Sunday, February 20, 2011

Heading To Houston (updated Wed. night)

Just a quick and final note on the blog this week...I've had an ongoing medical emergency since about the end of October with mom who lives down near Houston...things have taken a turn for the I'm heading there tomorrow and will be out of the shop for a couple of weeks or so....Susan Havens will help run the shop with Shawn while I am gone...between the two of them, they'll have everything under control!

The Maiden kits are all in the mail or at the shop to be picked up....
Settler's Pride girls, you'll get your first border kit shortly after I return.

My rug, sad to say, will be sitting on the frame waiting for my return as's just toooo big to take with me!

Until I return...have a great weekend coming up and come see all the new patterns in the shop this weekend!

Now for the fun stuff.....

It's Never too Early to Talk about Spring!!

So my thinking is....if you talk about something long'll just be here before you know it! So let's talk more "Spring" this week! If you didn't catch my last blog sure and look at it...lots of those new patterns will be showing up this week! And Notforgotten Farm has issued 3 new patterns..2 punchneedle and a cross stitch pattern...these will be here for this weekend!(And don't you just LOVE that one with the chickens!!! I've got this "thing" for chickens....I've been wanting just 4 or 5 to have in the in a cute little coop and give us eggs to eat.Hmmm.... I think this is going to be my year of the chicken!)

All of these patterns will run $9.95 each.... (WOW price...$8.95)

(Monday morning...)

First thing, right off the bat...Sharon sent a picture of FINISHED SAM! (Well, almost finished...she still has to bind him...)He looks soooo great! Congratulations Sharon!!

(Tuesday afternoon...)

All of the NEW Spring punchneedle and cross stitch patterns by Country Stitches will be here for this weekend! I have some names on a "hold me that pattern" list...but if you see something you want and you're not already on the me!
(And if you can't remember what the patterns look like...go down a couple of blog'll see them there!

I'm still waiting on a Valdani order...keeping for fingers crossed for soooooon!

More coming all week check back! Lisa

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  1. Hi Lisa
    My prayers go out to you and your mom.

    Safe trip and see you when you get back.