Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm going to have to give my UPS man a bonus! (updated Friday evening)

Things are beginning to really rock and roll around here and the new shop....and my poor UPS man is getting his daily workout with all the boxes he's delivering to us for sure!

Here's what's come in so far...

 Days Gone By Punchneedle pattern
$13.95 (WOW price $12.55)

Parsnip Pie Punchneedle pattern
$13.95 (WOW price $12.55)

Strawberry Hill Sampler $15.95
(WOW price $14.35)

Special Edition of Simple Life Magazine!
$8.95 for the issue (WOW price $8.05)
125+ pages...great home tour and garden special!

And I'll fill yall in tomorrow on all the new fat quarter packs, charm packs and layer cakes that came in for all the new fall Moda lines! I was in "fabric overload" this afternoon!

(Friday evening)

I had to show these next two pictures....all you animal lovers out there will appreciate them...along with my quick little tale...

Some time ago, we had this yellow tabby cat roaming the area...he'd sit out under one of my bird feeders patiently waiting for a meal...which I hated to see! So...I decided that if I fed him..he'd quit going after the birds..which sort of worked.
Then one day...I look out and I'm thinking...that does not look like the same yellow tabby...and the closer I looked, I realized we had another little tabby, but this one was a mama with FIVE of the cutest little yellow fluff balls you've ever seen...all running around on the porch! The boy is really sweet and will come up to me to get a pet when he's here...but mom and the kids are still running. I'm hoping they'll finally warm up to me a bit so I can get them to the vets and get their shots and find them all good homes!

In the meantime...we've got a new visitor on the scene...this little baby possum has been back several times now and doesn't mind us or anyone else he has to share the food with....

Welcome to Wild Kingdom!

We took in charm packs and layer cakes of the some of the new lines coming out in the fall from Moda...
Warmth by Howard Marcus
Double Chocolate by 3 Sisters
Cinnamon Spice by Blackbird Designs
Chateau Rouge by French General
Old Glory Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings
Metropolitan Fair by Barbara Brackman

We also took in a couple of the fat quarter packs in these lines to break apart, including one from Sandy Gervais called "Everlastings"...

Bolts on the lines we purchased won't be in until Sept - Oct.....but this is your chance to purchase some of the new fabric ahead of time!

Back in stock....brown corded lights for the tobacco stick trees and the red*white*blue bunting just in time for the 4th of July! A big order of votive candles came in as well...and a few new primitive findings tucked in along the way!

Have a great weekend and a very happy Fourth of July! Come see us if you get the chance!


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