Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just a few quick pics to start off the week...(updated Wednesday night)

I forgot to take the camera in on Friday and take pictures of the shop when it really looked good...but I thought I'd snap just a few here on Sunday before I left to show off a few of the goodies we got in PA! We sold alot...but still have alot a great stuff left! Plus more is coming!!

**We did sell out of the tobacco stick trees, but more are being made and I have a list already going of gals that need one...we should have more in the shop this next weekend! ($29.95 each)


  1. Love your shop, miss having our prim store, so fun to shop in.
    I thought you had closed the shop, for some reason, guess not.


  2. Arrrgh....I really hate that you are there and I am here! Your shop looks fabulous! Someday I will get to Raleigh on a weekend! And not during the fair!