Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Year of the Bunny....I love bunnies!

(Updated Friday evening...)

This morning as I was catching up on emails and I saw the article that today is the first day of the Chinese New's the year of the Bunny! Hmmmm, I may have to do a few special projects throughout the year to celebrate! But for now....back to business....

Just Arrived!! Judy Condon's newest book..."Simply Country Gardens". This is the first book strickly devoted to outdoor gardens! Nothing but 144 pages of great color pictures to make you want to get out in the dirt and dig and sing! $24.95 for the book (WOW price $22.45)...only a few copies not spoken for....they'll be in the shop this weekend!

I have some more wool for! I did have a big ol' pile on Monday, but then Sharon (with Liberty Rose) came over and most of it ended up in her car...heading to her house to be dyed, dried and used in future classes! Sometimes it pays to be just in the right place at the right time!!
Anyway...if anyone wants any of me and I'll put your name on it til you can come and get it! (Or don't forget, I can mail!)

Micro check in great shades of lavender/purple/blue. I have 2/3 yard left for $5.28... This is a bit on the "thin" side...hookable (though it wouldn't be my first choice) and definitely great for applique or background! (GONE)

Great purple...actually goes nicely with the one above...I have 1/2 yard total left for $4. Washes up beautifully...great to hook with. If you are a dyer..great to throw blues and other purple formulas over...(GONE)

One yard left of this on the bolt...pretty shade of blue...felts beautifully...great for hooking or applique...$8/yard

1 yard left...great houndstooth to dye over! Great weight to hook or applique...$8 (GONE)

This batch is going as one lot..1 yard total for $8, each piece is 1/4 yard. All are a great weight for hooking and applique and are great to overdye! (The 4 colors are a deep dark green, woodrose, purple, and navy blue)

There is also a bunch of wool I'm taking in and bundling cheap...great pieces to dye tons of colors over...all out of my'll have to come in and see what's there!

Now to switch gears...the two books, "Remembering Adelia" and "The Civil War Sewing Circle" came in this week and will be in the shop this weekend (if I have any left!)
Front pics of the books are in the last blog update before this one...but I'll try and post of few pictures later tonight or tomorrow so you can see what all is in there...wonderful civil war fabrics used in these quilts and projects!

(Friday update...I'm out of "The Civil War Sewing Circle" book and will order more next week...)

And speaking of civil war fabric...we have a new one to add to our shelves...

From the Civil War Tribute Collection by Marcus Brothers...$7.95 per yard (WOW price is $7.15/yard) (regular retail is $9.00)...a great stash builder..goes with everything!

For all you hookers out there...I've got a good find for you! One of my customers is thinning out her it was one of Pat Cross's out of print books..."Simply Primitive". Fantastic patterns in here and great instruction on rug hooking, punchneedle and needle felting. The book is in unused condition for $12! Worth every penny and then some if you're wanting to build up your book stash! It's going in the shop this weekend if no one wants to claim it first! Email me if you want it! (SOLD)

STARTING THIS WEEKEND AND RUNNING FOR THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY...JOHNSTON BENCHWORKS SALE!! 40% off all orders for furniture or upholstery fabric! Now is a great time to get this line at a great price! Handmade here in North Carolina!

One of my customer, who's been cleaning out her quilting room, brought me more books and fabric today...I'm telling you girls...there is some great stuff! LOTS of charm packs by Moda...all new and lines that are long gone! Lots of designers to choose from, Blackbird Designs, April Cornell, 3 Sisters, Sandy Gervais...just to name a few! Plus a TON of quilting books...most in pristine, new condition...from just about anyone "primitive" you can think of...lots to come see and check out!

I updated my "rug watchers" picture over on the right hand side's coming along!

The February WOW wool is ready for you girls to pick up..."Antique Apricot" is this month's color! I'll be shipping to your girls out of state next week...time to get yall all caught up! Woohoo!

Some new items for the home decor side are coming in...great small mantel shelf, a cape cod hanging box and samplers! (My camera batteries died when I took my rug picture so I can't snap any pics of these...sorry!)

Sharon (Liberty Rose) just sent me her "rug watchers" photo for this week...Sam's feet are all in and the background is starting...he'll be hanging in no time!

Time to pack everything up and get ready to go into the shop tomorrow! Come see us!

Happy Superbowl weekend!


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