Monday, July 19, 2010

The Word of the Day is....Bookoos! (updated Friday 23rd)

Happy Monday to all! We had a really busy weekend and already this week promises to be great...but busy!! I've got lots of good stuff coming in for the shop this I've picked "bookoos" as my word for the week! (That is a word, right?)

Our mail lady just delivered Judy Condon's newest book..."The Comfort of Home". As usual....GREAT pictures and lots of inspiration if you love primitive american antiques. One of the houses shown in this edition is Barbara and Wayne Carroll's house (Woolley Fox rug hooking designs) there are bookoos of old and new hooked rugs shown in all the pictures...what fun!
Anyway...we have a FEW copies not spoken if you are wanting one, just let me know! $24.95 for the book...I'll have them over on our website to purchase as well.
(Judy's next book, which is Christmas themed, will be coming out in early September. So because of that, we will not be reordering the book we just received when we run out.)

I've got bookoos of punchneedle patterns coming in this week as well! I'll make a list on the blog after they all get case anyone is needing any! (Lots of Halloween and Christmas ones for sure!)

And speaking of punchneedle...I'd like to thank all the girls who came to my punchneedle class on Saturday! I really enjoyed everyone in the class and I hope everyone had a good time!

(Friday evening update)

Well...I thought I'd put a quick update on...sadly there are no pictures to go with the plethera of things that are coming into the shop this weekend! (Can't find the little card thing that fits into the camera and I'm tired of looking for it!)

I threw my back out yesterday hauling in the GIGANTIC box of new textured wools...OMG...what was I thinking!??!! There's a heat index of 110 here and I'm going to heat up the kitchen for a week and dye wool!! I got a little bit done today...oh my gosh did they turn out great! I promise pictures when I find the card!

Note to the WOW group members...your July wool treat is ready and I'll be shipping out pieces to those of you who can't make it into the shop...otherwise, I have them ready to be picked up the next time you come in!

Lots of new punchneedle patterns! I'm restocked on the sandcastle fabric too! And I'm restocked on several new wool applique patterns that we had run out of...

There are lots of new candle flavors that just came some favorites for the upcoming fall season...Snickerdoodle, Papa's Pumpkin Pie, and Anut Kooks Apple Cider, to name just a few!
Plus...I got a BIG box of our scented rosehips in...including a new one...Pumpkin our favorites...Cinnamon Stix and Stones, Mulberry, Orange Twist and Cinnamon Bun. (I'm starting to get hungry!!)

Be looking next week for our first blog give-a-way! Details on how you can enter coming soon!

Have a great weekend....if its' hot where you live right now, grab a cool drink and do something fun indoors!


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