Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One more weekend left....(updated Friday night)

Just one more weekend left before we have to close for the month of October! I'll update during the week as new things are ready or come in for the shop! I totally lost a day yesterday with a killer headache...didn't get a darn thing done, now I feel even more behind!

We did get in the new issue of Wool Street Journal...this one is really pretty good with lots of content and some good projects! $8.95 (WOW discount applies) for the issue and we'll have it over on the website for purchase as well...

Attention Girls doing the "Down the Maiden's Path" Block of the Month...

Wendy is ready to be picked up or mailed. For those wishing to pick up the kit, we will have them at our shop this weekend! If you are needing it mailed, just let me know. (You out of town girls don't have to contact me...)

Also...for yall that got the "Becky" Maiden kit...if you haven't done it yet, take a quick look at the kit and see if there is enough of the sunflower wool to do both sunflowers. There was a mistake done on the pattern and the amount of wool listed will only be enough for one sunflower. Some of the kits I caught, some I fixed and some (I think) went without enough wool! If you need more wool...please email me and let me know! I'll get it out to you asap!

"Hootie" the Owl kits are ready this weekend! $17.95 for the complete wool/floss kit. WOW members get the discount!

(Friday night)
A few new things are coming in for our last weekend....

After getting up at 4a.m. this morning (yes, you read that right!) to get to Liberty for the big antique festival by 6:30a.m....we finally drove back in the driveway at almost 6p.m. this evening with (unfortuneatly) a somewhat light "haul". We managed to snag a few deals for the shop....a cute little VA. 1 quart canning crock ($75), a nice large sized old dough bowl ($95), and really nice LARGE OLD handled tote ($95), a nice old firkin with grungy brown paint which is the original color and in very nice condition ( and two great old hog scraper candlesticks ($95 each or $150 if you buy the pair..and they are a matched set.)
Also, when I got home, my big box of fresh bittersweet was sitting on the front porch! We get this every year from a farm up in NY...it will be in the shop tomorrow....
AND...A few more handmade primitive goodies by Vickie Wallace are coming in too! She just brought me the coolest BIG halloween witch (complete with a bag of toads!), a crow on pumpkin, 2 little scarecrow dolls, a witch stump doll and some bat bowl fillers! She creates some of the most fantastic primitives...I know these won't last long!!

I'm tooooo tired to take pictures of the other goodies...yall will just have to come in and see us!

Have a great weekend!


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