Friday, July 16, 2010

I feel like Pooh (Winnie, that is)...finding a big pot of honey!

Evening to all....I hope some of yall come to read the blog tonight without getting our weekly update reminder...

I sometimes feel like I would love NOT to have a computer...but in reality, I need it, I want it and it's got to stay working! AOL is having "issues" with its' mail service right now and it is affecting some of their accounts...and mine happens to be one of them! For 2 days now, I haven't been able to send out or receive email and it's beginning to drive me just a little crazy to say the least!

If anyone needs to get a hold of me, one of my other accounts on aol seems to working with no please feel free to email me at

Now...why I feel like Pooh! We found lots of sweeeet primitves this was really hard to let go of them and offer them up for sale! I will admit...a couple of these goodies will be in the shop for one weekend only...(which is my policy...everything I find has to be for sale for at least one weekend before I claim it as mine forever!)

Here's what's coming in....

The first is this fantastic early little table...original blue paint to the skirting and legs...great patina to the breadboard top. $295.00

Next, is a beautiful and large antique dough bowl...original blue paint and the coolest OLD repair...

At some point, very early on, someone tried to drill a hole in the bowl...probably to hang it...which caused the crack. The repair is early to the piece and for me, just adds character to the ol'girl. It's large...16 1/2" diameter one way and 17" diameter the other...not toooo out of round, but just enough to know it's true age!

Shawn has been working on a nice old dry sink this needed a bath and a makeover(it's getting one with old blue milk paint!)

One thing I like about this type of dry sink is the the way it opens up...not all dry sinks do that. Shut it and use it as a nice small buffet...or open that girl up and fill her full of old bowls and kitchen treen! Price on the dry sink is $495.00.

We're bringing in a great early to mid 19th century childs school lap desk (Henderson County, NC) featuring dove-tailed pine and headless square brad construction.(We're estimating 1820-1840.) It has its' original black oxidized paint and inside fittings. Price on the lap desk is $195.00. AND... a really nice old firkin... 10" in diameter with great original stenciling on the handle and a beautiful patina. Price is $150.00. And last, but not least, if anyone is a big collector or lover of early enamelware...we found a really nice early blue/white swirl berry bucket(6 1/2" in diameter & 5" tall) with its' original enamelware lid! (Most of the time the lid is missing or it's made out of tin...the enamel lids are a little harder to come by...)This particular size is a bit more rare and the condition of this piece is in almost near perfect condition. It's the best piece we've ever had to offer! Price on the berry bucket is $135.00

All these items will be in the shop at least for this weekend!

Everyone have a great weekend...and if you're in the Raleigh area, the big Antique Extravaganza is going on through Sunday at the Downtown Convention Center...some great primitives at that show (but you'll like our prices better!!)


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