State Fair will have their annual fireworks display at 9:45pm on Monday the 4th!
Gates open at admission and parking...and there will be tons of activities to keep everyone busy until the fireworks show at vendors will be out as well!

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