Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ain't that the Truth!!!

One of my good customers sent this to me in an email...sadly, it fits our situation around here perfectly!!! I honestly don't see how it could get any hotter around poor air conditioner hasn't shut off since about 10a this morning! UGH!

And.....I've been standing on my head every day WAITING for the UPS man to show up with boxes...lots of boxes! What is he waiting on???? I thought for sure we would have had at least one of the new magazines come in by now! Oh Scarlet would say...tomorrow is another day!

We did get a few extra copies of Judy Condon's last book back in..."Spirit of Country". I had a few customers that missed out on the first here's your chance to grab one...$24.95 (WOW discount applies!)

**I have had several people ask about the rug on the front cover of that's the scoop....that design is by Polly Minick, which she only did in kit form. However...she has a new book coming out in February 2012 and that design will be in it! Several of my customers and myself included are dying to do that in February will will start a rug group just for those of us who want to make this rug! More details on all of that when the time gets closer!!

We've got some new punchneedle patterns coming in...just waiting for them to arrive!
All are $12.95 fall projects!

Pumpkin Hill

Wool Farm

Tending the Pumpkins

It's great that Shawn's family lives up in PA...close to lots of good antique auctions...sometimes we get lucky....other times, not. This time we were very fortunate to get some really nice antique baskets at very fair prices...these will be in the shop this weekend...

The first basket is a beautiful ash splint basket...$150.00
The rest of the baskets are all oak...2nd basket, $95 (SOLD)....third basket, $100.00....fourth basket, $85.00 (SOLD) and the last basket (a beautiful basket!), $125.00 (SOLD)

Had to put this in at the last tonight...we were just commenting on that fact that we haven't seen many bunnies in the yard this was right at near dark tonight when I walked out to finish a little watering and there he was...munching in the could have put him in a teacup, he was that small!

**The Bead Mercantile Show is this weekend in the Scott Building...located behind the antique outdoor vendor section. Sat. 10a-5p and Sun. 10a - 4p. Admission is $3.00**

Yall have a great weekend...come see us if you get the chance!

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